Oregon High Schooler Taylor Travess Compares Win to ‘Losing Your Virginity’

When high school players have microphones in their faces, they typically don’t know what to say.  The art of giving an interview is an acquired skill.  Even college players oftentimes have trouble with postgame press conferences (see: Holloway, Tu). What are we saying? Half the professionals don’t know what they’re doing, either.  The bottom line is it’s extremely rare to see a high school athlete just kill it with a microphone in front of him after a big win, but that’s exactly what Springfield High’s Taylor Travess did after his 19-point performance last week.

“It felt like losing your virginity, honestly,” Travess said when asked about the win according to the Springfield Times in Oregon.

Tell me this kid didn’t get it done.  The Springfield Millers are not very good.  They are a mere 2-10 on the season and their win over South Eugene was their first conference victory of the year.  With that in mind, you can see why Travess was so excited after racking up 19 points in the big game.  Could he have described it any better? I think not. Kid clearly has a gift.

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Video: High School Player Tries to Save Ball Going Out of Bounds, Makes Three-Pointer on His Own Hoop

You think he could do that again if he tried? As you can see, Glenwood High School sophomore Daniel Helm pulled off a miraculous shot during a recent game.  The only problem is he didn’t do it on purpose.  What is even more of a problem is that he accidentally scored a three-pointer for the opponent.  Helm made a hustle play and saved the ball in bounds, but he tossed it a bit too far and high and ended up throwing it right in the hoop. Talk about a one-in-a-million shot.

Fortunately Helm was laughing it off, so I’m guessing this wasn’t a make or break shot that cost his team the game or anything like that.  What do you think is more impressive: shots like this one and this one where luck is involved but the person intends to sink them or one like Helm’s that is just a complete fluke?  In my opinion, this one is more fun to watch.

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High School Makes Fans Remove Shoes to Avoid Damaging New Gym Floor

Even when I had brand new hardwood floors installed in my house and it was raining outside, I didn’t feel comfortable asking people to take their shoes off when they came in the door.  “It’s only dirty water,” I thought to myself.  Apparently the folks at Los Angeles University Senior High School feel differently about their floors.  According to the LA Times, fans who attended a volleyball game in the school’s gym last week were asked to remove their shoes upon entering.

Boys’ basketball coach Steve Ackerman said the school is “being extra cautious” after just opening their new gym.  If you ask me, extra cautious would be relocating the event to another venue.  How can you make families of athletes and fans take of their shoes just to come into the gym and watch a volleyball match?

What if someone had a foot odor problem? Are they supposed to just leave?  These are the questions.

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High School Hockey Players Skip Prom for Hockey Tournament

If you are the romantic type and you read the above headline, you would probably have some sort of reaction like, “That’s just awful.”  However, since you are reading a sports blog it is probably safe to assume you’re more like me.  What that means is you probably read the headline of this post and thought to yourself, “Yeah, so what?”

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High School Pole Vaulter Evan Barr Says Curse Word, Costs Team State Title

Loyola High pole vaulter Evan Barr only needed to clear his final height in order to win an individual state title at the California state track and field meet on Saturday.  All the Los Angeles product needed to do to ensure that his team won a state title was to remain quiet after he failed to clear that final height.  Unfortunately, emotions got the best of him, and Barr made a mistake that ended up costing his team a state title.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Barr shouted a curse word after he missed his final jump and was disqualified because of it.  Had he not used a “profanity,” Barr would have finished in a tie for third place and given his team enough to win the state boys’ championship.

“He uttered a profanity out of frustration, and the officials thought it was significant to disqualify him,” Coach Mike Porterfield said. “He apologized immediately after he said it.”

Hal Harkness, the state rules interpreter, added that contestants “can’t be profane in a competitive area” and called Barr’s reaction “an unfortunate lapse in judgment.”

Apparently that would be an understatement.  This is one of those instances where the most simple approach to take would be the “rules are rules” approach.  The circumstances are obviously different from collegiate or professional athletics given that it happened at a high school event, but this still seems a bit harsh.  Barr wasn’t cursing at an official or an opponent.  He was simply frustrated that he screwed up.  On the other hand, you can’t make exceptions to the rules based on circumstances — especially when dealing with high schoolers.  One things for sure: Evan Barr will probably behave like he’s in church during athletic competition from here on in, and we’re left wondering what’s a bigger injustice, that or this.

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Austin Glorius Ties High School Record with Five Home Runs and 17 RBIs

Windermere Prep senior Austin Glorius had a game befitting his last name on Thursday against Faith Christian. His team won 38-0 in a clear mismatch, and Glorius had a contest for the ages.

The senior tied a national record belting five home runs and driving in 17 runs. He actually would have had 18 ribbies but a runner was called out for not touching a base in the 5th.

Curious how one amasses five homers and 17 RBIs in a game? The Orlando Sentinel says he walked and hit a three-run homer in the first inning. He followed with a grand slam and two-run double in the second, a grand slam in the third, and two-run homers in the fourth and fifth.

I’m sure his competition was extremely weak — as the 38-0 score indicates — but a player has to be extremely locked in to put up those kinds of stats. I mean we’ve seen Mike Moustakas drive in 11 runs in a minor league game and Bryce Harper hit four dingers in a game, but 17 RBIs is special. Congrats to Glorius on the impressive performance.

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High School Basketball Player Attacks, Bodyslams Ref (Video)

You think the notoriously insane Ron Artest gets heated up when an NBA ref makes a call against him? Ron has nothing on the Desoto County, Fla. high school player who decided to attack a referee after being assessed a technical and ejected from the game. We’ve seen things like inadvertent head butts and even times when a player gets carried away and shoves a ref or umpire, but seeing a player deliberately attack a zebra is pretty rare. Check out this video of a high school basketball player attacking a ref, courtesy of The Big Lead:

That kid obviously has some serious mental problems, and he’s going to have some serious legal problems if he’s 18 or older.  That’s blatant assault and battery, no matter how you cut it.  Poor sportsmanship taken to a new level.