Greg Amsinger does it again by calling Buster Posey walk-off homer (Video)

Greg Amsinger is the closest thing to a baseball psychic we have in this world. Remember when the MLB Network analyst absolutely nailed his prediction of Mike Trout driving in Derek Jeter with a double in Jeter’s final All-Star game? Amsinger did it again with Buster Posey’s walk-off home run on Wednesday night.

“I’ve got that feeling in my bad knee, just so you know,” Amsinger said when Posey strolled to the plate with a runner on first in the ninth. “My bad knee never lets me down. … All I’m saying is we might get a, ‘IT IS OUT OF HERE.’ So let’s listen in live on MLB Tonight.”

The second Amsinger said that and they started listening in, Posey hit a towering shot down the left field line. And wouldn’t you know it, the ball cleared the wall and we heard, “IT IS OUT OF HERE!” Amsinger reacted accordingly.

Plenty of analysts throw mud at the wall in situations like that and hope that it sticks, but Amsinger seems to nail these predictions in detail. The man just might be The Baseball Whisperer.

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MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger nailed Derek Jeter-Mike Trout prediction

Derek Jeter scored the first run for the American League on Tuesday night in his final MLB All-Star Game. After doubling off Adam Wainwright in the first, Jeter scored on a Mike Trout triple. One MLB Network analyst predicted that exact series of events before the game, and we have the video to prove it.

Trout spoke about how special the 2014 All-Star Game was going to be for Derek Jeter just hours before it started. Here’s what Greg Amsinger said would happen.

“It’s gonna be awesome man,” Amsinger said. “When you drive in Derek Jeter tonight in his final All-Star Game, it’s gonna be so cool. He’s gonna be at second base, you’ll hit a rope down the line, you’ll end up at third. He’s gonna tip his cap to you — it’s gonna be great.”

So the triple went over Yasiel Puig’s head instead of down the line — big freakin’ deal. Amsinger absolutely nailed that. Even if he said Jeter would hit a single and Trout would drive him in with a triple, we would still give credit. He called the entire thing perfectly.

Whether Wainwright grooved a pitch to Jeter or not, baseball is almost impossible to predict like that. Props to Amsinger even if he was guessing.


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