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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: high school sports

High School Basketball Player Attacks, Bodyslams Ref (Video)

You think the notoriously insane Ron Artest gets heated up when an NBA ref makes a call against him? Ron has nothing on the Desoto County, Fla. high school player who decided to attack a referee after being assessed a technical and ejected from the game. We’ve seen things like inadvertent head butts and even…Read More

Where Was Ron Artest for this Brawl?

Ladies and gentleman, I present you Montgomery Alabama’s finest: That massacre prevented a 4A playoff game between Montgomery’s G.W. Carver High School and Valley High from even finishing. I just wanna know who the pussies in the first rows of the stands were, and what their reasoning for failing to mob the court was. What…Read More

Micah Grimes Fired for Unapologetically Beating Dallas Academy 100-0

The original title in working was, “Beat a School 100-0 and You Will Be Fired.” Only problem was that’s not entirely representative of the truth. Micah Grimes has been fired by the Covenant School in Dallas in the wake of his team’s 100-0 win over Dallas Academy. Dallas Academy apparently is well-known for its work…Read More

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