Joc Pederson giving away his beater of a car to fan (Video)

When it comes to ballpark giveaways, it doesn’t get much better or personal than this.

The Albuquerque Isotopes will be giving away outfielder Joc Pederson’s car to a lucky fan next week as part of an awesome giveaway. The car is a 1994 Buick Century with 166,000 miles on it and will be given away after the team’s game on Aug. 29.

The Isotopes, which is the Dodgers’ Triple-A team, had a great press release about the giveaway:

Joc Pederson car

The car, nicknamed “Little Chucky,” has only 166,000 miles on it and has at least one operable window, which is really all you need. It is perfect for cruising around during the New Mexico summers with its “awesome” stereo system and lack of air conditioning. Kelly Blue Book estimates the value at nearly $1,000 (depending on if it has a full tank of gas). Little Chucky will also come with two complimentary air fresheners and whatever else Pederson forgets to clean out.

The Isotopes guarantee 100 percent that this distinctive car will carry you all the way to your next destination out of the Isotopes Park parking lot. A satisfactory safety inspection has been completed on the vehicle.

They made even more jokes about the car, saying that the lucky winner could drive away or tow away the car after the game.

Pederson is the top prospect in the Dodgers’ system and is working on a 30-30 season — he has 31 homers and 28 stolen bases this year. It won’t be long before he’ll be making the minor league minimum and able to afford a sweeter ride. Or at least one a little more reliable than Little Chucky.

You know, this is really what Alfred Morris should have done with his 1991 Mazda.

Raptors give away Drake lint rollers to fans at Game 5

Drake lint roller

Give the Toronto Raptors credit for social media awareness and creativity, because they took an internet meme and turned it into a legitimate giveaway for their fans on Wednesday.

Rapper Drake, who is a Toronto native and influencer on the Raptors and Blue Jays, was sitting courtside for Game 2 of the Raptors’ playoff game against the Brooklyn Nets when he busted out — of all things — a lint roller.

The moment was noticed by folks on the ‘net who just went crazy with it. Some even suggested a Drake-inspired lint roller giveaway for the Raptors.

Well, the team listened.

The Raptors distributed vouchers to 1,200 fans sitting in exclusive/courtside seats to pick up Drake/OVO branded lint rollers after the game:

How can you not love that? $2,000 for a courtside ticket, get a Drake lint roller. Totally worth it.

And while we’re at it, here’s the video of Aubrey going HAM with the lint roller in Game 2:

Photo: Twitter/NBATV

Florence Freedom giving away Lennay Kekua bobblehead dolls (Picture)


The Manti Te’o fake girlfriend story may have gotten old by now for many of us, but that hasn’t stopped people from using it to make money.  The Florence Freedom, an independent baseball team in the Frontier League, will be holding a giveaway that is not actually a giveaway on Thursday evening — it’s more like a joke.

As you can see from the photo above that Darren Rovell passed along, the Freedom are giving away Lennay Kekua bobblehead dolls to the first 1,000 fans who arrive at their ballpark on Thursday. Since Kekua didn’t actually exist, the box is empty and simply has her name on it.

Te’o has already had to hear it from airline companieshotel chains and the San Diego media, so we might as well keep it going until we see what he can do in the NFL. The bobblehead giveaway is a pretty clever idea, but nothing is going to beat Maxim’s latest Hot 100 list that took the ultimate shot at the former Notre Dame linebacker.

Reds pitchers have already cost Cincinnati pizza joint $100,000 in free pizza

PizzaThe Cincinnati Reds are going to put LaRosa’s Pizzerias out of business if their pitchers don’t stop striking out opponents at such an impressive rate. Last season, the local eatery began a promotion where they would give away free eight-inch pizzas with up to four toppings to any ticket holder who attended a Reds game where the Cincy pitching staff struck out at least 11 hitters. It happened 13 times during the team’s 81 home games in 2012.

This season, fans have already been able to cash in on the promotion six times. The free pizzas are valued at $6.79 each, and LaRosa’s has had to give away more than $100,000 in free pizza already. When asked what’s going to happen if the Reds’ pitchers keep striking guys out at such an alarming rate, LaRosa’s executive vice president for marketing Pete Buscani cracked a joke.

“First of all, you’ll be talking to another guy the next time you call,” he told WLWT Cincinnati on Tuesday. “The real reason to do this is to underscore awareness of our brand and get people to visit. This is the best promotion we’ve done in a long time.”

Of course, Buscani noted that most customers buy other items aside from simply the free eight-inch pizza when they redeem their tickets. LaRosa’s has 65 stores, most of which are in the Cincinnati area, so I’m sure they’re making out just fine when families bring their tickets in to claim a free small pizza but realize they need more food and beverages.

“I think the promotion is fantastic,” Reds fan John Rentz said, noting that he cashed in around 10 times last season. “I was actually surprised to see LaRosa’s continue it after the high frequency of times the pitching staff hit 11 strikeouts last year.”

In an era where fans at other ballparks are being treated to horrendous giveaways like this, LaRosa’s has made Reds fans some of the luckiest in the nation.

Pirates giving away epic AJ Burnett t-shirts (Picture)


AJ Burnett is such a bad-ass. Even if the Pittsburgh Pirates don’t improve upon their recent misfortunes in 2013, their fans are lucky that Burnett is still anchoring the team’s staff. In order to remind the fans of how fortunate they are to have acquired Burnett, the Pirates are giving away the incredible t-shirts you see above before Friday’s game against the Cincinnati Reds.

Can you think of a better giveaway than that? Prizes like this team-branded waffle iron and this Coco Crisp bobblehead doll come close, but nothing beats a T-shirt that features Burnett rocking sunglasses and throwing up a BAMF hand signal. The dude has it all, and if you don’t believe me just check out this GIF that Getting Blanked passed along:


Are we done here? Game, set, match.

Fist pound to Big League Stew

Utah Jazz giving season ticket holders team-branded waffle irons (Picture)


Season ticket holders typically receive a gift from the team every year that they renew their seats, and the Utah Jazz have decided to go above and beyond for the 2012-2013 season. According to Utah Jazz Nation, Jazz season ticket holders who attend who love breakfast appliances can stop by the fan relations office and pick up an exclusive waffle iron that is branded with the team’s logo.

Does it get any better than this? The only thing I can think of that might be slightly better than a waffle iron is this bobblehead that the Oakland A’s will be giving out this season, but it’s close. If I were a Jazz fan, I’d be pumped.

Via Reddit NBA

Oakland A’s to give away Coco Crisp ‘Bernie Lean’ bobblehead dolls (Picture)

Coco-Crisp-AsLast season, the Okland A’s rode their laid-back style all the way to an AL West division title and their first playoff appearance since 2006. No team in the league appeared to have more fun down the stretch than the A’s, and it’s one of the main reasons their young roster was able to find so much success.

During their improbable run, Coco Crisp introduced the “Bernie Lean” to his A’s teammates. As you likely know, the “Bernie Lean” is a dance that started from the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s.” There have been several YouTube videos featuring people doing the bizarre dance and the A’s even made their own video with it. Now, there is a bobblehead version of the dance. The A’s plan to give these bad boys away to their first 10,000 fans before their game on June 29.

I guess that’s more of a bobblebody than a bobblehead, but either way I’m a fan. In an era where teams give away bobbleheads of players that aren’t on their team anymore and can’t even manage to accurately depict their own pitchers, it’s refreshing to see a new idea. I give the A’s an A (see what I did there?) for creativity.

H/T Deadspin