College goalie Frank Slubowski has Big Lebowski-themed mask (Picture)

Behold quite possibly the best goalie mask we’ve ever seen. What you see above is the mask for Western Michigan goalie Frank Slubowski, a sophomore goalie at Western Michigan. Slubowski led his school to the CCHA championship as a freshman, winning team MVP honors, but that’s not what matters to us. What matters to us is that his teammates call him “The Big Slubowski” as a reference to the amazing cult classic “The Big Lebowski,” and that he got his mask to reflect the movie.

The folks at Head Strong Grafx put an image of “The Dude” on the side of the mask. El Duderino is pictured wearing his shades which are reflecting the wondrous rug that tied the room together.

Below are two more looks at the mask. On the opposite side is an image of a tank, and on the back it says “Frank the Tank,” which we’re guessing is another one of Slubowski’s nicknames:

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Owner of ‘Hollywood’ sign’s trademark tells Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier to lose the logo on his mask or pay royalties

L.A. Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier has had a mini replica logo of the famous Hollywood sign on his mask for the past two seasons. Clever? Sure. Unique? Yeah. An issue of trademark infringement? It can’t be, that sign is everywhere — right? Wrong. According to the Kings website Mayor’s Manor, the owner of the Hollywood sign’s trademark has informed Bernier that he has to either lose the logo or start paying royalties.

The NHL has been in contact with the folks who own the rights to the sign. While the word “Hollywood” itself is not trademarked, Puck Daddy pointed out that the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce owns “certain trademark rights for usage of the sign or its likeness for commercial purposes.” Since Bernier is a professional athlete and is frequently on TV, that rule probably applies to him.

“I don’t understand,” Bernier said. “Guys here have been using the Hollywood sign on their masks going all the way back to Kelly Hrudey.”

Naturally, the Hollywood folks got their way. Bernier has ditched the Hollywood logo from his mask. The Man wins again.

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Jason LaBarbera Honors Pat Tillman on New Goalie Mask (Picture)

Scoping goalie masks is a fun thing to do for hockey fans. Masks allow the goaltenders to express their personalities through personalized decorations. Some guys go elaborate, some go simple, and some people go patriotic. That’s what Phoenix Coyotes goalie Jason LaBarbera decided to do, as Puck Daddy informs us:

LaBarbera apparently wanted to pay tribute to the military, and decided to do so by choosing one of the best role models possible. Former Arizona Cardinals safety Pat Tillman is pictured in his football uniform, and also alongside his brother in Army Ranger gear. Tillman, as you probably know, turned down a multi-million dollar contract from the Arizona Cardinals because he wanted to join the military and protect the country after 9/11.

Puck Daddy spoke with artist David Arrigo, who explained some of the mask’s finer design points.

“Multiples stars and maple leafs that serve as a tribute to “both Canadian and American forces serving in their respective theaters,” said Arrigo. “On the front of the mask is a yellow ribbon, an acknowledgement that those serving overseas are in the thoughts of those back home.”

Head over to Arrigo’s website for more pictures of the mask. We never thought too much of LaBarbera’s goaltending abilities, but we think highly of him now after seeing his tribute. Nice job all the way around, gentlemen.

Steve Mason Has New Crazy-Detailed ‘Evil Dead’ Civil War Mask (Picture)

I can’t decide which is more frightening: that Steve Mason’s new hockey mask design came from thoughts in his head, or the idea of NHL players having to look at it when they face him.  The former is probably more alarming, but if Mason is going for intimidation through mask art he may be onto something.  Check out Steve Mason’s “evil dead” Civil War mask picture that he posted on his Twitter account, courtesy of Puck Daddy:

The other side is simply the Ohio state flag, so people are only at risk of crapping themselves when the Blue Jackets goalie turns his head to the right.  I suppose when you’re trying to stop someone from scoring on you, a skeleton in Civil War attire might be more distracting than this mask from Jonathan Quick, so Mason could be one step ahead of his counterparts league-wide.  Either that or the mask is just his way of expressing himself, in which case we will certainly pray for him.

Jonathan Quick Went Retro in Kings’ Opener with Rogie Vachon Mask

After all the great college football ended on Saturday evening, I had a chance to watch some of the Kings’ opener against the Canucks. Hanging out with my cousin Corey for his birthday celebration, one thing stood out to all of us immediately — the Kings went retro with their jerseys. While I wasn’t wild about the Kings’ unis, goalie Jonathan Quick looked fantastic in his old-school retro pads and mask. The mask was incredible, just like Rogie Vachon back in the day, and it had ears and hair painted on. It looked awesome. Check out some of the pics courtesy of In Goal Magazine:

The Kings went back to their normal unis for Sunday’s game at Calgary and wound up losing 3-1. Jonathan Bernier was in goal for the game, stopping 29 of 31 shots. Quick stopped 23 of 24 shots the night before, so I’d say the Kings would be better served rolling with the throwbacks all the way around. If you have a superstition working, you can’t break it. And how awesome did those ears look painted onto the mask?