Report: Ryan Anderson told Gia Allemand he didn’t love her before suicide

Gia Allemand Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson and girlfriend Gia Allemand got into a fight hours before the model/actress committed suicide last week, in which Anderson told Allemand he didn’t love her anymore, according to a report.

TMZ says Allemand accused the New Orleans Pelicans forward of being unfaithful to her. He supposedly told her he didn’t love her anymore, though she said she still loved him.

Allemand reportedly used a vacuum cleaner cord and attached it her spiral staircase when committing suicide by hanging herself.

TMZ says Allemand was on the phone with her mother when she committed suicide. Anderson went back to the house to check on Allemand and found her on the staircase in her near-death state. Allemand died on Aug. 14.

This is just an awful story all the way around. We feel terribly for Allemand’s friends and family, and we hope Anderson will be able to get over experiencing such a devastating tragedy.

Ryan Anderson’s girlfriend Gia Allemand committed suicide

Gia Allemand Ryan Anderson

Actress/model Gia Allemand died on Tuesday after committing suicide by hanging herself at her home, TMZ reports.

TMZ says Allemand, who was known for appearing on season 14 of reality TV show “The Bachelor” and in Maxim magazine, was found by boyfriend Ryan Anderson hanging inside her New Orleans home on Monday night. Allemand was taken to the hospital and was on life support until it was withdrawn on Tuesday. TMZ says Allemand had lost critical brain and organ function, which likely led her family to pull the plug.

Anderson, who was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans last year, reportedly had been dating Allemand since 2011. TMZ says the two were having a “rocky relationship” that upset Allemand.

This is a terribly sad story. Our thoughts are with Allemand’s friends and family.

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