Mark Richt sending Georgia recruits portraits of themselves


Georgia head coach Mark Richt has found a unique way to grab the attention of recruits this offseason, and it may be working. In an era where teams feel that sending recruits dozens of letters in a single day is a great way to make an impression, Georgia has been sending prospective players something much more personal — portraits of themselves.

The artwork features each player wearing a jersey that represents their high school team on one side and shows what they would look like in a Bulldogs uniform on the other. Chuma Edoga, a four-star offensive lineman from McEachern High School, received the portrait you see above. He told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that it was the most creative piece of mail he has gotten.

“I’d say this (UGA portrait) is the most creative thing I’ve gotten in the mail so far,” Edoga said. “I thought it was pretty cool that they took time to do that (the drawing). And it was a pretty good drawing. I feel like it looks like me a little bit.”

Edoga said he also received a photo from Ohio State that showed a picture of his would-be Ohio State jersey with his name on the back hanging in a locker. Here are some other portraits recruits have received from Georgia.

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Isaiah McKenzie picks Georgia with only Ole Miss, Virginia Tech hats on table


You can’t have a national signing day without at least one recruit messing with people as he makes his decision, and four-star wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie took care of that for us on Wednesday. The American Heritage (Fla.) star committed to Georgia. But if you were watching his decision, you would have sworn he was deciding between Ole Miss and Virginia Tech.

McKenzie sat at a table in front of reporters with two hats in front of him, one representing Ole Miss and one for Virginia Tech. He fooled everyone when high school teammate Sony Michel — a five-star running back recruit and fellow Georgia commit — brought him over a Bulldogs hat.

It’s a move we have seen before. Remember those Illinois frat bros freaking out a few months back when a top recruit faked them out? I bet some frat bros at VT and Ole Miss were doing the same on Wednesday.

H/T Dr. Saturday
Photo via American Heritage High School

Aaron Murray took Georgia offensive linemen out for ice cream


Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray looked like a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate in a 45-41 shootout victory over LSU on Saturday. The senior threw for four touchdowns and ran for another. Much of his success is owed to the stellar play of the Bulldogs offensive line.

Murray was hardly touched against the Tigers. He was not sacked once, and he clearly appreciated the protection he got. We know this because Murray took his offensive linemen out for ice cream on Monday to thank them.

Apparently this is not the first time Murray has shown his appreciation for the guys in the trenches. Junior guard Watts Dantzler tweeted last week that Murray had taken the offensive line out to dinner.

What a guy. We have heard of NFL running backs buying their offensive linemen gifts for opening up big running lanes, but it seems more rare for quarterbacks to show that kind of appreciation in college. Ice cream is certainly a great way to keep 300-pound men motivated to block.

Photo: Twitter/Aaron Murray

Georgia LB Leonard Floyd gets signal to fake injury (Video)

Faking injuries to slow down hurry-up offenses is a trend we are going to see all season long in college football unless rules are changed to close this loophole.

Cal football coach Sonny Dykes was livid with Northwestern for slowing down their “Bear Raid” offense by getting hurt on almost every play Saturday night, and nothing was done about it. But that couldn’t even compare to what Georgia did against Clemson.
Leonard Floyd fake injury
Georgia coaches literally gave a player the signal to fake an injury. In the clip seen above, a few Georgia defensive players are seen looking over at the sideline and seem to get instructions to fake being hurt. Next thing you know, freshman linebacker Leonard Floyd drops to the turf despite being fine moments earlier. Teammate Damian Swann even begins pointing at the ground to make it seem authentic.

Hopefully this tape gets sent to the NCAA or SEC so something can be done because this is just an embarrassment.

Also see: Western Kentucky LB delivers hit of the weekend

Below is another look at the video:

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Steve Spurrier thinks Georgia should have spiked the ball

Steve Spurrier loves to tweak opposing coaches whenever possible. In April, he said he liked playing Georgia early in the season because they were always guaranteed to have a few top players suspended. On Sunday, he seemed happy to point out another misstep by the Dawgs.

Spurrier, like many others, believes Georgia should have spiked the ball before running what ended up being their final play in Saturday’s SEC Championship Game.

“We all know that’s what he should have done,” Spurrier said on Sunday, via The Post and Courier. “Yeah, we all know that. They would have had two plays. But I don’t know. If they had hit a touchdown right there, it wouldn’t have mattered. But we all know you should do that (spike the ball).”

Richt defended the decision not to spike the ball.

“We had the play we wanted. We had a good play,” Richt said after the game Saturday. “The ball got tipped at the line of scrimmage and it fell in the arms of a guy in play. The ball was going to the back end of the end zone, either a catch or out of the end zone.”

Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray said the same thing. Both men agreed that the ball being tipped is what through things off. Spurrier and mostly everyone who saw the sequence disagrees with Georgia, though after watching the replay carefully, I see Richt and Murray’s point.

Mark Richt testy with reporter asking about him losing big games (Video)

Georgia coach Mark Richt got testy with a reporter following his team’s 32-28 loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game on Saturday in Atlanta.

A media member tried questioning Richt about his and junior quarterback Aaron Murray’s tendency to lose big games when the coach snapped back.

You can see the exchange if you click ahead to the spot with about two minutes remaining in the video below:

Here’s a transcription of what happened via Outkick the Coverage:

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Georgia’s Alec Ogletree bodyslams Georgia Tech WR Robert Godhigh (Video)

Georgia linebacker Alec Ogletree is one of the Bulldogs’ better tacklers, and he proved that with his WWE-style takedown of Georgia Tech wide receiver Robert Godhigh on Saturday. The expression “tossed like a rag doll” is one of the most overused in football, but Ogletree did just that with Godhigh after the receiver caught a pass over the middle with less than two minutes to play in the first half.

As you can see, Ogletree had Godhigh well within his grasp and decided to completely manhandle him with a variation of a suplex. The play wasn’t quite as dangerous as this bodyslam we saw in the Alabama-Missouri game earlier this season, but it was brutal nonetheless. The difference is it didn’t seem like there was any intent to injure on the part of Ogletree. From a strength standpoint, it’s certainly a play that will grab the attention of NFL scouts.