Dana White knows for a fact GSP will be back in UFC

Georges St-Pierre UFC 167Georges St-Pierre is currently on a break from fighting, but UFC boss Dana White says he knows for a fact that the welterweight champion will be back.

Speaking with the media Friday ahead of UFC 171 in Dallas, White talked about GSP returning after being asked if it is fun to have the Canadian fighter out.

“Is it fun for Georges St-Pierre to be gone?” White said. “I wouldn’€™t say it’s fun. But the welterweight division is exciting right now. When Georges does come back, whoever is standing there will be a fun fight.

“I know for a fact he will [come back].”

GSP has been less certain about his future. The 32-year-old left the UFC after barely beating Johny Hendricks by split decision in November. There were rumors that an unplanned pregnancy and family illness played a role in his departure from the sport. Then there were all the comments GSP made about the UFC’s lax stance against drug testing that made it sound like that was another reason he soured on the sport.

Most recently, though, St-Pierre said his OCD was the main reason why he left. GSP said he would obsess over his fights and opponents and admitted that practice was not healthy, so he wanted to give himself a break. That explanation made it seem much more likely that he would make a return when he’s ready.

GSP is one of the most popular fighters in the organization and one of the most highly-paid. He doesn’t exactly need the money, but when he grows tired of his break, he’ll probably want back in like White says.

GSP signs woman’s chest

Georges St-Pierre

You know you’ve hit a whole new level in celebrity when you’ve been asked to autograph a woman’s chest. I know blogger autographs aren’t exactly in high demand, but it would definitely be a crowning achievement if that ever happened to me.

For Georges St-Pierre, we can only assume that this is a regular thing.

At a Bacardi party on Tuesday night, the MMA superstar was asked by an attractive female fan to sign her chest. GSP seemed to get a kick out of it, because he had a smile on his face as he was signing his name. She did seem to dip her shirt down a little low for the occasion, didn’t she?

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Georges St-Pierre was experiencing migraines before fights

Georges St-PierreGeorges St-Pierre is on break from the UFC after walking away from the sport following his controversial victory over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 in November. A number of different reasons were given for him stepping away and vacating the belt.

There were rumors that GSP had impregnated a woman and that his father was sick, but his family denied that. Another issue is that GSP may have had some health concerns he wanted to alleviate.

Fight Hub TV’s Marcos Villegas said he spoke with Freddie Roach, who has trained GSP in boxing, and Roach told him that GSP was experiencing migraines before fights. Migraines obviously vary in severity, but that could be another reason why GSP wanted to step away.

Maybe he had a lot of personal stuff going on. Maybe he was burnt out from all the training and pressure of fighting. But when you’re experiencing migraines, the fear of head injuries and health effects also starts becoming a factor.

Anderson Silva’s manager wants a fight with GSP next

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva has a long recovery period ahead of him after he broke his leg in his rematch with Chris Weidman, but it sounds like he already has his eye on a potential first fight back.

In comments to MMA Junkie, both of Silva’s managers expressed interest in a superfight with Georges St-Pierre when Silva recovers. St-Pierre also happens to be on a break from the sport, but that’s not stopping the managers from dreaming big.

“Don’t you think that’s an option?” Jorge Guimaraes told MMAjunkie about a Silva-GSP fiht.

Silva’s other manager, Ed Soares, also expressed interest in the superfight.

“Man, if we were able to pull something like that off, it would be a win-win for everybody — the fans, the UFC,” Soares told MMA Junkie. “I think that would be awesome.”

St-Pierre (25-2) vacated his title belt last month after beating Johny Hendricks in a controversial split decision. GSP didn’t say he was retiring from the sport, but he said he was taking a break and left open the possibility for a return.

One problem with this scenario proposed by Silva’s team is that GSP has expressed a reluctance to fight Silva. One of his big issues is the size difference between the two; St-Pierre is a welterweight and fights at 170, while the Spider is larger and teeters between middleweight and light heavyweight. Even though the two could meet at a weight in between, I question whether St-Pierre would be interested in fighting Silva. The only thing that might change his mind is the fact that Silva has lost two fights in a row and will be coming off a broken leg.

Georges St-Pierre taking indefinite leave from UFC, vacating title belt

Georges St-PierreGeorges St-Pierre announced on Friday that he will be taking an indefinite leave of absence from the UFC and vacating his welterweight championship belt, according to various media outlets.

St-Pierre won a controversial split decision over Johnny Hendricks at UFC 167 last month. He then caused panic and speculation among fans when he said that he needed to take a break from fighting to deal with personal issues.

“I have a bunch of stuff in my life happening,” St-Pierre said at the time. “I need to hang up my gloves for a little bit.”

UFC president Dana White later insisted that St-Pierre was simply “in a rage” when he made his comments and that a rematch between St-Pierre and Hendricks would be announced in the near future.

The 32-year-old gave no indication of when he might return.

Dana White apologized to GSP, admitted he won the fight

Georges St-Pierre UFC 167After calming down from his hissy fit, Dana White called Georges St-Pierre to apologize for ripping the champion and admitted to the Canadian fighter that he indeed beat Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 two weeks ago.

GSP’s trainer, Kristof Midoux, conducted an interview with the Quebec Journal recently and told them White called St-Pierre the morning after the fight to apologize.

“Few people know it, but the next morning he (White) called George and told him ‘I’m sorry, I watched the fight again and you have indeed won. I spoke under the influence of emotion,'” Midoux told The Journal.

“George told him he did not worry, he understood. He owes nothing to anyone, he fought all his life. ”

Though GSP took the apology well, Midoux is not satisfied. He says if he were GSP, he’d ask White to make a public apology. Midoux also says he wants Hendricks drug tested.

You may recall that White reacted so poorly to the GSP-Hendricks decision that he ripped the Nevada State Athletic Commission a new one and caused outraged among fans.

Did White apologize to GSP as lip service to get back in the good graces of his star fighter? Or did he do that because he genuinely believes St-Pierre won? If he really believed St-Pierre won after re-watching the fight, he should say so publicly to set the record straight.

H/T Low Kick MMA

Woman Georges St-Pierre allegedly impregnated is in Montreal

Georges St-PierreTMZ has doubled down on its report that one of Georges St-Pierre’s personal issues that led to him saying he wants to step away from fighting is that he impregnated a woman.

One of their reporters at the LAX caught up with Georges and asked him about his issues. St-Pierre denied that he was going to be a father, that his father is in poor health, and that he needs to go to rehab. But he interestingly had a smile on his face when talking about the pregnancy issue, making it look like he wasn’t telling the truth.

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TMZ says the woman who is pregnant with his child lives in Montreal, where he is from and lives. They also say GSP’s father is ill, though St-Pierre’s sister denied that.