Raiders Rookies Get Hazing Haircuts (Pictures)

NFL rookie hazing, it’s a time honored tradition. Whether it’s carrying pads or getting funky haircuts, rookies being hazed is part of the fabric of football camps everywhere. Except in Jacksonville, where Jack Del Rio banned hazing after rookies received these disturbing haircuts last year. Anyway, the Raiders are the first team to initiate the process with their rookies, at least as far as we know. Check out some of the haircuts they gave their rookies:

Mason Brodine seemed to get it the worst while Joseph Barksdale (far right) seemed to get it the easiest. And so far nobody has received the Friar Tuck look that made Tim Tebow famous. Nice.

Pictures via CSN Bay Area, News 10

Haircut Hazing Extends to College

Haircut hazing has officially reached epidemic status.  Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention as closely in past years or maybe it wasn’t as well-documented, but I don’t ever remember more rookies — and now freshmen — with bad haircuts leading up to the regular season.  The Patriots gave their rookies slightly embarrassing haircuts.  They were then outdone by Tim Tebow’s Friar Tuck haircut, the Jaguars more vulgar cuts, and the Raiders shaving one entire side of a rookie’s head and face.

According to Sportress of Blogitude, this is a first for the Minnesota Golden Gophers.  Is a coach yelling at them in the above photo, or are they just that humiliated?  Maybe they’re feeling the pressure of being leaned on to revive a program that ranked 113th out of 120 in sacks allowed and last in rushing in the Big Ten last season.  In any event, freshmen all over the country should now beware: haricut hazing has reached the collegiate level.  Here’s a look at all the rookie and freshman haircut hazing pictures we’ve featured to this point:

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Raiders Join in the Rookie Haircut Hazing

With the new media age we live in, items that used to be private business within teams spills out to the public most often via players’ twitter accounts. As a result, we’ve seen the funny haircuts the Patriots, Jaguars, and Broncos all gave to their rookies, not to mention the Cowboys. The worst cut probably was Tim Tebow’s haircut but nothing compares to the evil nonsense the Jags were up to.

The latest team to join the fray is the Oakland Raiders. Safety Tyvon Branch posted some pictures of the haircuts the veterans gave the rookies on his twitter page. With so many teams participating in the practice, it’s hard to find anything too original these days. Regardless, the Raiders found a way to make it happen. The two face look in particular was priceless. Here are some of the others, including first-round pick Rolando McClain:


Tim Tebow Gets the Friar Tuck Haircut

We’ve already established that Tim Tebow was a certified pad carrier when it came to NFL rookie hazing, but now we know he also takes whatever they do to him like a champ. Giving rookies jacked up haircuts has become quite the trend amongst hazing rituals, and nothing compares to what the Jaguars did to their rookies. But as we found out via Sports by Brooks through LenDale White’s twitter account, messed up haircuts are the best when they’re administered to star players. Check out a picture of Tim Tebow’s new haircut from the rookie hazing:

Well, if there was one benefit from the Broncos signing LenDale White, this was it. He just earned his pay.

Friar Tebow: Denver Rookie Gets Haircut Hazing [Sports by Brooks]
LenDale White on Twitter

On Second Thought, Pats Rookies Should Count Their Blessings

Earlier this week, we told you about the Patriots veterans giving rookies bad haircuts as one of their preferred methods of rookie hazing during training camp.  After seeing that, we couldn’t understand what Dez Bryant was so upset about.  Bryant wasn’t asked to carry several sets of pads like Travis Ivey and Tim Tebow, and he got to keep all of his hair.  After seeing the images above, I’ve decided the last place I’d want to be in America over the past week is the Jacksonville Jaguars training camp.

The Jags veterans have taken to shaving shapes of male private parts in the heads of their rookies, among other ridiculous designs.  Here are some pictures of the Jaguars rookies’ shaved heads, courtesy of Busted Coverage via Uche Nwaneri’s Twitter:

NFL D*** Haircut Rookie Hazing Photos: Jacksonville Jaguars Vet Uche Nwaneri Can Handle The Shears! [Busted Coverage]
Photo Credit: Uche Nwaneri on Twitter

Patriots Rookies Better Keep Their Heads on a Swivel

As you can probably tell by looking at the above photo, I’m not implying the New England Patriots rookies should keep their heads up so they don’t get flattened in training camp.  That would also be a smart idea, but in this case I’m advising them to stay on their toes so they don’t end up with a bad haircut.  These Patriots rookie shaved head pictures are an amusing example of the type of behavior that goes on across the NFL and has started quite the stir in Dallas.  I know Dez Bryant is already annoyed with the media coverage surrounding his refusal to carry Roy Williams’ shoulder pads, but if I were the Cowboys rookie I’d gladly do it if it meant keeping all my hair.

Of course, the Pats veterans are denying any type of hazing is going on in Foxboro.  Here’s what Matt Light had to say about the shaved heads, courtesy of Extra Points:

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