Illinois frat bros react to Cliff Alexander faking them out, choosing Kansas (Video)

Cliff-Alexander-Illinois-fakeCliff Alexander is one of the top-ranked basketball players in the high school class of 2014. As of Friday morning, he had reportedly narrowed his college decision down to four schools — Illinois, Kansas, Memphis and DePaul. Being that he is from Chicago, many speculated that Alexander would remain in his home state of Illinois.

He did not. On Friday evening, Alexander announced his decision to commit to Kansas on live television. The way he went about it was just plain cold-hearted. He initially picked up the Illinois hat sitting on the table in front of him but then switched to the Jayhawks hat.

“After careful consideration, I have decided to continue my education at the University of…” Alexander said while picking up the Illinois cap. “…Kansas.”

Alexander lifted the spirits of Illini fans through the roof for a split second before absolutely demolishing them. No group summed it up better than these Illinois frat bros.

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Did Illinois get robbed by referees at end of loss to Miami?

Kenny Kadji IllinoisReferees may have hurt Illinois with a bad call in the final minute of their 63-59 loss to Miami in the East Region of the NCAA Tournament Sunday.

Illinois was down 57-55 with 45 seconds left when senior guard D.J. Richardson attempted a 3-pointer from the wing. Richardson’s shot was short and his ball appeared to be knocked out of bounds by Miami’s Kenny Kadji, who had jumped to try grabbing the ball. The referee along the baseline awarded the ball to Miami, which caused Illinois coach John Groce to lose his mind.

Replays appeared to show Kadji knocked the ball out of bounds, though there is a slight chance the ball went off Illinois guard Brandon Paul’s fingertips. Most people felt the ball went off on Kadji, including one of his teammates.

According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Miami big man Julian Gamble thought replays showed the ball went off Kadji.

The call completely changed the game. Miami’s Durand Scott was fouled and made both his free throws. Instead of Illinois being down two and taking the ball out beneath the basket, they were suddenly down four with 36 seconds left.

After the game, Groce wouldn’t let Paul respond when the guard was asked by reporters about the play. Groce did give his thoughts when asked about it.

“You saw the same video that I did,” Groce said. “I thought the officiating Friday and [Sunday] was tremendous. These guys did a good job, they did. It’s a hard game to officiate. 50-50 calls are hard sometimes. That’s how he saw the play in live speed. I certainly respect that, respect him, and respect the call that he made.”

Announcer Tim Brando was also incensed by the call. He pointed out that officials could not review the play on instant replay, and he recommended the NCAA make a change to the rule for the future. We hope they follow his advice.

Bruce Weber isn’t Happy with the Media

Illinois basketball coach Bruce Weber hasn't had the swellest run of it lately; two of his players were recently involved in a car accident, one of whom, Jamar Smith, is being charged on two felony counts. Prior to that incident, there were a few other problems within the program.

That's probably why a media member brought up the idea of a zero-tolerance policy for the athletic department. Needless to say Weber was not to happy about the suggestion, and in turn, he criticized the media for not doing their jobs. Here's a brief transcript of his rant, which you hear by pressing the play button below.

"There was a kid in a program that got arrested a couple weeks ago and he played on another team. I don't read the paper and I don't turn on the news, nothing against you guys but there's a lot of stuff that doesn't get printed so I don't bother…you're going to hold us to high standards why don't you hold somebody else?"

My quick hit: Cleaning up a program has to start somewhere, and maybe with Weber and Illinois. And in case Weber is wondering why they're getting picked on, which he is, it's because of the car accident and the felony charges on Smith.

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