Graeme McDowell’s wife-to-be Kristin Stape caddied for him

Graeme McDowell wife Kristin Stape

Rory McIlroy wasn’t the only golfer to have his girlfriend caddie for him at the Masters Par-3 Contest Wednesday. Countryman Graeme McDowell dressed up his fiancee (or as he called it, “wife-to-be”) Kristin Stape in the white boiler outfit and had her serve as his caddie.

“Like Rory, overachieving I think is the name of the game,” McDowell said to ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi as a compliment to Stape’s good looks.

Stape was asked for her thoughts on the course at Augusta.

“I think it’s absolutely spectacular. Last year when I came it was just mesmerizing and something Graeme couldn’t put into words until I was able to come. I think this is going to give me a whole other perspective on the place, so I’m very excited,” said Stape.

McDowell and Stape became engaged last year after he proposed to her on a helipad on top of a hotel in Dubai. The two met when McDowell contacted her interior design business to decorate his Orlando home.

LBS writer Steve DelVecchio listed McDowell as one of his serious contenders when it came to his 2013 Masters predictions.

Below is another photo of the two:

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Graeme McDowell doesn’t appear to enjoy the ‘Mashed potatoes!’ chant (Video)

In my opinion, the “mashed potatoes!” chant that made its debut during the Chevron World Challenge last year is one of the best things golf fans have ever come up with. I love watching golf, but I can only take so much golf clapping. That’s why when this guy yelled “mashed potatoes!” after Tiger Woods stroked a tee shot I laughed off-and-on for about three days.

Either the same rowdy fan was back at this year’s World Challenge, or there was an impersonator in attendance. Whatever the case, some guy yelled “mashed potatoes!” after Graeme McDowell hit an approach shot over the weekend and it didn’t look like McDowell was impressed. As Devil Ball Golf pointed out, it appears Graeme made an inappropriate gesture after the shot and called the guy a “wanker.”

For what it’s worth, McDowell went on to win the World Challenge — just like Tiger did after he was the recipient of the “mashed potatoes!” a year ago.  Can you say good luck charm?

Graeme McDowell: Traveling to see Caroline Wozniacki is fatiguing Rory McIlroy

Both Caroline Wozniacki and Rory McIlroy have struggled in recent months, and Northern Irish golfer Graeme McDowell says all the traveling McIlroy is doing to be with his tennis-playing girlfriend is part of the reason for his issues.

“There’s no doubt, all the travelling is wearing him down a little bit and we are seeing a little bit of fatigue,” McDowell said on the Golf Channel Thursday as he co-hosted the Morning Drive show, according to Irish Golf Daily.

“Yes, his performance in the big events this year have not be really up to his standard,” McDowell said. “But he is going through a little bit of a voyage of discovery right now – for all the right reasons.”

Though McDowell was critical of McIlroy, he still believes in his countryman.

“But he’s a fit kid and he’s a young kid and he has all the talent in the world. It is only a matter of time [before he comes back].

“He’s very happy with his personal life and Caroline is a great girl. He will be okay,” McDowell believes.

We had a feeling things were headed for the worst when the two began calling themselves “Wozzilroy,” and when they took this obnoxious picture. That was all last year. Since then, McIlroy has struggled mightily as has Wozniacki, though she says their relationship is not to blame.

McDowell says McIlroy is the one doing most of the traveling to meet Caroline because he is one person whereas she has a big entourage. In other words, it’s easier for him to go where she is. So far it seems to be coming at the cost of his success, but like McDowell says, it’s not a bad problem to have. Rory is young enough where he can figure out how to balance his life. At any rate, we still believe he made a mistake by leaving the lovely Holly Sweeney.

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