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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Articles tagged: Golden Tate

Golden Tate taunts Rams defense by waving on touchdown (Video)

Golden Tate upset many people by doing a disrespectful taunt in the third quarter on Monday night after scoring on an 80-yard touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to put the Seattle Seahawks up 14-6 on the St. Louis Rams. After catching the bomb from Wilson, Tate raised his left arm in celebration and then began…Read More

Golden Tate on game-winning Hail Mary catch: ‘I know I had the ball’

Even the professionals get lucky sometimes. With replacement officials on the field, it’s more likely than ever to happen. The Seahawks got lucky on Monday night. Anyone who saw the pass interference call against the Packers on the final drive of the game and the instantly infamous Hail Mary catch by Golden Tate can tell you that….Read More

Golden Tate Says NASCAR Drivers Are Not Athletes

It was only a matter of time before Twitter became a medium for this argument.  One of the biggest issues NASCAR haters have with the sport of auto racing is that “anyone can do it.”  People who aren’t into stock car racing think any fat slob can drive a car around a track and drivers…Read More

Today’s Humor: The 911 Call That Got Golden Tate Busted

If you’ve already heard about the incident that involved Golden Tate and his buddy raiding a donut shop, this is a very necessary follow-up.  The 911 call from a night baker who first reported the incident has been released to the public, and it’s absolutely hilarious.  It sounds like Tate and his pal did a…Read More

Golden Tate is a Late-Night Eater

Back in April, Seattle Seahawks rookie wide receiver Golden Tate told 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh that he wasn’t worried about making any headlines for the wrong reasons during his NFL career.  Here’s what he said: Being at Notre Dame, you’re used to being under the microscope, so I’m used to having all eyes on…Read More

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