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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Articles tagged: Houston Astros

Astros working with FBI, intend to prosecute Ground Control hackers

The Houston Astros are predictably fuming over the security breach that led to 10 months of internal trade talks being leaked and posted on an anonymous hacker-type website Saturday, and they say they intend to prosecute those involved. The team issued the following statement Monday regarding the leak: “It is unfortunate and extremely disappointing that…Read More

Houston Astros internal trade talks leaked

10 months of internal trade talks from the Houston Astros organization were leaked onto a website and exposed, giving readers a glimpse of what the trade process is like for at least one MLB team. Deadspin posted about the leak and says the documents came as a result of someone hacking a private database for…Read More

Jeopardy takes shot at Houston Astros

The Houston Astros lost 111 games last season. To the fans, players and front office, that is incredibly embarrassing. To others, it’s pretty funny that a professional baseball team can be that horrible. The people who write the questions for “Jeopardy” apparently see the humor in Houston’s abysmal 2013 season. Earlier this week, the Astros…Read More

Houston Astros collide, allow winning run to score (GIF)

The Houston Astros are the worst team in baseball, so the way they lost Friday night’s game in Pittsburgh was quite fitting. Houston blew a 4-1 and lost 5-4 after two players collided when they were trying to catch a pop up to shallow right that allowed the winning run to score. The Pirates loaded…Read More

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