Homeless Man Ted Williams Detained After Altercation with Daughter

Hopefully, Homeless Ted Williams is the feel good story we all believe him to be.  It doesn’t sound like there’s any need to overreact and call him a criminal, but Williams was detained by the LAPD on Monday night in Hollywood after an altercation with his daughter.  Since being discovered by the Columbus Dispatch, Williams has captured the hearts of the American public and already created a snazzy Kraft commercial.

It’s no secret that Williams has had a troubled past.  He’s been arrested six times on various charges since 1991 and battled drug and alcohol addiction.  According to the video that made him a sensation, Williams has been clean for two years.

He and his daughter were detained briefly after the alleged verbal altercation and then released.  It is not known if alcohol or drugs were involved, as few details have been released by the LAPD.  He was in LA for an upcoming appearance on Entertainment Tonight.

Homeless Ted Williams Kraft Commercial Debuted on Fight Hunger Bowl (Video)

Has anyone in the history of the United States risen to fame more quickly than Homeless Ted Williams? In the span of a week, the guy has gone from an unknown deadbeat dad with a drug and alcohol problem to an internet sensation everyone recognizes and is rooting for. Ever since a sage producer for the Columbus Dispatch videotaped Williams, he’s been receiving job offers and inquiries from different companies. One of his first gigs, again, in less than a week since he was “discovered,” was a voice over for a Kraft macaroni and cheese commercial. Ironically, it aired during the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl between Nevada and Boston College. Here’s the spot in case you missed it, with Ted’s voiceover at the end:

Not to be a wet blanket here, but I think a more friendly voice was more appropriate for that VO. Not to say the man doesn’t have golden pipes, I just think it was a bad fit for the spot. Still, it’s pretty cool how far he’s gone in such a short period of time. Think about it: more people think of the homeless dude when you say “Ted Williams” than the legendary baseball player. Now that’s sad.

Homeless Man Ted Williams Turns Down Cavs Job for South Beach, Miami Heat

That’s right, Homeless Ted Williams, whose “golden voice” took the internet by storm the past few days, landed a job with the Cavaliers that includes housing and potentially announcing work. It’s a great story and it proves the power of viral videos and second chances in America. Unfortunately not all stories have a fairy tail ending. According to this Ryan Parker song, Williams is eschewing the Cavs’ offer to take his talents to South Beach. Must-listen:

Parker may have delivered many hit songs throughout his days serenading the web, but this may be his best work yet. Check out more of his awesomeness at Ryan Parker Songs. You think LeBron will let him crash at his mansion?

Cleveland Cavs Hire Homeless Ex-Radio Announcer Ted Williams

Social media technology has the rare feature of being able to both destroy and resurrect lives.  If you’re Tiger Woods, a few inappropriate text messages can tarnish your image permanently.  If you’re Ted Williams from Ohio, cell phone video cameras and a website like YouTube can potentially save your life.

The Cleveland Cavaliers recently hired Williams after a video of his radio voice that was posted on the Columbus Dispatch’s website went viral.  Check out the Ted Williams radio voice video:

There’s no arguing that Williams’ voice is destined for public airwaves. After the video drew a few million views, it became obvious that this homeless man’s voice would be completely wasted if he had to continue to using it in hopes of making a few dollars for a meal. There have been plenty of inquiries and the Cavs made a job offer on Wednesday. It’s unknown if Williams accepted the offer, but he’s definitely going to be able to get himself off the streets and begin a new career.

I never thought a homeless man could top the “ninjas kidnapped my kids so I need money for karate lessons” guy I once came across in Baltimore, but Williams has done it.