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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Ichiro Suzuki

Ichiro: Chicks Dig the Infield Hit

He may not come off that way, but Ichiro Suzuki actually is a pretty humorous dude. He jokes around with Griffey in the clubhouse and raps each year to pump up the AL All-Star team. He also speaks pretty good English and got off this classic quote regarding his slap-hitting style: “Chicks who dig home…Read More

Mariners Players Supposedly Wanted to Beat Up Ichiro Suzuki

Dude, I know things got pretty bad for the Mariners this year, so much so that Richie Sexson had to do some mound charging to help everyone forget how much he sucked, but infighting? Ganging up on a teammate? Seriously? This tid-bit from the Seattle Times via the wealth of news that is Rotoworld has…Read More

Ichiro Once Again Itching to Pitch

It was only last year that Ichiro revealed in an interview that pitching is on his list of things to do while in the big leagues. At the time Ichiro said he’d start pitching when he turned 40, but that he’d have to learn a knuckleball. Ichiro also added that if he started pitching now,…Read More

Jose Vidro Ruined Ichiro’s Stolen Base Streak

I guess this is kind of a streak that went under the radar, but I thought it was pretty cool. Dating back to last season, Ichiro had stolen 45 straight bases without being caught. That’s pretty impressive when you think about it. He was only 5 away from tying Vince Coleman’s record, that is, until…Read More

Ichiro Might Try Pitching

Ichiro gave a rare, extended interview to Jon Saraceno of USA Today in which he revealed a lot about himself. In the article, Ichiro says the possibility of leaving the Mariners would be a touchy subject. The entire article is well worth a read if you want to get inside the head of the Mariners…Read More

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