Colts’ collapse cost bettor $100K on 15-team parlay


The Indianapolis Colts led the Philadelphia Eagles 17-6 at halftime on Monday night and were up 14 points midway through the first quarter, but they just couldn’t hang on. The Eagles came soaring back to grab a 30-27 victory. They pried $100,000 away from one bettor’s fingertips in the process.

Well, the guy didn’t lose $100K. He actually only bet $5, but all he needed was a Colts victory by three or more points to complete his 15-team parlay and pocket six figures.

“Honestly, we were rooting for the guy, starting with Sunday night’s game,” Delaware Lottery director Vernon Kirk told David Purdum of ESPN.com. “Our risk manager told us Sunday night that only one person had hit 13 games and needed the Bears and Colts.

“It definitely looked like Delaware had a winner when the Colts were up 14 midway through the third quarter. Then to have the Eagles rally like that — and to win in the last three seconds of the game — it was agonizing to watch when you knew one player was so close to such a big payout.”

I can’t even imagine how much that stings. Nobody expects to win a 15-team parlay when you place the wager, but when you get down to the final one or two games you definitely start seeing money signs. As ESPN noted, no one has hit a 15-team parlay with the Delaware Lottery — the largest legal sports betting operation in America outside of Nevada — since 2011. The odds of winning one are 32,000-1.

Colts rookie hazing haircuts were pretty good


The Indianapolis Colts are the latest team to torment their rookies with horrendous hairstyles. Defensive end Cory Redding, who actually owns his own barbershop, did most of the cutting. But something tells me these particular trim jobs won’t be good advertising.

We saw plenty of the typical hack jobs we have grown used to seeing over the years, but one haircut stood out above the rest:

The handprint is a unique concept, if nothing else. At the end of the day, any rookie who doesn’t have a penis shaved into the top of his head should consider himself lucky. Check out some of the other artwork below:

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Photo: Twitter/Matt Overton

Colts kept seat on team plane open for Reggie Wayne

Reggie Wayne jersey plane

The Indianapolis Colts on Sunday played their first game without Reggie Wayne in the lineup since the 2001 season. The All-Pro wide receiver tore his ACL in the fourth quarter of the team’s Week 7 win over the Denver Broncos and is out for the season.

Though Wayne did not fly with the team to Houston for its Week 9 game against the Texans, the Colts did what they could to keep him in mind. According to NBC’s Michele Tafoya, the Colts kept Wayne’s usual seat open on the plane ride to Houston. Team owner Jim Irsay also had Wayne give a speech at a team meeting on Saturday night. Additionally, the Colts had Wayne serve as an honorary captain before the game and call the coin toss.

Reggie Wayne coin toss

Wayne hung out on the team’s sidelines for part of the game before heading into the locker room. Prior to suffering the season-ending injury, Wayne had 38 catches for 503 yards and two touchdowns.

Peyton Manning refuses to say if he holds ill will toward Indianapolis Colts

Peyton-Manning-and-Jim-IrsayIndianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay presented us with the topic of the week on Tuesday when he expressed disappointment that his team only won one Super Bowl during the Peyton Manning era. Irsay basically said that the team moved on from Manning in order to become more well-rounded, choosing the pursuit of a championship over lighting up stat sheets in the regular season.

Many people — including Denver Broncos head coach John Fox — interpreted Irsay’s remarks as criticism of Manning. Peyton himself had a chance to say whether he agreed on Wednesday when Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star asked him if he holds any “ill will or resentment toward the Colts.”

“To answer a question like that doesn’t serve me well,” Manning told Kravitz. “I feel like the question is based on the (Irsay) comments, so it’s just easier not to answer anything along those lines.”

Kravitz added that there was something “telling” about Manning’s body language and that he “clearly has some issues” with Irsay in the wake of the comments. Irsay later tried to adamantly defend himself on Twitter. He may have indeed meant that letting Manning go was the best thing for the team’s salary cap situation, but the part about him being disappointed with only one championship was cut and dry.

During his Wednesday press conference, Manning was asked if he is pleased to see that the Colts have been able to maintain success after his departure.

“I guess my focus is on the Broncos being successful,” Manning replied.

When pressed further and reminded by a reporter that Indianapolis made the playoffs last year and is off to a solid start in 2013, Peyton still didn’t bite.

“I agree,” he said. “So does that help your story?”

Manning has been around the league long enough to know exactly how his answers are going to be perceived. As Kravitz noted, he had every opportunity to take the “football is a business” route and say he has no hard feelings toward the Colts — a team he enjoyed a great deal of success with. Instead, Manning refused to reflect on his time in Indy and had no interest in making nice with Irsay. Coincidence? No chance.

Bill Polian ticked at Jim Irsay for disparaging Colts defense

Bill PolianFormer Indianapolis Colts President Bill Polian seems furious with team owner Jim Irsay for disparaging the Colts’ defense and special teams as a way to backtrack from his “cheap shot” at Peyton Manning.

In an interview with USA Today, Irsay seemed to express disappointment over the Colts only winning one Super Bowl with Manning at quarterback. He also said he wanted Super Bowls more than big stats, which sounded like a “cheap shot” at Manning, as John Fox said.

After his comments made huge news Tuesday, Irsay went on his Twitter to “clarify” things. That’s when he stuck his foot further in his mouth, blaming the team’s defense and special teams for the lack of success.

It’s obviously difficult to understand Irsay’s tweets. I mean you seriously need a special decoder to figure out what that doofus is trying to say, but it’s obvious he switched the blame from Peyton to the defense and special teams. Well that didn’t sit well with Polian, who was the man chiefly responsible for constructing those teams.

“Well I never had an exit interview, so I can’t tell you [what Irsay meant with his comments],” Polian said with a bitter tone. “But let me deal with some facts, OK? I’ll give you some names: Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Kelvin Hayden, Gary Brackett, David Thornton, Adam Vinatieri, Pat Angerer, Bob Sanders, Antonine Bethea. And, by the way, there was a salary cap.

“When he talks about this model that he wants to build, which I’ve said a hundred times is perfectly OK — he’s the owner, he can do what he wants — when he has to pay Andrew Luck as one of the top-paid quarterbacks, if not the top-paid quarterback in the league two years from now, he’ll be back in the same boat we were in for all the years that we had Peyton.

“We did our best. If it wasn’t good enough, that’s fine. I don’t have any problem with it. But I will tell you this: I and I’m sure I speak for most of my teammates and colleagues, are very proud of what we did. Our record is there for all to see. It’s up to this new group of Colts and this new model to meet or exceed what we did.”

That was a great response from Polian. Irsay should have just stood by his original comments, said his quotes were taken out of context, or just clarified and said he had tremendous respect for Manning. I’m not sure why he decided to turn around and blame the defense and special teams for a lack of Super Bowls. It just seems so silly on his part.

Trent Richardson traded to Indianapolis Colts

Trent RichardsonThe Cleveland Browns traded Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday in exchange for a first-round draft pick in 2014. Richardson will take over as Indy’s lead back, moving Ahmad Bradshaw into a backup role. Bradshaw became the full-time back following Vick Ballard’s season-ending knee injury, but his stint as the star was brief.

The trade was first reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Earlier on Wednesday, Colts owner Jim Irsay hinted on Twitter that a massive trade was coming that was going to alter the landscape of the NFL. Unlike past instances where he has made a huge deal out of nothing, Irsay was not exaggerating.

Trades like this are incredibly rare after the start of the NFL season. By trading Richardson, the Browns will almost certainly be bad enough to land a top-five pick in the 2014 draft. They’ll then have another first-rounder later on, depending on how the Colts finish the season.

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Jim Irsay on Indianapolis Colts’ offensive line: ‘I DEMAND better’

jim-irsayIndianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is apparently going to hold his team to a higher standard than usual this year. Or, at the very least, he seems intent on publicly criticizing it more when things go wrong, as evidenced by his apology for a “crap” preseason performance a few weeks ago.

The Colts only managed to squeak out a 21-17 win over an inferior Oakland Raiders team on Sunday thanks in large part to poor offensive line play. Andrew Luck was sacked a whopping four times after being hit quite a bit (41 sacks) in 2012. Back in January, Colts GM Ryan Grigson said the team was making it a priority during the offseason to bolster the offensive line. Irsay was still disgusted with the product.

Irsay is right. Miami Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake is one of the best pass rushers in the game. He sacked Brandon Weeden 2.5 times in a win over the Cleveland Browns last week, and Miami will be looking to bring pressure again in Indy on Sunday. If the Colts can’t stop it, who knows what will happen. Considering he wears outfits like this to get geeked for the playoffs, we know Irsay isn’t messing around.

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