High School Coach Jason Bresnan Allegedly Put Bounty on Opposing Player

The more we hear about coaches and organizations paying players, the more desensitized we become.  Over the past few years we have come to the conclusion that paying college athletes is extremely common practice.  Whether it’s paying a player to attend your school or giving them a grand for having two sacks in a game, money flows around certain programs like a Las Vegas casino.

When we hear about this type of activity in a high school program, however, it is slightly more alarming.  According to PhillyBlurbs.com via Fan Phooey Jason Bresnen, an assistant football coach at Morrisville High School in Pennsylvania, has been accused of placing a $100 bounty on an opposing player’s head.  The allegations have caused the defensive coordinator to resign, although he insists he “never would tell a kid to deliberately hurt another player.”

The reports claim Bresnen told his team he would offer any player $100 to knock out New Hope-Solebury’s star player.  Bresnen, on the other hand, claims he only said the following: ““I told them that if you continue to hit (the player) and gang tackle him, I’ll bet you $100 that we will wear him down.”

Yes, that does sound like something a coach might say.  But unless someone has a personal vendetta against the D-coordinator it is highly unlikely anyone could confuse that statement with placing an actual bounty on someone’s head.  Now we can only wonder whether or not the Hope-Solebury player fluffed it off Chris Rix style.

Arkansas High School Senior Darrick Strzelecki Practices with Snake In Helmet

Anyone who has experience with high school football knows things can get pretty hectic during the summer months.  Between football camps, two-a-day practices, and sweltering heat, it can be tough to keep track of what is going on around you.  Gravette High School Senior Darrick Strzelecki likely understands that now more than he ever has.

When Strzelecki felt a strange feeling in his helmet during practice last week, he chalked it up to a tangled lock of hair or sweat piling up underneath his helmet.  When the team broke for a 15 minute rest, Strzelecki took his helmet off and saw what he initially thought was a rubber snake planted as a prank.  The 10-12 inch snake was not rubber.

“I kept hitting, and it just kept bothering me,” Strzelecki told the Benton County Daily Record via Off the Bench. “It looked like a rubber snake, and I thought somebody had pulled a practical joke on me. When I grabbed it by the tail, that’s when it jerked, and I dropped the helmet.”

Strzelecki said it freaked him out throughout the rest of practice and he felt like there was still something crawling inside his helmet.  That is no mindset to be in on a football field, so that sucks for him.  One thing’s for sure: that kid will probably never put a helmet on again without removing all the padding and making sure nothing is living inside of it.  Who can blame him?

Check out some other strange incidences involving animals and sports here.

Notre Dame and Hamilton Chandler to Play High School Football Game in Ireland

In case you didn’t already know that high school football was a big deal in certain parts of the country (read this and this), an announcement on Thursday cemented things. Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, CA had said back in December they were going to play their 2012 opener in Ireland, and it’s official that they will be playing Hamilton High School of Chandler, Arizona.

Notre Dame has been fundraising to prepare for the trip because they plan to send 75 players and coaches, 100 band members, and 12 cheerleaders to Dublin for the game. Notre Dame is estimating the cost of the trip to be $2,500 per person factoring in roundtrip airfare, lodging, transportation, and meals. The high school will be participating in the Emerald Isle Classic the day before Notre Dame and Navy meet in college football on September 1st and everyone making the trip will also attend that game.

Notre Dame was only 2-8 last season but they’re generally one of the strongest teams in Southern California. Hamilton was 15-0 last year and won its third straight state title. This game won’t be for a year and a half, so both teams will be drastically different by then.

Pictured: Former Notre Dame High QB Dayne Crist via Flicker

High Schooler Marky Thompkins Hurdles an Upright Defender (Video)

It appears we’re in the midst of a freak athleticism epidemic across the nation, particularly with regard to football players hurdling defenders.  Looks like the hurdle is starting to become as common as the spin move.  A little over a week ago we showed you a Kentucky recruit leap clean over a defender who was standing on both feet waiting to make a tackle.  On Saturday, South Carolina running back Brian Maddox did the same and kicked the defender in the head in the process.

It’s instances like the Maddox hurdle that have led to the acrobatic maneuver being deemed an illegal one in many high school conferences.  While the play may not have stood, because rules prevent a runner from hurdling a player who has one or two feet on the ground under OHSAA regulations, East Liverpool High School’s Marky Thompkins hurdle video is still amazing to watch.  Check it out:

H/T to Deadspin for the video

California Has Most Players in NFL, Louisiana Most Per Capita

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love a fun, territorial argument when it comes to sports. Being from LA, I will defend the Pac-10 til death, argue that Southern California has the best baseball, and claim there is an East Coast bias regardless of sport. I’ll also tell you that we have some pretty darn good high school football. The stats back it up.

Based on a review of all the rosters on the opening weekend of the NFL season, California produced the most players at 211. Texas was second with 181, and Florida was third at 177.

Per capita, Louisiana (68 out of 4.46 million), Mississippi (37 out of 2.84 million), and Hawaii (15 out of 1.21 million) have produced the most NFL players. The other states that have the most players in the NFL currently per capita are D.C., South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Montana.

As for individual high schools, Woodland Hills High School in Pittsburgh, PA is the most accomplished, having six of its former students in the NFL (Steve Breaston, Rob Gronkowski, Ryan Mundy, Lousaka Polite, Shawntae Spencer, and Jason Taylor). Three other schools have five players.

Maurice Jones-Drew, Derek Landri, T.J. Ward, D.J. Williams, and Jackie Bates all went to Northern California powerhouse De La Salle in Concord. Ted Ginn, Antwaun Molden, Robert Rose, Troy Smith, and Donte Whitner all went to Glenville High School in Cleveland. The other top school is St. Thomas Aquinas in Ft. Lauderdale. They’ve produce Geno Atkins, Jeremy Cain, Tavares Gooden, Major Wright, and Sam Young.

14 schools have four players each in the NFL. Because I’m regionally biased, I’ll list the ones that matter to me: Dorsey in LA, Los Alamitos, Tustin, and Vista all from California have four each.

If this post wasn’t informative and interesting enough for you, then at the least hopefully it’s a nice piece of trivia that can win you a drink at the bar.

Forward Progress Anyone?

Sports trivia:  what’s the difference between the following video of a high school football player running the wrong way and throwing the ball behind him and the play where DeSean Jackson flipped the ball up in the air before he crossed the goal line?  If you said, “Jackson was happy when he threw the ball whereas the high schooler was frightened,” you’re absolutely right.  Hilarious video courtesy of Out of Bounds via YouTube user Obamaallah:

Morning Tweet: Worst rushing play ever? [Out of Bounds]
Video Credit: YouTube user Obamaallah

High School Rivals to Play Out Rest of 1993 Game that Ended in Tie

My buddy Robert DoBucki shared this story with me and I was just stunned when I read it. This is just like the worst thing that could ever happen to someone who’s still trying to live out their high school dreams. Take me for example — you can’t give a dude like me a baseball again, we gotta let go at some point. That apparently isn’t the case for Phillipsburg High of New Jersey and Easton Area High of Pennsylvania. The schools have played against each other on Thanksgiving Day every year since 1906 with the winner receiving “The Fork of the Delaware” trophy (the towns are separated by the Delaware River). So in 1993 the game apparently ended in a 7-7 tie since there was no overtime. I guess someone had the brilliant idea of settling the score from the ’93 game:

The gridiron grudge match will be played this weekend. There will be no ties this time around. They’re even breaking a century-old Turkey Day tradition, all in the name of who gets the bragging rights from that night so many years ago.

“Typically, you don’t get second chances in life. And to get this kind of second chance means the world to both sides of the river,” {Phillipsburg coach Bruce] Smith said.

We can thank Gatorade for organizing the replay of the game, and arranging for Peyton and Eli Manning to serve as honorary coaches. As hard as it may be to believe, ten thousand tickets for the dinosaur show sold in 90 minutes. I think they should invite Uncle Rico to do the honorary coin toss.