Gisele reportedly pregnant with second child with Tom Brady

Gisele is two months pregnant with her second child with husband Tom Brady, several Brazilian news outlets are reporting. The model apparently is in her home country Brazil where she’s supposedly told people about her pregnancy.

From the Boston Herald:

But sources told globo.com and Fabio Lage, who writes the “House of Models” column for ig.com.br, that Bundchen has told people about the pregnancy, including Givenchy guru Ricardo Tisci, who dressed the supermodel mommy for the Met Costume Gala in NYC on May 7.

Brady has a son with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan in addition to his child with Bundchen, so this would be his third. You figure with the size of the mansion in Brentwood, Ca. they were planning to have more than three people living there, and that looks like the case. No word from Brady’s hair on the matter.

Wes Welker says everything between him and Gisele is good

Wes Welker made the interview rounds on Tuesday, and about the only item of real news he shared was that he is unlikely to attend the Patriots’ mandatory camp in June. But he also discussed his relationship with Gisele, the wife of quarterback Tom Brady, who infamously ripped the Patriots’ receivers for dropping the ball in the Super Bowl. Welker says there aren’t any issues between them.

“No, not at all. I know how she is anyway,” Welker told ESPN Boston Radio’s Adam Jones. “I’m certain my mom was saying some of the same things out there, there just wasn’t a camera on her. I wasn’t worried about that at all.”

Apparently Gisele was worried about how Welker would take the comments after they became public.

“I think she was texting with my fiancee asking how I was doing and I told her ‘Everything’s fine, except for this crazy Brazilian lady saying these things about me.’ We joked about it and stuff. We know how she is and we get along very well. It’s all good.”

There may have been some awkwardness, but the couples went on vacation a few weeks after the Super Bowl, so you figure things couldn’t have been that bad. As for Welker skipping camp, it probably won’t do either side much good; the Patriots probably won’t give him a long-term deal anyhow, and he’ll fall behind his teammates.

Tom Brady and Gisele vacation with Wes Welker, Anna Burns in Costa Rica

Wondering how Tom Brady and Wes Welker would get along after Gisele ripped the Patriots’ receivers for dropping passes in the Super Bowl? Apparently they’re doing just fine.

X17 Online published several photos of Tom and wife Gisele on vacation at their home in Costa Rica. The Boston Herald points out that Wes Welker and his fiancee, Anna Burns, also joined them.

Brady is the one wearing the black cap in the picture while Welker has a white cap. Typically we wouldn’t think too much about a vacation, but this is significant because it shows things appear to be fine between Brady and Wes. Welker is a free agent and expected to receive a franchise tag from the Patriots.

Kristin Cavallari likes that Gisele stuck up for husband Tom Brady

Kristin Cavallari is engaged to Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, so she knows what it’s like to be the girlfriend of a highly-scrutinized player. She saw what Gisele said after the Patriots’ Super Bowl loss Sunday and said she liked the way the supermodel stood by her husband.

This isn’t the first time she’s used Twitter to express a similar position. When the Bears used their first-round draft pick on an offensive lineman last year, Cavallari was ecstatic that the team was trying to protect her boyfriend.

The reaction to Gisele’s comments has differed. Some Patriots reportedly feel like Gisele broke the code of brotherhood. Other people like the way she defended her husband.

I like Gisele’s loyalty too, but like Kristin said, not when it comes at the expense of the team. She can leave it to the media and fans to point out that the loss wasn’t all on Tom.

Brandon Jacobs apologizes for saying Gisele should shut up

Brandon Jacobs is a man of many words. In case you have forgotten, this is a guy who wanted out of New York a few short months ago. He wanted nothing to do with the Giants and admitted he was only worried about driving his “fast ass car.” Super Bowls seem to have a way of fixing everything, don’t they? Now that the G-Men took home the Lombardi trophy, Jacobs has focused his attention on running his mouth to opponents’ wives. It may be hard to believe, but he actually apologized for telling Gisele to “stay cute and shut up” on Wednesday.

“Given the fact that it’s a colleague of mine’s wife, I do apologize for saying that, because I shouldn’t have said that,” Jacobs said on ESPN Radio’s Doug Gottlieb Show according to Pro Football Talk.  “It’s his wife and I should respect that just as much as anyone else.”

Gisele should not have said what she did about the Patriots’ receivers, but Jacobs was also out of line. We had wondered if he would issue an apology for those comments in the same way he did with his decapitation remark, and it looks like he decided that was the best choice. Regardless of how inappropriate Gisele’s comment was, it was not directed at Jacobs and was none of his business. He either realized that or — more likely — someone had to tell him.

Brandon Jacobs: Gisele needs to ‘continue to be cute and shut up’

Gisele became one of the sideshows of the Super Bowl after ripping Tom Brady’s receivers for dropping balls. Her comments reportedly created a rift within the Patriots locker room because she broke the “code of brotherhood.”

Giants running back Brandon Jacobs reportedly has a solution for how she should handle things from now on.

“She just needs to continue to be cute and shut up,” he said Tuesday according to a tweet from New York Post writer Brian Costello.

Jacobs already apologized for saying the Giants decapitated the Patriots. I wonder if he’ll end up doing the same thing now that his rude remark is making the rounds.

He could have easily gotten his point across by saying “she should keep her thoughts to herself.” Instead, he took the misogynistic approach essentially saying women should be seen and not heard. I guess this qualifies as about the third dumb thing he’s said this postseason.

Chest bump to The Big Lead

Patriots say Gisele broke ‘code of brotherhood’ by ripping wide receivers

The Patriots reportedly did not appreciate Gisele Bundchen’s response to a heckling Giants fan after their Super Bowl 46 loss. Who would? As a massive public figure, you would think Gisele would be adept to handling criticism and know enough to ignore it. Unfortunately, she fired back at a Giants fan who criticized her husband Tom Brady on Sunday night by bashing New England’s receivers for dropping passes. According to TMZ.com, the Patriots are not happy with their quarterback’s better half.

Multiple team sources reportedly told TMZ that Gisele violated a “code of brotherhood” by throwing the pass-catchers under the bus. One source expressed disappointment by saying her comments were like “kicking someone when they are down.”

Sources tell TMZ, the teammates are “disappointed” Gisele decided to air her grievances after the game last night — when she said, “My husband cannot f***ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”

According to sources, Tom’s teammates feel betrayed by Gisele’s behavior — the Pats organization is a brotherhood and Gisele’s pot shot violated the code — which is basically … win as a team, lose as a team.

Depending on who wears the pants in the Brady-Bundchen relationship, it is quite possible that Tom let his wife know she has to learn not to say things like that or let opposing fans bother her. Either that, or he begged and pleaded and told her not to worry about it and to please, please, please try not to do it again. I’m sure one way or another it was discussed in the Brady (Bundchen?) household.

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