Justin Johnson knocked out John Scott in fight (GIF)

Justin-Johnson-knocks-out-John-ScottThe NHL season is just about over, but New York Islanders rookie Justin Johnson may have snuck in the knockout of the year on Sunday. The 33-year-old Johnson, who was appearing in just his second NHL game, landed a punch square to the face of Buffalo Sabres forward John Scott.

As you can see, Scott towers over Johnson. He is 6-foot-8 whereas Johnson is just 6-foot-1, but it didn’t seem to matter. The fight looked even at first and Scott landed a couple of shots before Johnson landed and incredible knockout punch that would make any boxing trainer proud.

Talk about making your presence felt.

GIF via @PeteBlackburn

Brawl breaks out during NYPD-FDNY charity hockey game (Video)

Family, fans and supporters who attended the annual charity hockey game between New York City’s firefighters and police officers on Sunday were treated to a benches-clearing brawl that was worth the price of admission. With the score tied 3-3 in the second period at the Nassau Coliseum, a series of one-on-one fights turned into an all-out melee.

Referees tried to break up several individual fights, but there was simply too much going on. The game was delayed for 25 minutes as gloves and sticks were picked up off the ice and penalties were handed out.


“It was reminiscent of the old-time Rangers-Flyers games in the mid-70s,” one NYPD officer who watched the game from the stands told the NY Post. “I was waiting for [legendary Philadelphia Flyers enforcer] Dave Schultz to come out on the ice.”

The brawl must have lit a fire under the cops, because the NYPD went on to win the game 8-5. The FDNY had won the previous five matchups heading into Sunday. The officer who spoke to the Post said he had been attending the game for 20 years and that was the first bench-clearing brawl he has ever seen. There are some more videos of the action below:

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Michal Rozsival accidentally punches linesman in the face (Video)

Michal-Rozsival-punches-refAs an NHL linesman, Andy McElman is aware that breaking up fights is part of his job description. There’s always a risk involved when you get in the middle of a couple of 220-pound athletes, but most officials will go their entire career without being decked in the face. McElman wasn’t so lucky.

On Tuesday night, Colorado Avalanche center Maxime Talbot got into it with Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Michal Rozsival after Rozsival cross-checked him following a whistle in the third period. McElman tried to break the scrum up before it escalated, and he ended up catching a right hand from Rozsival square to the face.

The punch knocked McElman to the ice. This wasn’t like when a WWE ref gets flicked and goes flying out of the ring, either. McElman took an actual punch right to the biscuit. That’s what I call an occupational hazard.

Video via CSNChicago.com

RPI upsets No. 2 Union and a massive brawl breaks out (Video)

Union-RPI-brawlUnion College and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have one of the most underrated rivalries in college hockey. The two New York schools are separated by roughly 15 miles. Union, which is currently ranked 3rd in the country, is a national powerhouse that had won 10-straight games over RPI prior to Sunday. But RPI’s 2-1 upset win isn’t what has the nation buzzing.

An epic brawl broke out between the two teams after the final horn sounded. RPI’s players flooded the ice to celebrate the win after the final face-off, and someone must have said something that lit a fuse. Before the 7,000 fans in attendance realized what had happened, several fights were taking place. Union coach Rick Bennett even tried to square off with RPI coach Seth Appert, but he was held back by players and coaches.

Bennett offered no explanation after the game for why he went after Appert, but both coaches apologized and said they were embarrassed by what happened. Two players from each team were suspended one game for their involvement.

Nobody owes us an apology, that’s for sure. That’s one of the best hockey brawls you’ll ever see.

Videos via Barstool Sports and The Big Lead

Steve Downie has a brutal shiner from Aaron Volpatti fight

Believe it or not, the worst injury from last Friday’s game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals had nothing to do with the line brawl that broke out in the third period. Earlier in the game, Flyers forward Steve Downie dropped the gloves with Capitals forward Aaron Volpatti. The end result was painful for Downie. Here’s what his eye looked like just after the fight ended:


Volpatti, who is known for being a great fighter, rocked Downie with a left hand directly to the right eye. According to Eye on Hockey, Downie remained in the hospital for two nights after the game for observation. Reporters got a look at the aftermath on Thursday:

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Capitals-Flyers line brawl leads to goalie fight (Video)

If there’s one thing that most hockey fans can agree on, it’s that goalie fights are about as good as it gets. And that’s what the fans saw on Friday night in Philadelphia during the Flyers’ 7-0 loss to the Washington Capitals.

Ray Emery Braden Holtby fightFrustrated over getting blown out, Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds laid a couple of hard hits after the faceoff following the Caps’ seventh goal of the game. Simmonds’ physical play led to an entire line brawl between the Caps and Flyers that got extra interesting when Philly goalie Ray Emery charged the length of the ice to challenge Braden Holtby to a fight. Holtby wisely didn’t want any part of Emery, but he relented and got pummeled.

A total of 114 penalty minutes were handed out in the game — 99 to Philadelphia, and 65 for Washington.

What did Emery say about the fight with Holtby after the game?

“I basically told him to protect himself. I gave him a chance to protect himself,” he said via Frank Seravalli of the Philly Daily News.

And then there was this gem from Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo:

After seeing that beatdown, most would agree.

Swedish ref puts player in headlock to break up fight, makes him tap out (Video)

Swedish-ref-breaks-up-fightOftentimes in the NHL we see referees backing off and allowing players to fight. Sometimes you have to let guys blow off steam, and it doesn’t hurt that fights boost ratings. Apparently things are a bit different in Sweden.

During a recent game between Swedish league teams Vaxjo and Farjestad, a melee broke out between several players near the bench area. The officials tried to get control of the ruckus, which led to one player being thrown into an embarrassing headlock by a ref and tapping out.

The guy had no chance. If it wasn’t already bad enough that he just got manhandled by a referee, the zebra then grabbed him by the sweater and pointed a finger in his face while delivering an epic tongue lashing. If the NHL ever wants to put a stop to fighting, they know who to hire.

Video via Guyism