Gilbert Arenas accepts Donald Sterling’s apology

gilbert-arenasDonald Sterling is one of the most hated men in America at the moment, and his interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper changed the minds of very few people. Sterling appeared completely out of touch and proved that he has no concept of how others view him. Despite that, Gilbert Arenas is willing to forgive the 81-year-old.

“I’ll be the first to accept ur apology,” Arenas wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of Sterling. “As a man who’s made a mistake or two in life I know how hard it is to look at your self in the mirror when you let so many ppl down but for anybody who can’t and won’t accept his apology u need to look in the mirror because were not perfect..forgiveness will destroy racism not more hatred..”

Very few people will agree with Gil. It should be noted that he wrote the comments about Sterling on Monday — before the full interview with Cooper was aired. Sterling made himself sound even more ignorant during the interview and spent a lot of time attacking Magic Johnson. He didn’t do himself any favors.

As expected, most of the feedback Arenas got on Instagram was negative. Several followers said he sounded just as ignorant as Sterling, which is pretty harsh. Sterling’s not a good person, and some people choose to not waste their time thinking about people like him. Maybe that’s the point Arenas was trying to make.

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Gilbert Arenas annihilates Roy Hibbert on Instagram

Gilbert-Arenas-Faked-Injury-to-Avoid-BoosThe Washington Wizards grabbed the first game of their Eastern Conference semifinal series with the Indiana Pacers on Monday thanks to a 102-96 victory at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

The Wizards beat the Pacers pretty comfortably on the glass with a 53 to 36 rebound margin.

Among those to see court time for Indiana and not grab a rebound was 7’2″ center Roy Hibbert, who in 18 minutes managed to not get his hands on a single one.

Monday marked the second time this postseason (game 5 vs. Atlanta) Hibbert logged 12+ minutes and didn’t record a rebound.

Roy Hibbert has received his share of criticism during both the regular season and playoffs, and with a performance like Monday’s it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Former Wizard Gilbert Arenas was among the many to get in on the act when he posting the following picture and caption on his Instagram page.

Wait, there’s more.



Ouch. Definitely don’t want to give Gilbert Arenas any material to use against you.

Gilbert Arenas training for NBA comeback

gilbert-arenasGilbert Arenas has been around for so long that it feels like he should be a lot older than he is. The three-time NBA All-Star turned 32 in January. Arenas appeared in 17 games for the Memphis Grizzlies during the 2011-2012 season and has not played in an NBA game since, but the artist formerly known as Agent 0 is not ready to give up on his basketball career just yet.

On Thursday, Arenas told 106.7 The Fan’s Grant and Danny that he has been working out in hopes of returning to the NBA.

“I’m in the middle of training now,” Arenas said. “I said I’m gonna give it one more chance. I told Nick [Young] I’m gonna actually put some heart into it. You know, I lost it there for awhile.”

Arenas played for the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association last year and put up decent numbers in a short season. He averaged 20.7 points, 7.3 rebounds and 3.0 assists in 14 games.

There’s no reason to believe Arenas can’t be an end of the bench backup guard on an NBA team if he remains healthy. He’s still getting paid around $12 million per season through 2016, so money shouldn’t be a motivator. It’s unclear which — if any — teams would be interested in Arenas, but we know he still roots for the Washington Wizards and refers to John Wall and company as “we.”

“I lived in Washington longer than I’ve lived anywhere else, so it’s considered home, even though I’ve moved back to California,” Arenas told Grant and Danny. “But when you grow up as a kid, and an adult – from 21 to 29 – I lived in D.C. So it’s my home team.

“Right now I’m a fan. When you’re a fan, that’s your team. That’s ‘us.’ ‘We’ lose. ‘We’ lost. ‘We’ won. So that’s just like any other fan. I feel like most ex-NBA players don’t embrace the team they played for.”

It will be interesting to see if Swaggy P has anything to say about Arenas’ comeback attempt. We know how much they love to give each other crap.

Gilbert Arenas posted his first Instagram selfie and Nick Young clowned him hardcore for it

Gilbert Arenas selfie

Gilbert Arenas, once one of the first athletes to embrace new media such as blogging and Twitter, arrived a little late to the Instagram game. Despite his late arrival, Gil’s quickly amassed nearly half a million followers. He often uses his Instagram account to post videos of him working out and training, and to post daily memes. He also frequently runs jersey and sneaker giveaway contests through his account.

On Wednesday, Arenas decided to try something new: he shared his first selfie. The reception was, shall we say, icy.

Fellow basketball player and San Fernando Valley boy Nick Young, who regularly interacts with Gil on Instagram, totally mocked Arenas for it. This is just hilarious:

Nick Young Instagram

I can’t even … I’m just dying.

I’ve never seen “Ice Age” before, but after running a quick Google search, might this be who Young thought Arenas looked like?

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Gilbert Arenas got custom shoes for his Grant High alumni game

Gilbert Arenas Grant shoes

Gilbert Arenas has shoes for all occasions. He even got some shoes custom made for Wednesday’s alumni game at his alma mater, Grant High School in Valley Glen, Ca.

Arenas shared a photo of the shoes on his Instagram account, and he says he had them made by Kicks or Die. The shoes are Nike Foamposites customized in Grant’s orange colors. He has a lancer — the school’s mascot — on the side — and it says “lancers” and “Gil-matic” on them as well.

Gil later shared a few videos of his play at the alumni game:

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Gilbert Arenas posts funny video after seeing Nick Young on the freeway

Nick-Young-highwayGilbert Arenas was driving along the freeway earlier this week when he spotted a familiar face. It was Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young. As far as what happened next is concerned, we don’t recommend ever trying this at home.

Arenas whipped out his cell phone camera and decided to film a pretty entertaining clip. He and Young were aiming their cameras at one another while Agent Zero went nuts screaming out his window. The ending was the best part.

“I thought it was Kobe,” a disappointed Arenas said into his camera.

Again, we never recommend spazzing out on the freeway and recording another driver while you should be watching the road. You’ll just have to forgive us for laughing.

Gilbert Arenas plans to play in China next season, not NBA

Gilbert ArenasGilbert Arenas has been training and staying in shape all summer, but he says it’s with the intention of playing in China again next season, not returning to the NBA.

Arenas has worked out in the Los Angeles Clippers facility and reportedly will work out at the Lakers’ facility. There was a report saying the Clippers were going to invite him to their training camp, but he brushed that aside during an interview over the weekend.

Arenas threw a birthday party for Laura Govan over the weekend and they actually had a red carpet at the home. Arenas was asked by HipHollywood.com about the possibility of playing for the Clippers, which is when he shared his plans about returning to China.

“No, no no,” Arenas said when asked about going to training camp with the Clippers. “I went to go work out at the Clipper facility about two months ago. I guess I did well enough for them to invite me. But I want to go to China so I can come home faster.

“With China, I get to go and still play and then I can get back home and spend more time with the kids. I get to be home in February and enjoy the family. I don’t need the NBA money because I have enough of it. Now it’s about spending time with the family and the kids.”

Arenas is only 31 and still could probably be an end of the bench backup guard in the league. But if he’s decided that his priority is playing a shorter season and being around his family to spend all that money on white chocolate waterfalls and Dave & Buster’s games, how can we blame him? Sure, we’d love to see him back in the league doing Hibachi things, but we can’t force him back. He gets to be a star in China rather than a bench player here. That probably makes a big difference.