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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Golf

Golf Course Offers Cemetary Dedicated Exclusively to Golfers

As someone who loves to frustrate myself and continue playing a sport I will never be able to master, there are few things I enjoy more than a nice round of golf. However, that is the living Del. The deceased Del doesn’t want to subject himself to being around that kind of frustration for eternity….Read More

Four Golfers Notch Holes-in-One on Same Day at Plantation Golf Club

Unless you are on the PGA tour and play golf for a living, you will probably never experience the feeling of making a hole-in-one. Casual golfers like myself will almost certainly go their entire lives without achieving the rare feat. In fact, you will probably never even witness one unless you see it on TV…Read More

Man Throws Club and Hits Another Golfer, Gets Two Years in Jail

Unless you are the most level-headed casual golfer on the face of the planet, you have undoubtedly become enraged before during a round of golf.  People handle anger in different ways while out on the golf course.  Some swear while others scream.  Some slam the ground with their club while others throw their ball into…Read More

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