Chico State Misses D-II Nationals Because of Wrongly Signed Scorecard

Golf can be an unforgiving sport. We saw how strict the PGA was last year when Dustin Johnson was penalized for grounding his club at the PGA Championship in August. We also saw a golfer get disqualified from a tournament because his alarm clock didn’t go off at the right time. We’ve even seen viewers on TV call into the PGA to report violations committed by players. Sadly this week we also saw the latest example of a disqualification over a scorecard.

Chico State, the third-ranked D-II golf team in the country, had a good chance at qualifying for the D-II nationals this week. The top five scoring teams at the region championship qualified for the nationals, and Chico State entered the final round five strokes away from a qualifying spot. They would have made it too if it weren’t for a wrongly signed scorecard.

Sophomore Cody Thompson (pictured) shot a 76 but signed for a 75, Golf Week reports. His penalty was a disqualification, leaving Chico State to count an 82. The six-stroke difference bumped them from fifth to seventh, taking them out of the running for the nationals.

It’s an extremely disappointing situation, and I continue to wonder if there’s a solution to this problem that seems more fair. Disqualifying an entire team over a mistake seems a bit harsh to me. There’s a big difference between lying about one’s score and making an honest mistake. This seems like the latter rather than the former, and the penalty is way too extensive. What do you think?

Club tap to David Coleman for the tip

Furyk Sleeps Through His Tee Time

Here’s a piece of news that just plain sucks. To us it may be humorous, but it really is unfortunate for Jim Furyk, who I have always felt comes across as one of the good guys in golf.  According to the Star-Ledger, Furyk has been disqualified from The Barclays because he failed to show up in time to tee off.  Furyk said his cell phone alarm didn’t go off and he overslept:

I don’t know if something happened with the charger or what, but I never got it,” Furyk said outside of the Ridgewood locker room this morning. “I just tore out of there, threw a pair of pants on and a shirt — still have no belt, no socks and my shoes are untied — and actually got in the locker room at 7:35, but I guess I had to be on the tee.”

That sounds like a story you’d expect to hear from one of your buddies who failed to show up to a Saturday morning tee time.  It just goes to show you that even the pros are human.  Furyk was supposed to tee off at 7:30, so according to his story he was only five minutes late.  However, rules are rules.  I’m sure Dustin Johnson can attest to that.

Jim Furyk disqualified from The Barclays after missing pro-am tee time [Star-Ledger]

Notre Dame Golfer Annie Brophy Disqualified for Lying About Her Scores

Nothing like a good old collegiate golf cheating story to brighten our day. Golfweek shares with us the story of Notre Dame senior golfer Annie Brophy who turned heads by lighting up the front-nine at the NCAA Central Regional on Saturday. Brophy may be good, but she’s not good enough to shoot a legitimate 30 on the front-nine as investigators came to find out. According to Golfweek:

When members of the NCAA rules committee heard about Brophy’s five birdies and an eagle (she threw in a bogey for good measure), they went out to the 11th hole to see for themselves. Notre Dame assistant coach Kyle Lynne Veltri told them that front-nine score couldn’t possibly be accurate.

Turns out Brophy had reported inaccurate numbers to Golfstat volunteers.

The NCAA committee decided to disqualify Brophy for unsportsmanlike conduct, no surprise. I have no idea what caused Brophy to do this. Did she decide that because she’s a senior she wanted to go out with a bang? Was she hoping she could get away with it? Whatever the reason, there’s no question that Annie Brophy messed with a lot of people and wasted their time. Quite an exit for someone who will go down as one of the better golfers in the program’s history.

Notre Dame senior DQ’d for lying about scores [Golfweek]
Photo Credit: Annie Brophy Player Bio

Michelle Wie’s Pulling Out

But let’s be fair, that’s what you were hoping to do with her. Heyo! This news means Wie won’t be playing in the John Deere for the first time in three years. It’s a sad day for the Wie family. From the wire:

Wie decided Tuesday to withdraw from the John Deere Classic as she tries to return from wrist injuries that have sent the 17-year-old from Hawaii into a deep slump of high scores and shrinking confidence.

Here’s the deal, I’d rather have her withdraw not because of a wrist injury, but because her parents realized it was detrimental to her career. Still, this is a step in the right direction, and one that I commend. I hope we don’t have to see little ‘ole Wie in any men’s tournaments any time soon.