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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Articles tagged: high school sports

Oregon High Schooler Taylor Travess Compares Win to ‘Losing Your Virginity’

When high school players have microphones in their faces, they typically don’t know what to say.  The art of giving an interview is an acquired skill.  Even college players oftentimes have trouble with postgame press conferences (see: Holloway, Tu). What are we saying? Half the professionals don’t know what they’re doing, either.  The bottom line…Read More

High School Makes Fans Remove Shoes to Avoid Damaging New Gym Floor

Even when I had brand new hardwood floors installed in my house and it was raining outside, I didn’t feel comfortable asking people to take their shoes off when they came in the door.  “It’s only dirty water,” I thought to myself.  Apparently the folks at Los Angeles University Senior High School feel differently about…Read More

High School Hockey Players Skip Prom for Hockey Tournament

If you are the romantic type and you read the above headline, you would probably have some sort of reaction like, “That’s just awful.”  However, since you are reading a sports blog it is probably safe to assume you’re more like me.  What that means is you probably read the headline of this post and…Read More

High School Basketball Player Attacks, Bodyslams Ref (Video)

You think the notoriously insane Ron Artest gets heated up when an NBA ref makes a call against him? Ron has nothing on the Desoto County, Fla. high school player who decided to attack a referee after being assessed a technical and ejected from the game. We’ve seen things like inadvertent head butts and even…Read More

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