Astros fan spikes terrible first pitch (Video)

Is it just me, or has this been one of the worst years for ceremonial first pitches that Major League Baseball has ever seen? A Houston Astros fan may have topped them all on Tuesday night.

As you can see, the young lady spiked the ball directly into the ground. She obviously just couldn’t get her fingers to let go of their grasp on the ball, and the end result was a pitch that was almost as bad as the underhand toss we saw from Miss Texas earlier this month.


Unlike Bob Costas, the Astros fan didn’t ask for a second chance. She took her lumps and went to retrieve her souvenir before accepting a much-needed hug from Astros mascot Orbit. At least she went down gracefully.

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Young fan at Astros game catches foul ball in his popcorn bucket (Video)

And the award for “Boss of the Year” goes to: the young kid at the Astros game who straight up caught a foul ball in his popcorn bucket during Thursday night’s game between Houston and San Diego. Who needs a glove? You’re going to buy snacks anyway, and those snacks can be just as effective in capturing a souvenir as a glove can be. If there were any scouts in attendance in Houston Thursday night, I hope they were taking note of this kid’s hand-eye coordination. Not only did he come down with the ball, he had to go up and challenge a guy that was three times his size to get it. This young man is a 100% winner.

I don’t know what it is about Astros fans, but they seem to make the whole foul ball thing look easy. Last season, we saw a fan in Houston make this amazing catch and he also wasn’t wearing a glove. I made the mistake of calling this guy a boss a couple of weeks ago, but the popcorn kid just made me realize how much better non-glove catches truly are. Nicely done, kid.

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Astros Fan Makes Sweet Catch on Foul Ball with His Hat (Video)

This is why you bring a hat to a game, not a glove:

Pretty sweet grab by the Stros fan, huh? That took place at Tuesday night’s Astros-Cardinals game, before St. Louis stormed back for a 13-6 win. Maybe that’s what Bo the Bailer should have done instead of letting his then-girlfriend get hit by a foul ball in the arm. Bonus points to the mad hatter for the killer reaction.

Houston Astros Fan Runs onto Field, Makes Spiderman Mission Impossible Escape

The fans at Minute Maid Field in Houston were treated to quite the show Friday night, and no, I’m not talking about any of the baseball-related activities. The best entertainment came from a fan who ran onto the field, hopped over the center field wall, and climbed out of the stadium. Check out this crazy video shared by Jimmy Traina on twitter:

We’ve seen some fans escape security before while others weren’t as fortunate. But this? This easily takes the cake. This is parkour on a baseball field. Spiderman must have some real experience with this. You could tell this wasn’t a rookie job. Well done sir, well done.

This Astros Fan is a Pansy

Unfortunately for Houston Astros fans, I don’t know much about you.  Actually, that could be a good thing considering the types of things we’ve learned about Phillies fans over the past few months.  However you want to look at it, if you subscribe to the “first impression is the most important” theory, you’ll understand why Astros fans have some ground to cover if they want to earn my respect.  Check out this video of an Astros fan dodging a foul ball and letting it hit his girlfriend, courtesy of Barstool Sports:

I mean, come on.  Lost it in the lights?  And she refers to him as “baby” twice after that?  If I pulled a stunt like this when I brought my girlfriend to a Red Sox game, that would more than likely be the last time Fenway Park hosted a Steve DelVecchio date night.  At least he gave her the ball that pelted her square in the arm.  Oh, wait…

Astro Fan Claims He Lost Foul Ball In the Lights When It Hits His Girlfriend [Barstool Sports]