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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Homeless Ted Williams

Homeless Man Ted Williams Detained After Altercation with Daughter

Hopefully, Homeless Ted Williams is the feel good story we all believe him to be.  It doesn’t sound like there’s any need to overreact and call him a criminal, but Williams was detained by the LAPD on Monday night in Hollywood after an altercation with his daughter.  Since being discovered by the Columbus Dispatch, Williams…Read More

Homeless Man Ted Williams Turns Down Cavs Job for South Beach, Miami Heat

That’s right, Homeless Ted Williams, whose “golden voice” took the internet by storm the past few days, landed a job with the Cavaliers that includes housing and potentially announcing work. It’s a great story and it proves the power of viral videos and second chances in America. Unfortunately not all stories have a fairy tail…Read More

Cleveland Cavs Hire Homeless Ex-Radio Announcer Ted Williams

Social media technology has the rare feature of being able to both destroy and resurrect lives.  If you’re Tiger Woods, a few inappropriate text messages can tarnish your image permanently.  If you’re Ted Williams from Ohio, cell phone video cameras and a website like YouTube can potentially save your life. The Cleveland Cavaliers recently hired…Read More

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