Holly Rowe climbs on scorer’s table to get Kansas State interview

Holly Rowe will let nothing stand in her way when it comes to getting a postgame interview. She’ll even climb on top of a scorer’s table if she has to.

Kansas State fans rushed the court after the Wildcats pulled the upset win on Kansas 85-82 in overtime on Monday night. With the scene so mad, Rowe had to jump onto the scorer’s table in order to get some postgame reaction from Thomas Gipson.

Rowe proved that she’ll step up when the moment calls for it — literally. As Brent Musburger said, that is great hustle by Holly Rowe!

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Did Brent Musburger call Holly Rowe ‘smoking’ after game? (Video)

Brent-MusburgerAs you likely know, ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger has taken a ton of heat over the past week or so for drooling over Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb during the BCS National Championship Game. Some of us thought it was hilarious while others found it to be completely inappropriate, leading to an apology from ESPN.

On Monday night, Musburger may have been at it again after he finished calling a college basketball game between Baylor and Kansas. As you can see from the video above that Awful Announcing passed along, Musburger called Holly Rowe “smoking” as he was signing off for the evening.

“For Fran Fraschilla and Holly Rowe, who was really smokin’ tonight, I want to say so long from Lawrence,” Musburger said.

Wait, what? Did he really just go there? There are a number of reasons Musburger could have decided to slip that little comment in. Was he referring to her looks and simply can’t help himself? Was he trying to say that her reporting was on-point? Could he have been making light of the Webb situation? Or, did Brent simply forget to put on his thinking cap once again. Only he knows, but I’m guessing ESPN is wishing he chose an adjective other than “smoking.”

UPDATE: Via The Big Lead, Josh Krulewitz from ESPN’s PR department pointed out that Musburger said “it was really smoking tonight” in reference to the game itself, not Rowe. After listening to the clip again, that makes sense. Excuse us for thinking Musburger would ever do something like that.

Video: Holly Rowe Stiff Arms Reporter While Chasing Brady Hoke Interview

Media members beware: You come between ESPN reporter Holly Rowe and her interview subjects, and she will hit you with the elbow of death. One journalist presumably looking for a post-Sugar Bowl victory quote from Michigan coach Brady Hoke learned that the hard way. Observe the video:

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