Giants fan has ‘Eli’s Brother’ on back of Peyton Manning jersey


Has Eli Manning won more Super Bowls than his older brother Peyton Manning? Yes, yes he has. Is the younger Manning a better quarterback? Well, no, no he isn’t. Don’t tell that to the New York Giants fan you see in the photo above.

As Twitter user @ev0lemi pointed out, Some guy who was at the Giants’ final preseason game on Thursday night had a Denver Broncos jersey with Peyton’s number on it but “Eli’s Brother” on the back.

My first instinct was to bash this guy, but then I realized one important thing — he was also wearing a New York Mets hat. That kind of says it all.

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Giants fan calls 911, says he’s the president, demands to speak to Tim Tebow

Most of us have followed Tim Tebow closely enough throughout the years to know that he has some pretty intense fans. Tebowmania inspires people to do crazy things, but few are crazier than what 28-year-old Giants fan Jason Slater did a little over a week ago. According to Patch.com, Slater called 911 on three separate occasions June 10, said he was the president and demanded to speak with Tebow. The call was traced to Slater’s mother’s home (naturally) and he was later arrested.

Since we’re talking about a 28-year-old man who lives at his mother’s house and called 911 demanding to speak with Tim Tebow, you know there are more exciting details to be shared. When police arrived at Slater’s home, they say his mom gave them permission to search the house. Officers discovered Slater in his mother’s bedroom hiding under a stack of pillows.

Slater reportedly cursed at the officers several times before he was arrested and taken to the Hopatcong police station and charged with making false public alarms and hindering his apprehension. He crumpled his summons notice up and threw it on the ground outside the police station once he was released. When an officer warned him to pick it up, he obliged. Slater later threw it on the ground again outside a Dunkin’ Donuts and was charged with littering.

And you thought Tebow fans who wear jerseys like this one and get tattoos like this one were strange? All in all, it sounds like it was a pretty standard Sunday night. Don’t worry, Jason — your insanity plea will be taken very, very seriously.

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Brandon Jacobs: Giants Fans Kick You When You’re Down

Brandon Jacobs is still unhappy with New York. Despite the fact that he is currently the Giants’ starting running back with Ahmad Bradshaw on the shelf, he has still found things to complain about. This time, he decided to give the coaches a break and turn his bitching toward Giants fans. After the G-Men fell to the Michael Vick-less Eagles on Sunday night, their fans gave them the reaction they deserved: a bunch of booing. Jacobs let it be known that he didn’t appreciate it and reiterated his stance on Wednesday.

“I don’t take nothing back what I said about our fans,” Jacobs said during a WFAN interview according to the NY Daily News. “It seems like we are playing at home and we’re out there by ourselves as well.

“Giants fans are going to be Giants fans,” he continued. “They’re great when you’re up and — it’s like this everywhere else as well — but they kick you when you’re down. Right now I don’t think we’re down. I want them to cheer for us. I want our stadium to be super loud when the opposite offense is out on the field.”

The smartest thing a player can say when fans boo their team after an awful performance is, “We deserved it. I’d boo us too after the way we played.”  Most guys do say stuff like that, but Jacobs isn’t most guys.  This is a running back who falls forward for two yards every time he touches the ball, yet thinks he should be a feature back in the NFL.  If Giants fans are booing the team in general, they’re probably booing Brandon louder.  When you lose to a divisional opponent that has been terrible all year and is without its starting quarterback, you deserve all the boos you get.

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Giants and Dodgers Address San Francisco Crowd in Sign of Unity

Both Dodgers fans and Giants fans have rallied in support of Bryan Stow, the paramedic who was savagely beaten on Opening Day at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers responded by announcing they will strengthen their security measures to ensure a safer home environment during games, and the Giants beefed up their security for this week’s series against the Dodgers. Prior to the series opener in San Francisco Monday, the players got together on the field and addressed fans. Here’s a video of how it looked:

Veterans Jamey Carroll of the Dodgers and Jeremy Affeldt of the Giants addressed the fans. Carroll reminded fans “There’s no room in this game for hatred and violence. It is about respect. This is America’s national pastime and let’s keep it that way.”

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Giants Fans Love Their Buster Posey

My buddy Jason finally got revenge on me for the Angels taking out his Giants in 2002. All was forgiven after the Giants won the World Series this year, and he was one of the thousands on hand for the parade Wednesday. That’s pretty impressive considering he trekked from LA to SF for the shindig. While he was there, he came across these willing ladies:

The ladies love their Buster Posey. And Tim Lincecum too. It makes sense — those girls seem to be about the same age as the batterymates.

Josh Hamilton Says Giants Fans Were Smoking Weed in Center Field Seats

The same fanbase where people were offering top shelf marijuana in exchange for World Series tickets has provided us with another shocker. According to Rangers center fielder Josh Hamilton, who is a former drug addict, the smell of weed was prevalent from the outfield stands during Game 1 on Wednesday night.

In addition to smelling pot coming from the stands, Hamilton told the NY Post that he and his wife could smell someone smoking weed on the street with a cop 50 yards away. I’m not so sure why a man who used to sneak cocaine vials into his spring training locker while with the Devil Rays would be surprised by blatant drug use, but I guess that’s a product of being cleaned up. Maybe he’s just unfamiliar with NorCal in general because if he knew about Prop. 19, he probably would be less surprised.

By the way, could Tim Lincecum have found a better fit as the face of a franchise? And who said AT&T Park didn’t provide a family environment?

Giants Fan Offers Weed for World Series Tickets on Craigslist

Craigslist: Where idiots meet to exchange tickets for pot and attract undercover cops. This has to be a fake because you’re just asking for trouble, but I guess some people really are that dumb. Here’s the hilarious post on craigslist in San Francisco brought to our attention by SI Hot Clicks:

Now that’s taking barter to a whole new level. Just a thought: why doesn’t this person sell the 420 and buy tickets with the proceeds? I guess if you’re making such a post in the first place you’re probably not too bright and that’s a little too much to ask.