Giovani Bernard scores touchdown on run of the year (GIF)

giovani-bernard-runGiovani Bernard scored a touchdown Thursday against the Miami Dolphins that has to go down as the run of the year in the NFL, if not the play of the year.

Bernard, a second-round pick of the Cincinnati Bengals, took a toss on 1st-and-10 from the 35 with his team driving down 17-10. The play was supposed to go right, but the Dolphins were all over it and two players converge on the rookie. The Dolphins players seemed to hit more of each other when they converged, allowing Bernard to stay on his feet. He reversed field and broke another tackle on his way to the left sideline, and then he followed three blockers down the field. Bernard then cut back, avoided two shoe-string tackles, and scored to tie the game.

What a sick play. And now we definitely know why the Bengals made Bernard the first running back selected in the draft.

Here’s another look at the run from a different angle:

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Giovani Bernard’s girlfriend Chloe Call makes debut on ‘Hard Knocks’


Cincinnati Bengals rookie running back Giovani Bernard has quickly emerged as one of the most entertaining stories of HBO’s “Hard Knocks” this year. Earlier this month, Bernard revealed that he lives a humble life that includes driving his girlfriend’s mom’s minivan rather than taking on a hefty car payment. On Tuesday night, we met the girlfriend.

Bernard’s better half, Chloe Call, set the Twitter world on fire when she made an appearance on “Hard Knocks,” and it’s easy to see why. She’s pretty much a 10.

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