Hope Solo Says Dancing With the Stars Showed Her in Poor Light, Told Her She Had ‘Too Much Muscle’

Unlike many other professional athletes before her, Hope Solo did not enjoy her time on Dancing With the Stars. She may try to sugarcoat it so that she doesn’t sound too bitter, but anyone can see by Hope’s recollections and reflections that it was not exactly a high point in her life.  As she explained to Anderson Cooper on his show, Anderson, on Tuesday, most of Solo’s frustrations stem from the way in which the show’s producers portrayed her.

“I was very naive going into it,” she explained. “It is very much reality television I think from day one they casted our characters. And we would be rehearsing for seven hours a day. Maks and I were great friends and we had an endearing relationship. The 45 minutes in the whole seven hours that were the most frustrating where I am curing and kicking walls is what America got to see.”

From the start, Solo was upset with the gossip magazines for creating a problem between her and dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy that she insists never existed.  She feels as though the angry and frustrated Hope Solo became good television, and that’s why that’s all the audience was shown.  Not only that, but the judges were critical of her from the start.

“I was told I had too much muscle and I was too intense and wasn’t dainty,” Solo said.

PICTURES: Hope Solo naked in The Body issue

Needless to say, appearing on DWTS appears to be a “live and learn” type experience for the U.S. women’s goalie.  With the World Cup qualifiers around the corner, it’s safe to say she’s ready to put reality TV behind her and focus on those who appreciate her intensity and muscle.  Here is the full interview between Hope and Anderson Cooper, courtesy of Examiner.com:

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Hope Solo Upset with Gossip Mags for Saying She Has Problem with Partner Maks

Hope Solo is one of the six stars still alive in the current season of Dancing With the Stars. While she’s done well to make it this far, one gossip magazine is doing its best to try and distract her.

Star Magazine is said to have reported that Hope and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy are not getting along. Their report quotes an insider who says “Hope has had it with Maks. He’s such a jerk and constantly makes obnoxious comments to her like, ‘I’m not here to be your friend.’ It brings her down, and everyone can see it.”

It’s pretty obvious that’s a biased source they’re quoting. Plus, when you quote insiders like that, it’s probably to manufacture a story line. Controversy sells! We need controversies!

Needless to say, Hope is not happy with the report.

“My eyes have been opened! I’m not living in the real world! Hollywood gossip is truly gossip! Star magazine where do u get your sources! So sad,” she tweeted.

“Hows this for a source! Hell, I’ll even attach my name to it! ‘I GOT NOTHING BUT MAD LOVE & MAD RESPECT 4 MY PARTNER Maks!’ Go ahead, quote it!”

Unfortunately for Hope, they’re not interested in denials — they just want something that will create some buzz. A report about her having problems with her partner will do that, even if the source is pretty weak. Hope should not be disappointed. When you accept a spot on Dancing With the Stars, you get paid a lot of money and see an immeasurable boost to your notoriety. But you also open yourself to the world of Hollywood gossip and shoddy reporting.

For someone who was bold enough to pose nude in a magazine, it’s surprising that this rattled her. But I do see her point.

ESPN the Magazine Body Issue has Hope Solo Watering Lawn Naked (Pictures)

As we all thought would be the case a couple months ago when she tweeted that being naked outside was “very liberating,” Hope Solo is featured in the newest ESPN the Magazine Body Issue.  ESPN released the pictures of various female and male athletes on Wednesday, and as usual there is plenty between the covers that could make you break a sweat.

Aside from the few pictures of Solo — who I’m sorry to say I prefer seeing in a soccer uniform — the Body Issue also features Olympic athletes Alicia Sacramone and Natasha Hastings doing what they normally do, only with no clothes on.  Naturally, we wouldn’t tell you all about it without providing a few pictures, so here are some of the photos from the 2011 ESPN the Magazine Body Issue.  If you want to see more, venture over to their website here.

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Hope Solo Has Love Poem Recited to Her by Sporting KC Forward (Video)

If you want to learn the proper way to get a girl’s attention, take note:

That was Sporting KC forward C.J. Sapong who wrote a poem and rap he recited for U.S. goalie Hope Solo. Even though he screwed up at first, his rhymes were slick and his ability to recite it showed how much effort he put into it.

Solo, who’s no stranger to attention and proposals from strangers, rewarded the effort quite nicely. The hug was well deserved, and the kiss was a nice touch. Well done by both parties.

Hope Solo and Alex Morgan Pair Up in Dancing Video Game Commercial (Video)

Since their recent run to the finals of the women’s World Cup, the U.S. women’s soccer team has become more than just a collection of athletes.  Players like Hope Solo and Alex Morgan have become icons who are receiving more attention than they know how to handle.  That’s how it goes in the world of sports.  One minute you’re making a crucial save or scoring a sick goal and the next people are talking about you posing nude in ESPN The Magazine.  Before you know it, these two will be starring in commercials promoting Dance Dance Revolution type games.  Wait, that already happened?  Check out the Hope Solo and Alex Morgan dancing video game commercial:

Did anyone notice the two names on the screen at the 40-second mark?  I wonder if they picked the names Sunny and Baby or those were default names for the game.  If it’s the former, that’s hot.

Hope Solo Posing Nude for ESPN the Magazine?

Hope Solo is in LA this week and has been teasing her audience about a photo shoot she’s doing for ESPN the Magazine. Solo hasn’t revealed too many details about the project, but she has mentioned a few key words.

“Being naked outside is very liberating,” she wrote in one tweet.

Responding to a fan in another tweet, she said she was “Doing a shoot for ESPN the MAG!”

Being naked and tweeting a picture of yourself in a fountain — wearing nothing but a robe — doesn’t sound like your standard sports magazine photo shoot. It seems like she’s headed for an appearance in ESPN’s “The Body Issue.” ESPN will share the names of the participants closer to the Body Issue’s October 5th release date.

If Solo is indeed appearing in The Body Issue, my guess is it will bring the internet to a halt the way the sexy Serena Williams nude pose did, not to mention the Amanda Beard spread.

Here are more pictures of Hope Solo:

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Hope Solo Drove Pace Car at Brickyard 400

It’s been two weeks since the U.S. women’s soccer team lost in the finals of the World Cup to Japan, but their stardom has yet to fade. Hope Solo continued her tour of publicity this weekend by driving the pace car at the Brickyard 400. She talked about the experience during an interview with ESPN’s crew and complained that they only let her go 55 miles per hour:

Hope Solo is not the type of girl you can slow down. You really expect her to transition from doing triple figures in practice and only 55 during the race? You have another thing coming.

Video courtesy YouTube user EdwinTV42