Keegan Bradley has ‘baba booey’ engraved on his wedge

Golf fans will eventually stop shouting “baba booey!” after players hit shots when the trend fizzles out in favor of some other mashed potatoes-type chant. But it would appear Keegan Bradley doesn’t want it to end.

Bradley showed off what looks like a new wedge on Instagram on Thursday, and he has “bababooey” engraved into it. Based on the recent Twitter exchange he had with Howard Stern, I’m going to guess Ian Poulter does not approve.

We know some golfers like Jason Dufner have admitted they don’t mind when fans yell stupid things, but I think Keegan took it a bit too far. The “baba booey” chant is decent, but I’m still more of a mashed potatoes guy. To each his own.

Ian Poulter not a fan of Baba Booey chant, hears from Howard Stern

Fans attending the PGA Championship at Oak Hill this weekend were going a little overboard on the chants off the tee. The trend of yelling “get in the hole!” after a tee shot has been going on for a while, and the “mashed potatoes!” chant is a little newer. In addition to both of these chants, some fans were yelling “The Howard Stern Show” calling card “Baba Booey,” which is commonly used during crank calls.

It sounds like Englishman Ian Poulter is not familiar with the Stern show and not a fan of the “Baba Booey” call.

Ian Poulter Baba Booey

Hey Poulter, U mad bro? Poulter sent that tweet after shooting an even par 70 for the second time this week. He’s tied for 61st at 8-over par.

The best part was seeing Poulter’s tweet make it back to Stern, who offered a response.

Howard Stern Ian Poulter Baba Booey

Maybe that will teach Poulter not to complain. Or better yet, if he wants to protest, he should pull a Graeme McDowell and do something like this.

H/T Jimmy Traina