Gilbert Already Talking Smack on Cavs

Gilbert being Gilbert once again decided to go out on a limb and say something in his blog he probably would have been best off keeping to himself. Ordinarily I’m in favor of Gil speaking his mind because it brings us that much closer to him as fans. But if I were his coach and teammates, I’d be certifiably pissed about his latest words.

I think everybody wants Cleveland in that first round. They’ve been a .500 team ever since they made that trade and everybody wants a chance at that matchup.

We want Cleveland for our own reasons, we don’t think they can beat us in the playoffs three years straight. It’s hard to beat a team three years straight. We want to try our luck.

Come on, Gilbert. What are you thinking? Giving Cleveland bulletin board material entering a playoff series? And honestly Gil, the Cavs have owned you; you have no right to speak. Maybe there was a slight chance Cleveland overlooked Washington because they had beaten them two years in a row had Gilbert kept his mouth shut. Now? Gil’s awakened a sleeping giant. Arenas has nothing left but to deliver after making these remarks.

Gilbert Arenas Willing to Take Pay Cut

As is often the case, I am a little late to this party. While in LA over the weekend for the Wizards/Lakers game on Sunday, Gilbert got to talking contract. He offered something that you don’t see many athletes doing these days — to take a pay cut:

“I want to see Antawn taken care of first and then I’ll take the pay cut to keep the team intact.

We know what’s in jeopardy so, you know, I told him whatever he wants, give it to him and I’ll take the pay cut. I know what he does. He’s a part of my success and I’m a part of his success so we have this one-two combination that works in this league. We know we make each other better. Someone has to sacrifice. This might be one of his last contracts so I’ll sacrifice and hopefully I’ll get another at the end of the day and if I don’t, I know I did the right thing.”

I don’t know how you could possibly take this as anything other than a guy being generous. I know it’s hard to turn down money when you can get it, but maybe Gil figures he’s earned plenty from his current contract as well as his endorsements. If that’s the case, more power to him. And it’s not like Gil is the type of guy to do something just for his image. He means what he says and I believe him on this. It’s quite honorable and really makes him the true team player.

Gilbert Collaborates with Benihana on New Hibachi Shoe

Man, even while injured, the dude still makes great headlines. He’s had some shoes with Adidas now for a few years, and they’re starting to expand into the customizations realm. For instance, Gil and Adidas released a special edition Halo version of the Gil II Zeros in honor of the popular video game. While Gil told us to head out to certain shoes stores to pick up the special edition Gil II’s, I couldn’t find em at the LA stores. We might have to fix that problem considering Gil’s latest sneaker — the Hibachis are being released:

Unfortunately for me, only 1,000 are being made, and they’re only available in DC. And if I do say so myself, the kicks sound a lot cooler than they look. Not the best of the limited edition Gil II Zero’s. I think my fave is the one that has the erasable wet/dry board on it. Now that is sick. Thanks to Kicks On Fire for the pic.

Gilbert Arenas Knows Real Pain

Once again, for I dunno, the hundred millionth time, Gil proves to us why he is the greatest athlete on Earth. From the watchful eye of Agent Steinz, past whom nothing escapes, including the wrath of Gilbert’s razor, comes this anecdote. Here’s Gilbert on the worst pain he’s felt, in an interview with Men’s Journal:

“When I was new in the NBA the team veterans convinced me to shave, you know, down there, because they said the hair stinks. I used my girlfriend’s razor, which was rusty and gave me keloids. The doctor prescribed medicine to dab on, but I just poured it all over. Three days later I woke up screaming. The skin was burnt off my scrotum, down to my crack, everything — just raw flesh. I still had to run and play, so I used a numbing spray for a month until it healed. Now I use clippers.”

And now if I may, steal a line from Marcel Mutoni of Slam Online — Gilbert Arenas: Where Too Much Information Happens. Now that is one funny story. And that’s what makes Gilbert great. (and he also probably just got a bunch of men thinking, too)

(via Ballhype)

Gilbert’s TV Career Taking Off

Which is a good thing, considering his basketball career is on hold for three months. The Wizznutzz (via Ballhype) puts me onto Gil’s latest short film projects. Naturally, they’re pretty humorous. There’s a James Bond-esque Agent Zero film, a Gil’s Island film, and a cooking with Gilbert one. I think my favorite is Gil as America’s Black President:

Gil’s recent blog post is worth a read as well, though mildly depressing because of the injury. If you read it, you’ll find out why Gil celebrated Thanksgiving over the weekend. What a nutball. (though he does make a valid point)

Gil, Come to the Clippers, Part II

Aside from being a source of great humor, Gilbert’s blog has actually provided some newsworthy content recently. For one, it helped him clarify the story that he was going to opt out of his current contract with the Wizards. Now, it’s allowed him to explain another report about where he’d like to play. And I’m pleased to say that coming to LA is high on Gilbert’s list:

When I told Complex.com that the L.A., San Antonio, Dallas and Houston would be cities that I would like to play in if I opt out, they all come after D.C. If something did happen weird where Antawn left and we lost our team and it wasn’t a good situation for me to come back, those are the four cities that I would want to play in.

I would want to go back home and play in L.A. I would want to go to San Antonio because they’re a championship-caliber team — same thing with Dallas. Houston is on the come-up with Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. Three out of the four are contenders right now. That was my reasoning.

You never know, but the four teams I mentioned have a solid base. If anything happens with the Wizards, that’s my Plan B.

There was a time when wanting to come to play in LA also fell into the same category as going to a contender. Funny how things work. One thing I think Gil is missing is that most of the teams he mentioned probably couldn’t afford to take him on with the salary cap. Just a thought. But it sure would be nice to see Gilbert back in LA (sorry Wizards fans).

Grandmas Love Gilbert

Really, this is quite a long tale, so I advise you to check it out in full. Apparently some fan went to a Wizards game and caught Gilbert’s eye by pulling out a Halo video game box. He gestured to Gilbert using a writing motion, so as to ask Gilbert to sign the game. Gilbert then apparently summoned a towel boy to locate the fan and bring him the video game (while the game was going on, mind you), along with another surprise gift. And we’ll pick up the rest of the story (Jimmy is the fan’s name):

So, like a kid trying to avoid getting caught with a Sports Illustrated during physics class, Gil turned his body to shield the Halo box from assistant coach Randy Ayers (who was sitting next to Arenas), and signed the box.

Then Arenas pulled out the surprise gift — a massive pair of granny panties, size 10x. Upon which Jimmy had written, “My grandma loves Gilbert Arenas.” Except he drew a heart instead of writing “loves.” Jimmy even took the time to color the heart bright red.

Arenas was puzzled. As play continued on the court, he forgot about assistant coach Randy Ayers sitting right next to him. He frowned at Jimmy. Jimmy gestured that the panties were for Arenas.

About this time, the rest of the Wizards players sitting on the bench noticed Gilbert holding up ginormous granny panties. Which Gilbert happily passed around to the rest of the team – let no one say the man is selfish. While play carried on, they laughed uproariously. Somehow, the coaches seemed not to notice.

I love how Gilbert sent the Halo box back to the fan, but kept the granny panties for himself. What a character. And if the Wizards want to reach out to an elderly fan base, now they have a perfect slogan: “Grandmas Love Gilbert.” I don’t even care if this story isn’t true — it’s freaking hilarious!

(thanks to Matt W. for the tip)

UPDATE: Gil confirmed the story on his blog.

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