Shaq Dresses Up Like Girl as Shaqeeta and Is Scary Feminine

That was Shaq on Halloween Sunday looking straight up like a girl. He had the stuffed bra, wig, makeup, and heavy eye shadow going. Oh yeah, and he was bragging about the size of his breasts and booty, err, rather the size of Shaqeeta’s goodies.

Now if you really want the full experience, check out Shaqeeta rocking out to Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams:

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Halloween Winner: Tim Tebow Friar Tuck Costume with Real Shaved Head

Tim Tebow’s friar tuck cut was easily the best (worst?) example of rookie hazing in the NFL this year. Tebow was forced to get the haircut, but can you imagine that a Florida/Tim Tebow fan out there was so dedicated he actually got the friar tuck cut for a Halloween costume? Check out the pic via Only Gators:

Now that is dedication! Hopefully this guy won whatever contest his office was running … he certainly deserves it.

No surprise this was listed as the #5 sports costume on The Football Girl’s list via SI Hot Clicks.