Warriors fans taunt Donald Sterling with signs


As you might expect, the Los Angeles Clippers players weren’t the only ones to show their disapproval of Donald Sterling’s racist comments during Sunday’s playoff game against the Golden State Warriors. The home fans also sent messages to Sterling, one of which involved a black fan and a white fan who had gone to the game together holding signs.

One fan’s sign side “I’m black” and the other’s said “I brought a black guy 2 the game.”

If you listened to the audio of Sterling’s alleged remarks, you know that he was angry with his girlfriend V. Stiviano for associating with African-Americans and told her not to bring any black people to his team’s home games. Sunday’s game was at Golden State, but the point remains. This obviously isn’t going to go away.

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Andre Iguodala leaves Warriors fans hanging on high-fives (GIF)

This never gets old.

Andre Iguodala made a buzzer-beater to give the Golden State Warriors a 116-115 win over the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night. Iguodala was celebrating his big shot as he walked around the court, so of course the pumped-up fans wanted to partake in the glory. Iguodala gave a few fans high-fives, but he left a couple of dudes hanging in hilarious fashion as he turned around to walk back.

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Just look at how excited the one dude on the left was:

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Warriors owner Joe Lacob booed at Chris Mullin jersey retirement ceremony (Video)

What was supposed to be a night of celebration turned into one of contention at Oracle Arena in Oakland Monday.

The Warriors held a ceremony to retire franchise legend Chris Mullin’s jersey at halftime of the team’s game against the Timberwolves. The problem began when team owner Joe Lacob went to talk after Chris Mullin gave his speech. The fans began booing Lacob, chanting “We want Monta” — a reference to fan favorite Monta Ellis, who was traded to the Bucks last week.

Lacob had to step aside because of all the boos and was comforted by Mullin, who reminded the fans to be patient. Next Hall of Famer Rick Barry grabbed the mic and chastised the fans, calling them classless, and telling them to “give [Lacob] the respect he deserves.”

Lacob, clearly rattled, took the mic again and rushed through the rest of his speech.

We understand Warriors fans are upset Monta was traded, and unhappy with many of the team’s recent decisions, but this was not the right time or place to show their anger. And here we were thinking Lacob was feeling the backlash from his fiancee the most. Guess not.