Bryce Harper dresses as clown for Halloween (Picture)

Bryce Harper is as serious as it gets on the field, but he proved he can have some fun off of it.

The Nationals phenom shared a picture over Twitter on Wednesday of what we believe is himself dressed as a clown for Halloween. The costume was a takeoff on the hilarious response Harper gave a Toronto reporter in June that went viral. “That’s a clown question, bro” soon became a beer and then a trademarked product by Under Armour. Now it’s a Halloween costume.

So which one looked better: this, or the last costume Harper wore?

Demaryius Thomas dressed as a replacement ref for Halloween (Picture)

Anyone who pays attention to sports had to know that replacement referee costumes would be popular this Halloween. However, you would have to be pretty bold to be an NFL star and go down that road, but Denver Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas clearly had no problem doing that recently.

As you can see from the photo above that Peter Burns shared with us on Twitter, Thomas went with the standard referee outfit and sunglasses but also threw a sign right on his chest to make sure the joke landed. A blind referee is a popular costume every year, but a replacement ref is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We couldn’t find the photo on Thomas’ Twitter page, so it seems possible that he deleted it.

While it was a ballsy move from Thomas, we’ll still have to rank his costume behind these fantastic Bobby Petrino outfits and Alex Morgan’s McKayla Maroney costume.

Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux dress as US gymnasts for Halloween (Pictures)

Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux of the US women’s national soccer team decided to trade cleats for leotards on Halloween. The soccer stars dressed as members of the US women’s gymnastics team.

Morgan, seen above giving her best “Not Impressed” face, went as US gymnast McKayla Maroney, while Leroux went as Gabby Douglas.

Below is a picture of Morgan and Leroux with a few other teammates:

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Bobby Petrino, Jessica Dorrell costumes are popular this Halloween (Pictures)

Arkansas fans are missing Bobby Petrino now that the football team is 3-4 without him as the head coach, but at least they’re able to have some laughs about the scandal that cost him his job. Above is a picture of an Arkansas couple who dressed up as Bobby Petrino and his motorcycle mistress, Jessica Dorrell, for a recent Halloween party.

The lady in the picture is Bridgette Walter, and she says she and her husband, Joey, dressed up as Petrino and Dorrell for what is sure to be a Halloween costume trend in Arkansas. They really nailed it perfectly, too.

Bridgette is rocking the blond wig to resemble Dorrell, and Joey has the neck brace, Arkansas hat with a curved bill, and Arkansas pullover like Petrino. The bruised and scraped face just completes the look perfectly.

Walter tells us her husband also dressed up as Petrino last Halloween, and she dressed as a referee to complement him. She says they decided to follow up on the Petrino costume this year.

Here’s what the real Petrino and Dorrell look like for comparison:

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Jimmer Fredette Loses All Remaining Bro Points by Dressing Up Like Dalmation

I don’t know of too many people who considered Jimmer Fredette to be a dude before this atrocity, but whatever bro points he may have had are now gone. We already had a pretty good idea that Jimmer was whipped by his girl, Whitney Wonnacott, but now it’s official.

Jimmer’s girl literally has him on a leash, and he’s now figuratively her bitch. Not a good look, Jimmer, even if it was for Halloween.

Chest bump to The Big Lead, picture via Whitney Wonnacott

Paul Pierce and Josh Hamilton Dressed as Buzz Lightyear: Who Wore it Better?

I have to give this one to Paul Pierce on account of his hood and gloves. Never underestimate the power of accessories. Although you have to hand it to Josh Hamilton — with his build, he sure fills out the costume well.

Pictures via @PaulPierce34, @KandJHamilton
H/T NESN, Rangers Blog

ASU QB Brock Osweiler Dressed as Coach Dennis Erickson for Halloween (Picture)

Of all the costumes we see across sports around Halloween, the ones that involve impersonations strike me as the funniest.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Andy Reid in a Jason mask is pretty creepy and I applaud him for the effort, but Arizona State’s Brock Osweiler has him beat.  Osweiler took the podium on Halloween dressed as his coach, Dennis Erickson, and pulled it off perfectly.  Check out this picture, courtesy of Lost Letterman via Arizona State’s Twitter:

Perfect execution there by Osweiler.  That’s the type of performance that can make you forget about a misspelled tattoo.