Hilary Duff Sends Naked Pics to Pittsburgh Penguin Mike Comrie

Actress/singer/large-toothed person Hilary Duff admits that she frequently sends naked cell phone snaps to her NHL husband, Pittsburgh Penguin forward Mike Comrie.

“Oh boy I’m going to get in trouble… I send [nude] pictures but never with my face in them,” Duff admits. “Gotta keep it fun, gotta keep it interesting. He knows better than to show his hockey buddies or forward them. We are married you know.”

I hate to burst her bubble, but if she keeps her face out of the picture, then Mike is DEFINITELY going to be showing his teammates because they won’t know it’s her.

Wait, but then they might think he’s cheating—and professional athletes never do that. I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. My bad.


An Engagement in Hawaii … Real Original

The last time I thought about Hilary Duff I was wondering if she was legal. Now she’s getting engaged? My how kids grow up! The news of Duff’s engagement to hockey player Mike Comrie was revealed to me on Jimmy Traina’s twitter feed via People:

“Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie were engaged this weekend while vacationing in Hawaii,” rep Nanci Ryder said Friday. “After having been together for over two years, they are very excited to share this happy news. They are thankful for all of your warm wishes.”

Well, that makes two people who care about hockey in the U.S. considering Carrie Underwood’s fiance plays for the Senators. I don’t know how the whole hockey beau thing came along but hopefully it inspires more of America’s youth to take up the sport. And at joyous times likes these I must take it upon myself to remind us that if Comrie were truly worth something in hockey terms then he’d be in Vancouver this weekend playing for Team Canada instead of vacationing in Hawaii. Best of luck to the young lovers!