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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker supports Donald Trump’s candidacy for president

Last month, Curt Schilling made it known he would not be supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy for president after his comments about Arizona senator John McCain. Trump does, however, have the support of former NFL running back Herschel Walker. While Walker is not in favor of all of Trump’s stances on various issues, Walker apparently feels…Read More

Herschel Walker still runs a 4.35 40, wants to do NFL comeback

Herschel Walker, who may or may not be a bionic man created by scientists looking to make the most indestructible human specimen of all time, says that he still can run a 4.35 40 and play professional football. Walker joined “Boomer & Carton” on WFAN and said there is no doubt that at 53, he…Read More

Herschel Walker: I could still play in NFL at age 52

Former NFL running back Herschel Walker believes that his title could be “current NFL running back” Herschel Walker if he really wanted. Walker, who is now 52, made two Pro Bowls during his NFL career. He has remained in tremendous shape with mixed martial arts training and was even interested in wrestling at one point,…Read More

Herschel Walker Interested in Wrestling too

Herschel Walker won his second career MMA fight in January despite being 48 years old (he turned 49 on March 3rd). The legendary athlete won the Heisman Trophy at Georgia in 1982, was a two-time USFL rushing leader, had half a team traded for him in the NFL, and is now a good MMA fighter….Read More

Herschel Walker Eyes NFL Comeback

Leading up to his second professional MMA fight on Saturday, Herschel Walker expressed that he wants make a comeback to the NFL. The 48-year-old, who last played for the Cowboys in 1997, came back into the spotlight a year ago when he dominated his first MMA fight against Greg Nagy. It sounds like the 1982…Read More

Video: Herschel Walker Wins MMA Debut in Fight with Greg Nagy

Although Herschel Walker is 12 years past the ending of his football career, Saturday evening marked the beginning of his new career: fighting in MMA. Walker made his mixed martial arts debut on the Strikeforce Miami card, taking on Greg Nagy. Walker was in incredible shape — as always — and he dominated almost every…Read More

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