Gilbert Arenas Makes the Game-Winner This Time

I guess lesson to be learned — don’t give Gilbert a second chance. Yesterday I was pretty harsh on Agent Zero for totally airballing his floater attempt to tie the game against Portland. I mean literally, that shot couldn’t even qualify as an alley-oop pass it was so far off.But last night in Seattle, Gilbert redeemed himself — somewhat. As part of a 42 point night, Arenas banked in a runner at the buzzer to give the Wizards a 108-106 win over the SuperSonics. Amidst the excitement, Gilbert must have forgotten which city he was in:

And as he jogged off the court, Arenas dropped his jersey at the free throw line, hoping a mob of fans would rush the floor trying to snatch the blue uniform.

“Maybe it would be better to do that at home,” Arenas said.

Hey Gil, if this were LA, I would’ve been all over it. People must note that as a tradition, Gilbert gives his jersey away to a different fan in the stands following every game, so it’s not like he was showboating in a T.O. stomping on the Dallas star type of way (which is to whom/what Skip Bayless just compared Gilbert). I digress.

One tiny detail needs to be noted here, the Wizards were TIED with the Sonics when Arenas sunk the game-winner. Against Portland, the Wizards were LOSING by two. Not only did Gilbert opt for the game-tying two-pointer as opposed to a game-winning three-pointer in that situation, but he also missed the closer shot.

Most of Gilbert’s great moments have come with the game tied when there was less pressure on him. I still want to see him make the big shot when it means his team will lose otherwise. If he can’t do that, then the Wizards won’t win in the playoffs, and Gilbert won’t be classified along with the “greats” of the game.

Agent Zero Loses to Portland, Again

It’s been a while since I wrote about Gilbert (and checked in with his blog for that matter).  Probably because the last time I was there he was telling me he was going to score 50 against Portland and he wound up scoring 9 in a stinker.  It also most likely has to do with Gilbert’s crappy month of February in which he shot an embarrassingly poor 34.7% from the field.  But because he is the coolest athlete to ever lace up a pair, all is easily forgotten on my end.  Oh yeah, he’s also the subject of one of the best marketing campaigns by adidas (see the commercial below)


That is truly inspiring.

But man, Gilbert, you got me all pumped up last night in the final minute against Portland when you made both your free throws and the layup to keep it close.  And then you got the rebound on Jack’s missed FT, you went the length of the court, and when I thought you were going to sink the game-winning three pointer in front of the Portland crowd, you drove the lane and lofted up a floater that was five feet from the rim. Sooo disappointing!

The Wizards still lead the division (barely), and Miami is hot on the warpath.  Even with Antawn back, the Wizards don’t appear to be on the same level as Detroit or Cleveland — they really need to start stepping up their game during the playoffs — and Gilbert certainly can’t afford to throw up airballs for game-winners.

Anyways, while I’m on the subject of my favorite athlete EVA, here are some recent highlights from his blog:

  • He has a new son, Triple A – Alijah Amani Arenas
  • His new catch phrase is, “Don’t watch me, watch TV.” (which has nothing on Hibachi)
  • He won a blogging award (from the legendary Dan Shanoff)
  • He didn’t like getting double-teamed with Antawn and Caron out
  • He had to shower with Evian water in Minnesota

The People of Gilbert Arenas v. Nate McMillan – It’s Must see TV

At 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET, all televisions across the country should be tuned into one program.  Buy a satellite dish, order the NBA package, hump your neighbor, I don’t care what you do, just make sure you get to a TV to watch the Trailblazers @ Wizards game today.  How could there possibly be so much hype over such an ordinary event?  How could this possibly be more entertaining than Donna Martin graduating or Simon Cowell scowling you ask?  Because Gilbert says so, that’s why. 

It’s so funny how a game nobody ever thought about is going to become a watched game. Even if you don’t watch the game, you’re going to look at the boxscore to see what happened.  My last one o’clock game was 51 against Utah. So I’m feeling pretty frisky.  It’s kind of funny because I said the next time I was going to score 50 was going to be against them, so every game I went into, my shot wasn’t on.  It’s going to be more of a fun one because at the end of the day, they really do not want me to get 50.  Nate‘s a tough guy so I know that there’s going to be a lot or elbows and a lot of double teams so that will just leave stuff open for everybody else.

If you read way back to the beginning of Gilbert’s blog, you’ll see where the whole thing starts.  To summarize, Gilbert admits to being cut by the US National Team in the summer which upset Arenas because he felt the decision-makers used his minor groin injury as a convenient excuse to cut him.  Ever since that happened, he’s taken it upon himself to avenge the embarrassment caused by anyone who may have had something to do with his being cut – that’s why he made it a point to light up Phoenix and their coach Mike D’Antoni and why he joked about going back to college to dominate Duke, and why McMillan is on the hit list today. 

For the record, I actually believe Gilbert writes his blog unlike most other athletes.  If not, then the ghost-writer must talk to Gil and write exactly the way he speaks, because it seems pretty real to me. I have to say that the blog is probably one of the greatest tools an athlete has used to reach the public and interact with fans.  I have no doubt that it’s been a hit on NBA.com this year and I don’t know what I’ll do if he discontinues it – it would be like your favorite player signing with another team.  Tear drop, sniffle, tear drop.  Long live Gilbert’s must-read blog and must-see TV games against Portland!

Gilbert’s Prepping for the 3 Point Competition

You know here on the website I like to keep things pretty professional – no gawking at celebrities, no biases towards teams, and certainly no preferential treatment towards athletes with whom I attended high school. It’s just the basic policy with which I like to operate because I’m not sure I could sleep comfortably at night if I compromised my journalistic integrity.

Now that I’ve gotten my disclaimer out of the way, I will press on. I love Gilbert Arenas and yes, it’s an unequivocal love. If Gilbert asked me to commit a crime on his behalf I’d seriously need a few minutes to ponder the potential prison term before turning him down. How can I so capriciously trade in my values you ask? Well, as far as my mathematic abilities go (and yes, I took calculus, what’s up now?), Gilbert is off the charts in coolness.

The story starts off on Gilbert’s uber-personal blog on NBA.com where he’s excited about being selected as a starter for the All-Star game and talks about it:

I’ve been practicing for the last two weeks for my three-point competition. I have to bring that trophy home. I have to. I’ve been making bets around the team because there’s a couple guys on this team that said they’re better shooters from the college three-point line than me. One of them, Roger Mason, what he did was reasonable. He made 81 out of 100 from the college three. You know, I went and I don’t know how many I would have made out of 100. I stopped at 82 and walked out of the gym. So I won that bet, but we wasn’t betting for money (wink, wink). I blew him out. He was like a high school player compared to my shooting. Then there was a sidekick of his, DeShawn Stevenson. I told him that I’d shoot with one-hand from college three better than he can shoot with both hands from NBA three.

Well folks, DeShawn stepped up, and Dan Steinberg over at DC Sports bog had it covered. Here’s your scene setter:

Anyhow, today after practice, Gil took 100 one-handed college three-pointers, and DeShawn took 100 two-handed NBA three-pointers. Oh, and they bet $20,000. Brendan Haywood and Antonio Daniels kept score. Caron Butler rebounded. Cal Booth was the voice of justice and fair play. Virtually everyone else on the team sat and watched.

Here’s the video, it’s like a scene straight out of Baseketball
My favorite is the sumo-roll around the 2:30 minute mark, followed closely by the stripper move at the 2:12 mark, and rounded out with the disco spin the end the video.

This is Hibachi Speaking

In case I haven’t already made it abundantly clear, Gilbert Arenas is my favorite player in the NBA. You know what, forget the NBA. Gilbert Arenas is my favorite athlete. Ever. This guy is incredible. He is so great that I don’t even need to recount his greatness for you. He is the Benihana’s of Hibachi cooked food. He is the Adidas of sneakers. He is the face of the $0 dollar bill. He is the Phil Ivey of video poker. He is the Kobayashi of burger scarfing. He is the logo of the NBA…well at least he should be.

In the off chance you may deem me hovered in hyperbole, think again. For a quickie brush up, the guys at gilbertology will get you up to speed. Because I won’t bother. All I need to do is direct you to the single most entertaining read available. Ever. My friends, that is the NBA blog of the Hibachi himself – Gilbert Arenas. From his entry on Wednesday:

“[Phoenix Suns Coach Mike] D’Antoni said that after I scored 54 on them and made my prediction to score 50 on the Blazers that he’d like to see what I’m going to do against Duke.

I thought it was funny because if I have the chance to go back to college, I’ll give up one NBA season to play against Duke.

One college game, that’s five fouls, right?…40-minute games at Duke, they got soft rims, I’d probably score 84 or 85.

I wouldn’t pass the ball.

I wouldn’t even think about passing it. It would be like a NBA Live or an NBA 2K7 game, you just shoot with one person.”

Where’s the ticket, where? I’m in. Count me in. How much? Whatever you want. You got it. $1,000 bucks? Sure. To what? Watch Gilbert go video game on Duke? I’ll pay it. 84 or 85 points? Why not 100.

Look, I haven’t bought a pair of basketball shoes since the Grant Hill II by Fila when I was a middle-school wannabe. I think I may be purchasing my first pair in a decade. And yes – I am completely proud of this fact.

And pray to the goodness of Rory Fitzpatrick – Gilbert got voted in as a starter on the Eastern Conference All-Star team over Vince Carter. And all the elves and unicorns and manatees joined hands to dance around in circles celebrating the thought that all is right in the world.

Photo Credit Sports Illustrated