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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Articles tagged: Hannah Davis

Derek Jeter and girlfriend Hannah Davis reportedly went Dutch on date

One of the benefits to dating a world-famous model — aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal — is that the woman makes plenty of money on her own. As such, you can split the bill on dates. Apparently that’s what Derek Jeter does at times. Jeter and his girlfriend Hannah Davis are vacationing in Italy,…Read More

Derek Jeter and girlfriend Hannah Davis having secret wedding?

All we really know about Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis is that they are dating. Rumors that the New York Yankees legend and his model girlfriend had gotten engaged last year turned out to be false — we think. Then we heard Jeter and Davis broke up earlier this year, but Davis was later spotted…Read More

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis reportedly had dinner with her parents

Just a few short months ago, Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis had reportedly agreed to go their separate ways. The rumor was that Jeter, who likes to keep his personal life as quiet as possible, was unhappy with Davis’ growing fame. Weeks later, the couple was back together after working through a rough patch. And…Read More

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis getting back together?

A few weeks after reporting that Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis had broken up, the New York Post’s Page Six now says the two are getting back together. Page Six says the couple hit a “rocky patch” a few months ago but like many other couples, they got back together and are trying to work…Read More

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis reportedly have broken up

Derek Jeter is a lifelong New York Yankee, but he may be heading into spring training as a free agent. The veteran shortstop has broken up with model Hannah Davis, who was his girlfriend for less than a year. The New York Post says the two have “gone their separate ways” and that part of…Read More

Derek Jeter not engaged to girlfriend Hannah Davis

Derek Jeter and model Hannah Davis are not engaged, the New York Daily News is now reporting. On Thursday, the Daily News hyped up photos of Davis wearing a gigantic ring on her left ring finger, leading them to suspect that the Yankees shortstop had popped the question. A day later, they threw a bucket…Read More

Hannah Davis out with Derek Jeter, wearing engagement ring?

New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is better than any pro athlete at keeping his personal life under wraps, but it’s tough to hide a diamond ring. Is that what the captain’s girlfriend Hannah Davis is wearing in the photo you see above? The NY Daily News posted some more close-up photos of Davis’ hand,…Read More

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