Michael Vick: There won’t be patience with Geno Smith

Michael-Vick-JetsMichael Vick has been nothing but supportive of Geno Smith since signing with the New York Jets. Vick knows that the starting quarterback job is Smith’s to lose, and all indications are that the former West Virginia star has done nothing to lose it leading up to the season.

But on Thursday, Vick made it clear that he will be ready to take over the reins if called upon and that he doesn’t expect Smith to be on a very long leash.

“At this point, everybody’s required to do everything the same way,” Vick told Manish Mehta of the NY Daily News. “Geno has taken that step in the right direction. I think he’s ready to lead this team. But there’s been a lot of quarterbacks that started as rookies and started young. There’s really no other way but to go out and win. Regardless of the year the player is in, you got to go out and get it done.

“There wasn’t patience with me. There wasn’t patience with Brett Favre. I’ve seen Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco go in there as rookies. Ben Roethlisberger. They had to get it done and they got it done. There’s really no patience, just being honest. … We got to win and we got to win now.”

There will be some patience, but ultimately Vick is right. Mark Sanchez was injured last season and Rex Ryan didn’t really have another viable option at quarterback when Smith struggled. Ryan stuck with the rookie and Smith ended up getting the job done, all things considered.

This season, Ryan has a 34-year-old veteran with plenty of starting experience lurking in the shadows. Rex also happens to be once again coaching for his job. If the Jets miss the playoffs, there’s a good chance Ryan will find himself on the unemployment line. While you might perceive Vick’s comments as his attempt to put extra pressure on Smith, well all know he’s right. Rex won’t let Geno take the Jets out of playoffs contention without first giving Vick a shot.

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Michael Vick hints at possibility of playing change-of-pace for Geno Smith

Michael-Vick-JetsGeno Smith and Michael Vick both led scoring drives for the New York Jets during their first preseason game on Monday night. Smith and Vick played two series each and neither turned the ball over. The starting job is Smith’s to lose at this point, but could both be in New York’s offensive plans going forward?

Rex Ryan raved about both quarterbacks after the game. Vick proved he can still blow by defenders by ripping off a 15-yard run while Smith showed solid accuracy on his throws. After the game, Vick shot down the notion of using two quarterbacks during regular season games.

“That disrupts the timing of the offense,” Vick said, per NJ.com’s Dom Cosentino. “I think it has to be done at the right time. I experienced that in Philadelphia, with Donovan [McNabb] at times. You want to go out there and let the quarterbacks get into a rhythm and not try to do too much. I think that’s doing too much.”

But as Cosentino noted, Vick left the window for a change-of-pace role open as he continued speaking with reporters.

“When the time calls for it,” he said, “I think the coaches will see fit that that’s put in.”

In an ideal world, the time won’t call for it. The Jets want Smith to play well enough that Vick is a backup and nothing else. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but we all know what happened the last time the Jets brought a quarterback in to potentially play a change-of-pace role. Remember that Tebow guy?

Maybe the Jets are better off picking one quarterback and sticking with him.

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Jets’ starting quarterback job Geno Smith’s to lose

Geno Smith JetsGeno Smith will have the honor of guiding the New York Jets to last place in the AFC East this season as long as he doesn’t screw things up.

Though the Jets signed Mike Vick in the offseason to compete for the starting quarterback job, the New York Daily News’ Manish Mehta wrote Thursday that the gig is Smith’s to lose.

This should come as no surprise; Smith is only 23 and was a high draft choice by the team last year. Vick is 34 and has shown he is not very reliable as a starting quarterback despite his displays of brilliance here and there.

When Jets camp began on Thursday, Smith got 13 reps with the first-team offense compared to four for Vick.

Plaxico Burress, who played a season with the Jets under Rex Ryan, said he thinks Vick will be the starter come Week 1, but it sure seems like that will be Geno’s job unless he gets hurt or buttfumbles it away.

Joe Namath: Michael Vick is better than Geno Smith

Michael VickVery few people would be surprised if Michael Vick wins the starting quarterback job over Geno Smith for the New York Jets. Vick is a veteran who has trouble protecting the football, but he has won games in the NFL and played under Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg during his entire tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles. Most importantly, Vick has Joe Namath’s endorsement.

“If Mike’s healthy I think he’s the better player at this point,” Namath said Tuesday, via Seth Walder of the NY Daily News. “Geno’s got some talent no doubt, but we’ve already seen Michael and what he can do. And having some knowledge of Marty (Mornhinweg’s) offense, I think that’s an advantage too for Michael to make the transition.”

Let’s not understate what Smith did as a rookie last season. He started all 16 games for the Jets with a very limited supporting cast, and he still somehow led the team to an 8-8 record. Granted, he threw just 12 touchdowns and 21 interceptions, but life as a rookie in the NFL can be incredibly humbling. Plenty have fared worse than Smith.

“Of course, the coaches are going to decide who’s out there,” Namath added. “But boy, I don’t know any football fan that’s been around for the last nine or 10 years that doesn’t think Michael could be outstanding and is probably the best player at this time.”

Jets fans are likely more excited about Vick than they are Smith. Eagles fans felt the same way when their team brought Vick in, but that honeymoon ended in a hurry. Personally, I don’t feel that either quarterback is going to make the Jets a contender in the AFC. But at the moment, Vick’s ceiling is probably slightly higher.

Keep in mind that Namath said last year that the Jets didn’t need to draft Smith. He has always been critical of the team since Rex Ryan came aboard, and I’m sure Rex is tired of hearing it.

Geno Smith kicked off Virgin American flight after dispute

Geno Smith airport

Geno Smith was kicked off a Virgin American flight on Friday after getting in a verbal dispute with a flight attendant, according to reports.

According to TMZ, the New York Jets quarterback was sitting in his seat on the plane at LAX listening to music when an announcement was made instructing passengers to turn off all electronic equipment. Smith apparently didn’t hear the announcement. He supposedly says the attendant came over and physically unplugged his headphones. That led to a yelling match between the two, and Geno got up and supposedly refused to sit down. Both sides supposedly called police, and Smith was escorted off the plane.

The New York Post reports a similar story. They say Geno was ordered off the plane for refusing to get off his phone. They described it as Geno pulling an “Alec Baldwin. ”

Now the story gets even better.

Deadspin had a source tell them that Geno began cursing out and being obnoxious toward Virgin American personnel because he was on standby for a flight from LAX to Las Vegas and that officers had to escort him out of the terminal.

Piecing it all together, my guess is that Geno was kicked off the initial flight for some sort of issue relating to using electronics, and that he caused a further disturbance while waiting for a second flight.

So, two issues with airport people in the same day. Much like his turnovers, Geno’s airport problems seem to come in bunches.

Jets won’t commit to Geno Smith as starting quarterback for 2014

Geno Smith JetsThe New York Jets won their final two games of the season to finish on a high note. Geno Smith was the team’s quarterback for almost the entire season, and the rookie led his the Jets to an 8-8 record. All things considered, the end result was not that bad. Smith’s numbers, however, left plenty to be desired.

There were a ton of growing pains for the former West Virginia star, as Smith threw just 12 touchdown passes to go along with a whopping 21 interceptions. His passer rating of 66.5 was last in the NFL. Perhaps that is why general manager John Idzik refuses to commit to Smith for 2014.

“We’re all excited about having Geno as part of the Jets but we will always look to improve every position in any manner we can and that doesn’t change going into 2014,” Idzik said Tuesday, via Seth Walder of the NY Daily News. “We’ll look at quarterbacks, yes we’ll look at quarterbacks.”

Idzik was then asked if Smith would be the starter when training camp begins next summer, and his answer was just as vague.

“We don’t look too far into the future with that,” he said. “Again, Geno started 16 games for us. You all witnessed how he did, how he finished strong. We’re very, very excited and happy that Geno is with us.”

The GM added that he believed Smith improved by “leaps and bounds” as the season progressed. If that was the case, you would think Smith would surely get another shot at leading the team to begin his sophomore season. Remember Mark Sanchez? He, too, is still under contract with the team.

“We’ll get to that in time. He is a Jet,” Idzik said of Sanchez. “We consider all our guys Jets until we make a decision or something happens that changes that. So with Mark — I met with him yesterday as well — our focus is to get him healthy, just as it has been really the entire season and then we’ll take it from there.”

Rex Ryan is returning next season and the players are thrilled about it, but the situation is still less than ideal. Teams who lack a reliable option at quarterback have a hard time winning games in the NFL. The fact that New York’s quarterback situation remains so muddled is an obstacle the team will have to address this offseason.

Geno Smith with pathetic flop against the Browns (GIF)

Geno Smith flopIf you asked me whether I thought Geno Smith was worse as an actor or NFL quarterback, I’d have a tough time answering the question.

The New York Jets quarterback flopped against the Cleveland Browns late in the second quarter on Sunday after being pushed while out of bounds. Smith was lightly pushed, yet he went down as if he were pushed with a lot of force. Not only that, but it was a painfully delayed reaction.

Even though Smith’s flop was pathetic, it worked, because Tashaun Gipson was penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness, and the Jets were able to kick a field goal to tie the game at 10 right before halftime.

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