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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Greg Olsen

Greg Olsen: Cam Newton wouldn’t lie about Ed Hochuli

The NFL has not been able to track down audio of the exchange between Cam Newton and referee Ed Hochuli last weekend, so the case is basically closed. That doesn’t necessarily mean Newton was lying, and one of his teammates is confident that the Panthers quarterback wouldn’t fabricate a story like that. During an appearance…Read More

Greg Olsen wants Vontaze Burfict suspended for dirty plays (Video)

Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen believes Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict needs to be punished for dirty plays committed against a few Panthers players during the 37-37 tie between the teams on Sunday. Burfict could be seen twisting the ankles of Olsen and quarterback Cam Newton after each player scored touchdowns during the game….Read More

Vontaze Burfict delivered cheap shot to ankles of Cam Newton and Greg Olsen

Heading into the season, Cam Newton wasn’t exactly the healthiest player on the Carolina Panthers roster. He suffered a rib injury in August and in March underwent surgery on his left ankle, which reportedly still isn’t 100%. When players around the NFL know you’re dealing with an injury, you can expect to receive an extra…Read More

Greg Olsen Kicked Off High School Field Trying to Practice

With the NFL lockout going on, one issue players have been facing is finding a place to practice. Unlike when business is operating normally, players are locked out of their teams’ facilities and must find their own place to work out. Some athletes like Matt Hasselbeck and John Carlson have resorted to practicing in store…Read More

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