Andre Johnson, Brian Cushing rip Texans fans for cheering Matt Schaub injury

Matt Schaub ankle

Andre Johnson and Brian Cushing ripped Houston Texans fans for cheering when quarterback Matt Schaub went down with a lower leg injury in the third quarter of Sunday’s 38-13 blowout loss to the St. Louis Rams.

Schaub was sacked by Chris Long late in the third quarter and had his ankle bent awkwardly as he was tackled. You could hear many of the home fans cheering when Schaub was on the ground in pain and receiving treatment from trainers. That didn’t sit well with many of Schaub’s teammates.

Wide receiver Andre Johnson said the move showed “no class” and that even Rams players couldn’t believe the fan reaction.

“No class. It’s bad when members of the other team are saying that’s messed up. No class,” Johnson said, per Jeff Darlington of NFL.com.

Linebacker Brian Cushing termed the fan reaction “barbaric,” per Sports Radio 610’s Will Grubb.

Grubb also reports that backup quarterback T.J. Yates, who replaced Schaub, said the cheering was “disrespectful” and made him mad.

This is just the latest example of Texans fans going overboard with their poor treatment of Schaub, who admittedly is having a terrible season. First a group of fans burned his jersey, then a restaurant mocked him with a menu item, and then a report said some fans went to his home to confront him over his poor play. We get that he’s having a terrible year and you’re miserable about it, but give the guy a break.

Way to keep it classy, Texans fans.

Houston Texans fans reportedly confronted Matt Schaub at his home over his poor play

Matt SchaubSome Houston Texans fans confronted quarterback Matt Schaub at his home to complain about his poor play, according to a report.

Sports Radio 610 in Houston’s “Ted and Fred Show” reports that a law enforcement source told them they were contacted by the NFL in response to the incident. Apparently some fans went to Schaub’s house to tell him off and one person even took a picture of the quarterback’s family. It’s believed that Schaub contacted NFL security over the issue, and the league passed along the complaint to Houston police.

The fans apparently left the home before police had a chance to respond.

This is the latest step fans have taken against Schaub during his brutal start to the season. A week ago, we noted that some fans burned his jersey. Then last week a Houston restaurant took a shot at him with a menu item.

Schaub has thrown nine interceptions in five games, including pick-sixes in four straight games. He was so bad in a 34-3 loss to the San Francisco 49ers last weekend that the team benched him for backup T.J. Yates.

While most people I know just feel badly for him because we know he’s in a bad slump and capable of doing so much better, there are some jerks out there who decide to take out their frustrations in an awful manner. Unfortunately, this tale is all too common among NFL fans.

Houston Texans fans burn Matt Schaub jersey (Video)


The Houston Texans were one of the teams favored to contend for an AFC Championship entering the 2013 season. However, back-to-back losses to the Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks already have fans questioning whether the team has improved enough to avoid another embarrassing playoff loss or missing the postseason altogether. More specificially, Texans fans are losing faith in Matt Schaub.

Schaub threw two interceptions in an overtime loss to the Seahawks on Sunday. He has now thrown eight touchdowns and six interceptions through four games. After the game, a group of Seahawks fans stood around and burned Schaub’s jersey. In the video below that The Big Lead passed along, which contains some NSFW language, you can see a guy collecting money to cover the cost of the jersey before burning it.

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Redskins eats own beard, Texans fan drinks own pee in displays of fandom (Video)

Redskins-fan-eats-own-beardIf you feel like puking today, you’re in luck. We are only one week into the NFL regular season and already fans have begun recording themselves doing incredibly disgusting things to show their allegiance to their team. The gentleman you see above, who was called to our attention by our friends at DC Sports Bog, lost a bet when the Washington Redskins fell to the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night. As a result, he had to eat some of his own beard.

“I had to eat some of my own beard cuz the redskins lost yesterday,” Washington fan Jason Pickar wrote on Twitter Tuesday.

That was tough to watch, but it would have been much worse if he had to eat someone else’s beard. Elsewhere in this crazy nation, a Houston Texans fan took it 37 steps further just to prove he is not all talk. When the Texans trailed the San Diego Chargers on Monday night by 21 points, the maniac you see below told the football Gods he would drink his own piss if his team came back. Then Philip Rivers happened. Via Deadspin:

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