HS player Marvey’o Otey makes insane behind-the-back shot while saving ball (Video)

Marveyo-Otey-amazing-shotA high school basketball player from William Byrd High School in Virginia recently made one of the best and most improbable plays you will ever see in your life. Marvey’o Otey chased down an errant pass from a teammate and somehow saved it from going out of bounds. And when I say saved it, I mean Otey saved it by tossing it directly into the hoop.

Otey caught up to the ball and flung it behind his back before his momentum took him through the gymnasium doors and out of the gym. I don’t know if he was intentionally throwing the ball at the hoop or not, but it doesn’t matter.

You want to outdo Otey? Pull off the same shot, only have it be a game-winning buzzer-beater. That’s the only way you’re going to top it.

Video via The Big Lead

Girls high school basketball players suspended for throwing up ‘shocker’ in senior picture


Three young ladies from Farmington (Ill.) High School were recently suspended for flashing a certain symbol during their basketball team’s senior photo. That symbol, which many of you are likely familiar with, is known as the “shocker.”

If you don’t know what the shocker is, you can consult urban dictionary. We’re not going to explain it because we like to keep things as PG-13 as we can. School administration decided to suspend the girls for the stunt, and at least one of them seemed to get a charge out of it. She sent some tweets about the suspension and deleted them, but not before Barstool Sports was able to capture a screenshot.

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High school water polo player pushes opponent into pool during handshakes (Video)

Water-Polo-shoveDoes this type of thing happen all the time? I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know a damn thing about water polo — let alone high school water polo — but this video infatuates me.

According to the Miami Herald, there was a lot of “physical play” during a recent state championship match between St. Thomas Aquinas and Belen Jesuit. That apparently spilled over into the handshake line after the match, where a Belen player was seen shoving an Aquinas player into the pool.

Am I stunned that a player shoved another player into the pool like that? Not really. What does strike me as hilarious is that no one even flinched when it happened. The two dudes behind the one who got tossed just kept doing what they were doing and pretended like the kid jumped into the pool on his own because his leg was on fire or something. Actually, if his leg was on fire there probably would have been some enthusiasm from his teammates.

This isn’t the first time we have seen funny business in the handshake line (see: coach tripping 13-year-old player) and it won’t be the last. That being said, the delayed reaction makes me believe this is standard procedure for water polo. Someone pisses you off, you push them in the pool after the match — it’s that simple.

H/T Deadspin

High school baseball players suspended for hazing that reportedly involved biting

Fake-teethHazing in high school sports is something that should never be tolerated. For the most part, we hear a lot of the same stories when it comes to older students mistreating younger players. However, every now and then the bullying involves something incredibly bizarre like biting.

That’s right, biting. According to The Times in Trenton, four Florence High School baseball players have been suspended for their alleged involvement in a hazing ritual that involved biting a younger player. The team’s head coach, Joseph Frappolli Jr., is also under investigation by the school’s administration.

Two sources familiar with the incident say it took place two weeks ago, when at least one sub-varsity player was restrained by other members of the team and bitten several times. Some of the bites were reportedly severe enough to break the younger player’s skin. One of the sources said the biting is a ritual that has been going on with the school’s baseball team for “years.”

Very few details about the situation have been disclosed at this time due to school policy, but it was allegedly reported by a friend of the abused player — not a parent.

“It was team misconduct,” Florence Township Superintendent of Schools Donna Ambrosius said. “We will not tolerate this kind of activity. The players have not been with the team since they were pulled when the incident was reported. We would like to try and get the team back together and move forward, but only if we know the students are safe.”

The district is still in the process of interviewing players, coaches and students who may know anything about the hazing ritual. We have heard of high school hazing rituals that involve sexual violence and disgusting games, but biting has to be up there with one of the most bizarre.

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Michigan HS team recreates Duke’s Christian Laettner play, and it works (Video)

Hudsonville-Christian-Laettner-playWhen Hudsonville High School (Mich.) found itself trailing by two points with only 1.5 seconds left on Monday night, it looked as if their hopes for advancing to the Regional Title game had all but disappeared. They had just about enough time left on the clock for a catch-and-shoot, but considering they were inbounding the ball from their own baseline the task seemed impossible.

Unless, of course, the Eagles could replicate one of the most famous sports plays in history. As you can see from the video above, Hudsonville was able to do exactly that and force overtime (score in the video is wrong) against the Forest Hills Northern Huskies. They pulled off Duke’s legendary Christian Laettner play to perfection. Brent Hibbits launched the ball 75 feet to Cody Stuive, who turned around and nailed the jumper.

“I just freaked out,” Stuive told FOX 17 in Michigan. “I just ran to the bench and was giving people hugs. Then I realized that now we have to win in overtime.”

It wasn’t all luck, either. Hudsonville head coach Eric Elliot called a timeout just before the play to make sure his players were on the same page as him.

“At that point you’re thinking with one-and-a-half seconds it doesn’t sound like a lot of time,” said Elliott. “In basketball-talk, you catch and you got one dribble. So it was just how do we get it into our guy’s hands within the three-point line so we can get a clean shot up.”

If we’ve learned anything from shots like this, this and the one that Hudsonville pulled off, it’s that some of the best buzzer-beaters come at the high school level. Perhaps the most amazing part about the feat was that the Eagles were able to refocus and win the game in overtime. Hudsonville will take on Muskedon for the Regional Title on Wednesday night.

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Bronx high school track team members charged with violent sexual abuse for disturbing hazing

Bronx-high-school-track-hazingThree track team members from the Bronx High School of Science have been charged with violent sexual abuse after they allegedly hazed a younger student in disturbing fashion. According to CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez, the three students have been charged as adults with forcible touching, assault, hazing in the second degree and harassment.

The suspects were all teammates of the alleged victim’s and have been identified as as Thomas Brady, 16; Boubacar Diallo, 16; and Pier Berkmans, 17. The victim said his teammates began assaulting him in December when one of them allegedly told him, “You need a good fingering, you freshman,” and proceeded to penetrate him through his clothing.

In January, the victim says the suspects threatened to rape him if he did not allow them to touch him sexually. The boy also said he was held down and sexually assaulted and that the older boys struck him in the genitals with water bottles. According to the complaint, the most recent attack took place last week when the victim was held on the ground and sexually assaulted. He said he told the assaulters they were hurting him, to which one responded, “Don’t resist, we won’t hurt you.”

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High school student Justine Betti secretly videotapes gym teacher stealing from students in locker room (Video)

Gym-teacher-stealingLinden High School (Calif.) sophomore Justine Betti suspected that something had to be wrong when several of her classmates noticed things were missing from their backpacks after gym class throughout the school year, so she decided to take action. According to ABC News 10, Betti suspected someone had been stealing money and other items from backpacks. She decided to set up a hidden camera in the locker room and was surprised with her findings.

In early February, Betti hid a camera inside a locker and discovered that the culprit was the gym teacher. She later hid two cameras inside separate lockers to capture multiple angles on a different day, and the videos clearly showed the teacher going through backpacks and taking what appeared to be money.

“After all the kids left she stayed in there and went through people’s backpacks,” Betti said. “I saw her take money and then I told people and nobody believed me. Something needed to be done. Like, that’s not ok.”

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