Grant Balfour has a truck big enough to tow Noah’s Ark

Grant Balfour truck

Hey Grant Balfour, I don’t think your truck is quite big enough. Maybe next time you can get something that you might actually be able to haul a few loads with. I mean it only has four wheels? That’s it? Weak sauce, man. And if you’re able to clear a freeway bridge in it, then it certainly isn’t big enough.

Try harder next time, Grant.

You know, after seeing Balfour get into it with guys like Victor Martinez and Albert Pujols, is it any surprise to see him driving this testosterone terror?

Photo: Rays Baseball

Grant Balfour, Victor Martinez trade F-bombs in fight (Video)

Oakland A’s closer Grant Balfour and Detroit Tigers DH Victor Martinez got into a verbal fight during the ninth inning of Monday’s ALDS Game 3 between the teams, and their words led to the benches clearing.

Balfour was in to close out the game with the A’s up 6-3 on the Tigers. He threw a 1-2 93 mph fastball that Martinez fouled off. Martinez looked over at the mound after the foul ball as if to let Balfour know he was on the pitcher’s fastball. That definitely bothered Balfour.

“The f— you looking at me for b—h?” Balfour could be heard saying.

Martinez sent the f-bombs right back, and the two started walking toward each other.

“The f— is your problem b—h?” Balfour continued, leading the umpire to separate them.

Both team’s benches cleared and the bullpens emptied, but no punches were thrown.

Balfour wound up retiring Martinez after everything settled down. Warnings were issued to both sides.

MLB Network had to apologize for the audio getting out, and the A’s held on for the 6-3 win.

“If you’re going to stare me down, come on. That’s all I said. So he did. We had a jaw match. It’s all fun and games,” Balfour said after the game, per MLive.com’s James Schmehl.

“Obviously Balfour’s is a character on the mound, so there’s going to be some fireworks sometimes,” A’s first baseman Brandon Moss admitted after the game.

Moss is absolutely right. We’ve seen this act from Balfour more than a few times in the past.

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Albert Pujols yells at Grant Balfour after 2-run single (Video)

Albert Pujols had words for Oakland A’s relief pitcher Grant Balfour after hitting a 2-run single off of him in the ninth inning of Oakland’s 6-4 win over the Angels at O.co Coliseum on Friday night.

Albert Pujols Grant BalfourBalfour threw up and in on Pujols earlier in the at-bat, which angered the Angels DH. Balfour tried going in on Pujols again on the 2-2 pitch, but Pujols lined the ball down the left field line. As Pujols was going up the first base line, he barked at Balfour.

It’s hard to tell what Pujols said, but it looks like he yelled “pitch” or a not-so-nice word that rhymes with pitch. One thing that is for sure is it’s not often you see Pujols that heated.

Another note about the hit — Pujols only got a single even though most would have taken two on the play. Pujols is still playing through plantar fasciitis and can hardly run. He was replaced by a pinch runner after reaching first. Balfour then struck out Josh Hamilton to end the game.