Tom Brady and Gisele reportedly selling massive Los Angeles mansion


Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen currently own one of the most impressive homes in California. Their 14,000-square foot estate, which is known for possibly having a moat that surrounds it, took about four years to build and cost around $40 million in total. For whatever reason, the house is already for sale.

TMZ reported on Wednesday that Brady and Bundchen have put the estate on the market for a whopping $50 million. The home includes a state of the art gymnasium, lagoon-style infinity pool, massive guest house, waterfall and pond and sits on four acres of land in Brentwood.

The power couple is supposedly building another massive home near Boston that sits on five acres and is 14,300 square feet. It was initially believed that Brady and his lady intended to move to Brentwood full time after the New England Patriots quarterback retired, but perhaps plans have changed.

Were they just looking to turn a profit? Do their kids like the snow? Brady has always done a great job of keeping his personal life under wraps, so we’ll probably never know.

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Tom Brady and Gisele’s ex-bodyguards get five years in prison

Tom Brady Gisele

Tom Brady and Gisele’s former bodyguards were sentenced to five years in prison in Costa Rica after being found guilty on Friday of attempted murder.

The incident occurred in April 2009 when Brady and Gisele were married. The bodyguards approached paparazzi during festivities and demanded they hand over the memory cards to their cameras. Police said a shot was fired at the two photographers as they left, though nobody was injured.

The bodyguards were ordered to pay the photographers about $10,000 each in restitution, and they were sentenced to five years in jail in Costa Rica.

It’s hard to believe, but Brady and Gisele have now been married for over 4.5 years. They’ve been dating since 2006.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen go as Cowardly Lion and Dorothy for Halloween


Tom Brady has been nothing shy of a fierce competitor on the field for the past 12 years or so. However, he has a tendency to get a bit soft when he’s spending time with his wife and not playing football. Like, for example, when he and Gisele dress as Wizard of Oz characters for Halloween.

The tall and lanky Brady would have made a great Tin Man or Scarecrow, but he just had to be the Cowardly Lion. Any of the aforementioned characters would have gone perfectly with Dorothy. Are we surprised? Hardly. We have seen the future Hall of Famer dancing at Carnival in Brazil.

For more Halloween costumes, click here.

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Tom Brady enjoys making babies with Gisele

Tom Brady was doing an event for Under Armour on Wednesday and gave a very entertaining interview to Jimmy Traina of Sports Illustrated. The Patriots quarterback talked about his ever-popular hairdos, teammate Rob Gronkowski’s dancing and shirtless ways, and his rivalry with the Jets and Giants, among other subjects.

One of his best answers came when Traina asked about the report that his wife, Gisele, is pregnant with their second child.

SI: You mentioned you have two kids. There are rumors that you guys are having a third. I don’t know if you want to get into that or not.

Brady: I like working on it.

Based on that answer alone, you get an idea of the tone of the interview. Brady seemed very casual and real, and the whole thing was very funny. We highly recommend you read the entire thing.

Tom Brady wishes Gisele hadn’t criticized Wes Welker after Super Bowl

Tom Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, received a lot of negative attention for criticizing the Patriots’ receivers after the team lost the Super Bowl. The matter dragged out for a few days, and reports said the Patriots players weren’t happy with her.

Several months later, we’re learning that Tom Brady wasn’t happy with her either, no surprise.

Tom Curran of Comcast New England wrote on Friday about a story told to him by Comcast Bay Area reporter Matt Maiocco.

Apparently Brady addressed the Gisele incident at a panel a few months ago.

“Just before she goes to bed, she says, ‘Yeah, people were following me and I just said something I shouldn’t have said,’” Brady recalled, according to the report.

He answered, “‘I don’t care really what you said. Just go to bed.’”

“I woke up the next morning, I tapped her on the shoulder [and asked], ‘Why did you say that?’ She was talking about the best player on our team, Wes Welker, yeah. That was my most recent memory.”

As if losing the Super Bowl in heartbreaking fashion wasn’t enough, Brady had to deal with that mess. Things between Gisele and Welker (and presumably Tom) reportedly are cool now, but that video will likely linger.

Helmet knock to Pro Football Talk

Gisele reportedly pregnant with second child with Tom Brady

Gisele is two months pregnant with her second child with husband Tom Brady, several Brazilian news outlets are reporting. The model apparently is in her home country Brazil where she’s supposedly told people about her pregnancy.

From the Boston Herald:

But sources told globo.com and Fabio Lage, who writes the “House of Models” column for ig.com.br, that Bundchen has told people about the pregnancy, including Givenchy guru Ricardo Tisci, who dressed the supermodel mommy for the Met Costume Gala in NYC on May 7.

Brady has a son with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan in addition to his child with Bundchen, so this would be his third. You figure with the size of the mansion in Brentwood, Ca. they were planning to have more than three people living there, and that looks like the case. No word from Brady’s hair on the matter.

Wes Welker says everything between him and Gisele is good

Wes Welker made the interview rounds on Tuesday, and about the only item of real news he shared was that he is unlikely to attend the Patriots’ mandatory camp in June. But he also discussed his relationship with Gisele, the wife of quarterback Tom Brady, who infamously ripped the Patriots’ receivers for dropping the ball in the Super Bowl. Welker says there aren’t any issues between them.

“No, not at all. I know how she is anyway,” Welker told ESPN Boston Radio’s Adam Jones. “I’m certain my mom was saying some of the same things out there, there just wasn’t a camera on her. I wasn’t worried about that at all.”

Apparently Gisele was worried about how Welker would take the comments after they became public.

“I think she was texting with my fiancee asking how I was doing and I told her ‘Everything’s fine, except for this crazy Brazilian lady saying these things about me.’ We joked about it and stuff. We know how she is and we get along very well. It’s all good.”

There may have been some awkwardness, but the couples went on vacation a few weeks after the Super Bowl, so you figure things couldn’t have been that bad. As for Welker skipping camp, it probably won’t do either side much good; the Patriots probably won’t give him a long-term deal anyhow, and he’ll fall behind his teammates.