Hannah Hunsinger – woman who fell on ice – is a Kings Ice Girl

Hannah Hunsinger ice girl Kings

The biggest mistake Hannah Hunsinger ever made wasn’t wearing high heels on the ice after the Kings won the Stanley Cup on Friday night. Nope. Not at all.

It was giving NBC LA her full name, which then attached her most embarrassing moment ever with her name and allowed us to track her down.

Hunsinger made it onto viral blooper reels by wearing heels and predictably slipping and falling on ice. She was interviewed by NBC LA afterwards, where her claim to fame was “fell on ice.” That’s probably the tag line she envisioned for herself when she graduated high school and was full of all sorts of big dreams.

Hannah Hunsinger

As far as we can tell, Hunsinger is 21 or 22 and from San Diego. She is a Kings Ice Girl and even appeared in the team calendar:

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