Little kid dresses as Johnny Manziel in his Scooby Doo costume for Halloween


Johnny Manziel is popular enough that he could easily be his own Halloween costume. The problem with dressing as a football player for Halloween is that it can be expensive and/or unidentifiable. Here, we have a fantastic solution.

Last year, Manziel dominated the Halloween scene by dressing as Scooby Doo and having girls flock all over him. As Clay Travis pointed out, Manziel chose to wear the same costume again this year. So what did the parents of the child you see above do? They dressed their son up as Johnny Manziel — as Scooby Doo — for Halloween. Genius.

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Floyd Mayweather, Lindsay Lohan partied together at Foxwoods for Halloween


Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Lindsay Lohan were the celebrity hosts at a Halloween party together on Thursday night. The bash was held at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. Lohan has been such a train wreck over the past several years that she probably could have gone as herself, but I must say she pulled off the “Carrie” look quite nicely. Mayweather went as Freddy Krueger.

According to TMZ, Mayweather invited Lohan into his private booth at one point and the two hung out like “old friends.” There was plenty of alcohol at the party as you might expect, which is interesting because Lohan has been in and out of rehab as of late due to a drinking problem. As TMZ pointed out, she got rid of her life coach last month and believes she can remain sober on her own.

There’s no reason to believe Lohan fell off the wagon. It sounds like she was just enjoying some good clean fun with The Money Team. Wait, clean fun with The Money Team? Hey, you never know.

Photo: Instagram/Floyd Mayweather

Urban Meyer went as Mike Ditka for Halloween


You may not recognize this man, which is what makes the costume so great. Believe it or not, the photo you see above is not just one of legendary Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka. That would be Ohio State coach Urban Meyer dressed as Da Bears legend.

If I can grow my hair out, dye it gray, gain 35 pounds and get my hands on a vintage Bears sweatshirt, I already have my Halloween costume idea for next year. Bravo, Urban.

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Photo: Twitter/Shelley Meyer (Urban’s wife)

Quincy Pondexter and Jon Leuer were White Men Can’t Jump for Halloween

Quincy Pondexter Jon Leuer

Memphis Grizzlies teammates Quincy Pondexter and Jon Leuer came through with one of the best Halloween costumes. The two went as Billy and Sidney and really nailed the costume. I mean Quincy had every detail covered. From the double tank to the knee pads/bike shorts and chain, he was on point. Love it, guys. Great effort.

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Photo: Instagram/Jon Leuer

Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon dressed as Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods for Halloween

Tony Kornheiser Mike Wilbon Lindsey Vonn Tiger Woods Halloween costume

The Tiger Woods-Lindsey Vonn Halloween costume has been a popular selection among couples this year, but nobody did it quite as well as PTI hosts Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon, who did their entire Thursday show in costume. The best part about those two charmers has to be Kornheiser in drag. That beard and mustache really puts a nice touch on things, Tony.

And the best part of all? Vonn saw the costumes and approved

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Photo: Twitter/PTI

Bill Belichick gets his pirate on for Halloween


Here’s a little-known fact about Bill Belichick — dude loves Halloween. No, seriously. The New England Patriots coach may seem like one of the most boring and intimidating men in sports, but he loves to cut loose and have a good time come October. We learned this several years ago during a segment on NFL Network’s “A Football Life” documentary, during which The Hoodie told Randy Moss he’d be honored to attend the team’s Halloween party.

That year, Belichick dressed as a pirate. That must be his costume of choice, because Belichick broke it out once again this year with the lovely Linda Holliday. Have you ever seen the legendary coach smile like that? How about like this?

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Christian Ponder and Samantha Steele go as Wendy Peffercorn and Squints from ‘The Sandlot’ for Halloween


Christian Ponder may not even be 1/1000th of the football player that Tom Brady is, but the Minnesota Vikings quarterback and his better half know how to do Halloween the right way. Earlier, we showed you the adorable little Wizard of Oz costumes Brady and Gisele broke out for their Halloween party. Meh — talk about unoriginal. Ponder and his wife Samantha Steele took it to another level.

Ponder and Steele went as Squints and Wendy Peffercorn. For those of you who don’t know, those are characters from the classic baseball movie “The Sandlot.” And also, shame on you if you didn’t.

The Halloween creativity is at an all-time high this year and we’re loving every second of it. We’re going to see plenty more costumes, but Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan are going to be incredibly difficult to top.

Photo: Instagram/Samantha Ponder
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