Hugh Douglas arrested for allegedly strangling woman, claims it was during rough sex

Hugh Douglas

Former Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Hugh Douglas was arrested and appeared in court on Tuesday for allegedly violently attacking a woman, according to a report.

WFSB says Douglas was arrested in downtown Hartford for allegedly attacking a woman at a Marriott Hotel. WFSB reports court documents say Douglas grabbed the woman by the neck and “slammed her into the wall several times.”

Douglas apparently claims the injuries occurred during rough sex. He has been charged with third-degree assault and second-degree strangulation, per WFSB.

Douglas, who played 10 season in the NFL and reached three Pro Bowls, made headlines around here last month after he was fired from ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie” TV show for getting into a huge fight with co-host Michael Smith. Douglas reportedly called Smith an “Uncle Tom” during the drunken confrontation.

ESPN fires Hugh Douglas following alleged confrontation with Michael Smith

Hugh-Douglas-Michael-SmithESPN has parted ways with former Philadelphia Eagles lineman Hugh Douglas in the wake of his alleged confrontation with “Numbers Never Lie” co-host Michael Smith.

“He no longer works for us effective today,” an ESPN spokesperson said Tuesday, according to SI.com’s Richard Deitsch.

The news should not come as a shock to anyone after hearing the details that were laid out earlier this month regarding Douglas’ behavior during a trip to Florida for the National Association of Black Journalists convention. An initial report from The Big Lead stated that Douglas and Smith had a serious altercation at the House of Blues and had to be separated. Deadspin later added details to the story, citing a source who claimed Douglas was the aggressor. He was allegedly “wasted” and at one point called Smith an “Uncle Tom.”

Douglas acknowledged that he is no longer working at ESPN but chose not to comment further at this time.

If the details of the incident are accurate, ESPN had no choice but to let Douglas go. It sounds like he made a fool of himself and had too much to drink on more than one occasion.

Hugh Douglas reportedly called Michael Smith an ‘Uncle Tom,’ was drunk

Hugh Douglas Michael Smith

Former All-Pro defensive lineman Hugh Douglas has not appeared on ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie” TV show this week in the wake of his alleged altercation with co-host Michael Smith. A report over the weekend indicated that Douglas and Smith nearly came to blows at a party in Orlando on Friday. New details indicate that Douglas was the aggressor.

According to Deadspin, the altercation on Friday was a continuation of an incident that occurred on Thursday, when Douglas and Smith attended a convention at Gaylord Palms Resort Hotel along with co-host Jemele Hill. Smith and Hill were reportedly speaking to prospective ESPN employees when Douglas, who was apparently intoxicated, approached them.

Douglas, who was described as “wasted” by Deadspin, has allegedly felt left out on “Numbers Never Lie” since Hill joined the show and he became the only non-journalist. As Hill was finishing her chat with around 100 people, Douglas came up and demanded the microphone. Hill made an effort to keep it away from him, which allegedly angered Douglas and embarrassed Smith and Hill.

The tension apparently rolled over into the next evening at the House of Blues, when Douglas was again described as “very drunk.” He reportedly tried to head for the stage at House of Blues when Smith stopped him and told him it would be a mistake. Not wanting to be told what to do, Douglas became angry and got into it with Smith. He also allegedly called him an “Uncle Tom.”

Deadspin’s sources claim Smith tried to ignore Douglas but that Douglas kept berating him, even grabbing him by the arm at one point and threatening to beat him up. Security had to step in and separate the two.

ESPN is currently looking into the matter. If the details laid out by The Big Lead and Deadspin are accurate, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Douglas ends up losing his job.

Hugh Douglas, Michael Smith reportedly got into huge fight

Hugh Douglas Michael Smith

Hugh Douglas and Michael Smith are hosts of ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie” TV show, and the two got into a huge fight at a party in Orlando on Friday, The Big Lead reports.

According to The Big Lead, Douglas and Smith were both in Orlando for the National Association of Black Journalists convention. The two supposedly had an altercation at a party at the House of Blues and had to be separated. The verbal exchange was so bad, a source told The Big Lead there’s no way Douglas, a former All-Pro defensive lineman with the Philadelphia Eagles, would be on the show this week.

Smith must have some serious stones to get into it with a guy listed at 6-foot-2 and 281 pounds. Those numbers don’t lie, Mike.

Come on, guys. Can’t we all just get along?

Photo: Twitter/Numbers Never Lie