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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Geno Auriemma

Geno Auriemma: Quality of men’s college basketball is ‘a joke’

Geno Auriemma is an opinionated fellow who frequently makes headlines for his strong comments. This week is no exception. During a conference call with reporters ahead of his UConn women’s team’s trip to the Final Four, Auriemma criticized the quality of men’s college basketball, calling it a “joke” for the lack of offensive production. “I…Read More

Geno Auriemma and Muffet McGraw seem to genuinely hate each other

The Notre Dame and UConn women’s basketball teams have quickly developed a fierce rivalry over the past several years. The two teams have played a ton, mainly because they used to be in the Big East together. Now that they play in different conferences, it is only fitting that the Irish and Huskies are meeting…Read More

Geno Auriemma wants Jeff Walz to be a waiter at his restaurant

Geno Auriemma and Jeff Walz exchanged some playful banter before Tuesday’s national championship game that revolved around the Louisville coach’s wardrobe. Auriemma, the longtime UConn coach, observed that Walz was wearing a red and white checkerboard shirt while coaching the Cardinals in the Final Four. He remarked that it looked like a tablecloth at one…Read More

Geno Auriemma rips senior Caroline Doty for trick-or-treating

Halloween is typically a holiday that is enjoyed the most by children, but college campuses are one place where it is equally as popular as it is among kindergarteners. Like many other college students, UConn women’s basketball star Caroline Doty dressed up for Halloween last week. Wearing a Lady Gaga costume is one thing, but…Read More

Geno Auriemma Critical of UConn After Loss to Notre Dame

UConn was upset by Notre Dame in the Final Four of the NCAA women’s basketball tournament, losing 72-63. The loss was even more disheartening because the Huskies had beaten Notre Dame three times in the regular season before falling Sunday night. Speaking after the loss, UConn coach Geno Auriemma did not hold back when talking…Read More

Geno Auriemma: Leader of UConn, Defender of Women

If ESPN’s headquarters were not located in Bristol, Connecticut, do you think the story of UConn’s women’s basketball team would be as prominent as it is now? Neither do I. But apparently all the coverage they receive on a regular basis and throughout their impressive 88-game winning streak has not been enough for Geno Auriemma….Read More

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