Haley Ellen Hunt says Clemson soccer hazing led to brain injury

Clemson-logoFormer Clemson soccer player Haley Ellen Hunt has filed a lawsuit against players, coaches and university administration claiming that she suffered serious injuries during a hazing incident that have had a lasting effect on her health. The incident, which occurred in August 2011, allegedly left Hunt with a brain injury.

According to the lawsuit that was obtained by Screamer, Hunt claims she was a freshman when the elder players on the team blindfolded her, spun her in circles and told her to sprint as fast as she could. She ended up sprinting directly into a brick wall.

Hunt claims her teammates knew she was headed for the wall but told her to run faster anyway. She says she crashed face-first into the wall and fell back into a table, suffering injuries to her brain, face, head and hands. One player described Hunt’s impact with the wall as the sound of “metal hitting metal.” The impact allegedly left her unconscious.

Hunt was taken to the locker room by a few teammates after suffering the injuries. While some players felt that she needed an ambulance, assistant coach Siri Mullinix supposedly called the team’s trainer to the scene instead and instructed the players not to speak of what had happened. Hunt was bandaged by the team trainer and never taken to the hospital.

Hunt suffered a concussion, lacerations to her hands and face, bruises and two black eyes that she says lasted two weeks. She now has to undergo regular neurological treatment, has impaired vision and takes medication daily. A concussion specialist told Hunt that she has “substantial decreased cognitive function” and that she should no longer play soccer.

Even worse, Hunt alleges Clemson has covered the incident up, only launching an “investigation” after her parents consistently demanded it and not punishing anyone when the investigation was complete. The school reportedly told the soccer team to go about hazing in a “better way” in the future.

What’s with women’s collegiate soccer and the hardcore hazing?

New Mexico women’s soccer hazing allegations include stripping, urine splashing

New-Mexico-LobosSeveral members of the University of New Mexico women’s soccer team claim they were brutally hazed by teammates on Sunday night. According to KOB 4 News, one of the victims ended up in the hospital after someone called 911 to report the incident.

One victim’s parent told KOB that their daughter said the team’s freshman players were forced to strip naked and drink dangerous amounts of alcohol. They were also allegedly “sprayed” with urine. At least one victim’s family has reportedly hired an attorney.

A number of UNM students said they were shocked by the allegations, including volleyball player Keaton Alley, who described the women’s soccer team as a “really close-knit team.” Another unnamed student said she or he is familiar with a lot of the players on the team.

“I know a lot of the soccer girls, and I’m surprised that any of them would even do that to someone,” the student told KOB.

New Mexico is one of just six US states without any anti-hazing laws, though that does not mean any claims of hazing would be ignored. Forcing teenagers to drink large amounts of alcohol and splashing urine on them would go well beyond the realm of playful initiation antics.

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Jazz give Trey Burke the pregame rookie treatment (GIF)

Trey-Burke-Jazz-prankUtah Jazz point guard Trey Burke made his NBA debut on Wednesday night. The former Michigan star missed the first 12 games of the season with a finger injury. The Jazz won only one of those games, so they desperately need him back. That doesn’t mean they’re giving Burke a break when it comes to rookie hazing.

Before they took the court against the New Orleans Pelicans, the Jazz let Burke lead them onto the floor. Burke jogged out from the tunnel area and realized after a few seconds that none of his teammates were with him. Instead, they were all pointing and laughing.

Given all the stuff that has gone down with the Miami Dolphins recently, it’s nice to see that light-hearted hazing still exists. It’s not all bad.

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Utah Jazz rookies paint their nails sparkly pink for hazing


The Utah Jazz rookies fell victim to some classic NBA rookie hazing earlier this week, which is usually pretty light in nature. Basketball hazing can include everything from wearing a children’s backpack to getting punked out over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For the Jazz, it involved taking a trip to the nail salon.

I’m sure Utah rookies Rudy Gobert and Ian Clark didn’t actually go to the salon, but it’s more fun to pretend they did. As you can see, the rookies got their nails painted different shades of sparkly pink. The only thing that could make this better is if Gobert and Clark had to play with the nail polish on Sunday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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High school baseball players suspended for hazing that reportedly involved biting

Fake-teethHazing in high school sports is something that should never be tolerated. For the most part, we hear a lot of the same stories when it comes to older students mistreating younger players. However, every now and then the bullying involves something incredibly bizarre like biting.

That’s right, biting. According to The Times in Trenton, four Florence High School baseball players have been suspended for their alleged involvement in a hazing ritual that involved biting a younger player. The team’s head coach, Joseph Frappolli Jr., is also under investigation by the school’s administration.

Two sources familiar with the incident say it took place two weeks ago, when at least one sub-varsity player was restrained by other members of the team and bitten several times. Some of the bites were reportedly severe enough to break the younger player’s skin. One of the sources said the biting is a ritual that has been going on with the school’s baseball team for “years.”

Very few details about the situation have been disclosed at this time due to school policy, but it was allegedly reported by a friend of the abused player — not a parent.

“It was team misconduct,” Florence Township Superintendent of Schools Donna Ambrosius said. “We will not tolerate this kind of activity. The players have not been with the team since they were pulled when the incident was reported. We would like to try and get the team back together and move forward, but only if we know the students are safe.”

The district is still in the process of interviewing players, coaches and students who may know anything about the hazing ritual. We have heard of high school hazing rituals that involve sexual violence and disgusting games, but biting has to be up there with one of the most bizarre.

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Bronx high school track team members charged with violent sexual abuse for disturbing hazing

Bronx-high-school-track-hazingThree track team members from the Bronx High School of Science have been charged with violent sexual abuse after they allegedly hazed a younger student in disturbing fashion. According to CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez, the three students have been charged as adults with forcible touching, assault, hazing in the second degree and harassment.

The suspects were all teammates of the alleged victim’s and have been identified as as Thomas Brady, 16; Boubacar Diallo, 16; and Pier Berkmans, 17. The victim said his teammates began assaulting him in December when one of them allegedly told him, “You need a good fingering, you freshman,” and proceeded to penetrate him through his clothing.

In January, the victim says the suspects threatened to rape him if he did not allow them to touch him sexually. The boy also said he was held down and sexually assaulted and that the older boys struck him in the genitals with water bottles. According to the complaint, the most recent attack took place last week when the victim was held on the ground and sexually assaulted. He said he told the assaulters they were hurting him, to which one responded, “Don’t resist, we won’t hurt you.”

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High school soccer players reportedly expelled for hazing involving urine, feces

santa margaritaThree varsity soccer players were expelled from Santa Margarita Catholic High School (Calif.) for hazing younger players during a team trip to Hawaii, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The boys’ soccer team traveled to Honolulu in late December to play some top Hawaiian teams. After they returned home Jan. 4, a complaint was filed with the Honolulu police. The Orange County Register says the Honolulu police asked the Orange County Sheriff’s department to help investigate the complaint.

According to CBS2, the hazing was meant to be an initiation for younger players. They say the hazing involved players being urinated on and hit with a bag of feces that would explode on impact.

CBS2 says there were at least four victims, and that the parents of the young boys contacted the school after they learned of the incidents.

Rancho Santa Margarita Patch says the team won its three games in Hawaii.

You can watch CBS2’s report on the story below:

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