Colts fans give Peyton Manning standing ovation in introductions (Video)

Peyton Manning BroncosPeyton Manning’s return to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis went about as well as you would expect.

Manning made his grand entrance by running out of the tunnel along with the rest of his Denver Broncos teammates. They were booed because they entered the field as a group. But a video paying tribute to the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback played on the board and the attention turned to old No. 18. Colts fans then gave Manning the respect he deserved by giving him a standing ovation. Manning appreciated the gesture, and indicated with a hand over his heart that he was truly touched by the reception.

Sad Colts fan sings Gotye, Meatloaf about Peyton Manning (Video)

The Indianapolis Colts have become a team the fans barely recognize. One fan, Graham Honeycutt, decided to express his feelings through song. Honeycutt covered Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know,” and Meatloaf’s “I would do anything for love” to talk about the team losing Peyton Manning. The first four minutes of the video deal with Peyton, while the last minute is about Andrew Luck (and admittedly pretty funny).

Word to Colts fans: We know these are tough times, but with Andrew Luck coming, things will get much better.

Thanks to our friends at It’s All Over Fatman for sharing the video with us.

Colts fans still believe Peyton Manning will be in Indy next year (Picture)

With the exception of a group of fans who have already customized Andrew Luck Colts jerseys, the people of Indiana are not ready to let Peyton Manning go.  Who could blame them?  Manning delivered a Super Bowl to the city of Indianapolis and has kept the Colts in contention ever year he has been under center.  He’s a lock for the Hall of Fame, so it’s tough to imagine him wearing anything other than the horseshoe.  That’s why despite all the negativity going on between Manning and Colts’ ownership, Colts fans are not ready to write off a happy ending.

The Colts have the first pick in the 2012 draft, and they would have to commit a lot of money to sticking with Manning. Assuming the reports about Manning being cleared to play medically are true, they would also have to worry about his diminishing arm strength. Having Peyton as a starting quarterback after multiple neck surgeries and a full season off is a risk plenty of teams are willing to take, but the Colts likely aren’t one of them.  That doesn’t mean the fans can’t keep their fingers crossed.

Will Weatherman Jim Kosek Wear Wife’s Panties Since Colts Lost? (Video)

I’m not sure how I missed this, but now that it has come to fruition I felt the need to point it out.  Apparently on Sunday morning a weatherman for Accuweather made a promise that he has to cash in on.  Jim Kosek, who said he is tired of Indianapolis losing because his wife is a big Colts fan, promised to wear his wife’s Colts attire every week for the rest of the season if they fell to 0-12.  He also noted that the only piece of Colts attire his wife has are her panties.  For whatever reason, he made this promise before the 0-11 Colts took on the Patriots in Foxboro. Check out the video that Kiss 96.1 passed along:

Naturally, the Colts lost.  I gather that this Kosek guy is known for doing and saying crazy things, but he had to have wanted to wear his wife’s underwear to make this promise before last week’s game, right?  You wait until your 0-11 team is traveling to New England with Dan Orlovsky taking over as the starter to make a promise like that?  Mission accomplished: you got everyone’s attention.  We’ll see if Kosek puts his money where his mouth is this weekend.  Better yet, we’ll see if his wife allows him to.

H/T to the USA Today’s Game On! blog for pointing out the video.

Colts Fan Thomas Trinkle Has Worn Colts Attire Every Day Since Fifth Grade

While this season has been tough for all Indianapolis Colts fans, it has been particularly challenging for one 18-year-old fan. Thomas Trinkle is a die-hard Colts fan, and he enjoys showing off his dedication to his favorite team day in and day out. By that we mean he has worn some sort of Colts shirt or jersey every single day of his life since the fifth grade. He’s now a senior in high school, which means he’s been wearing Colts attire and nothing but Colts attire every day for the past seven years.

“I don’t see it ending any time soon,” Trinkle said of his clothing streak.

A simple glance at Indy’s yearly results since Trinkle was in the fifth grade will show you how uniquely challenging this year has been. Since he turned his wardrobe into nothing but Colts gear in 2004, Indianapolis has never won less than 10 games and has failed to win the AFC South division only once. They made the playoffs in each of those seasons.

With the Colts currently 0-11, Trinkle said he has faced a solid amount of trash talk from people who know his story.  He was introduced on the Colts video board during a recent game and featured in their game-day magazine.  Like other Indy fans, he has decided to set his sights on the prospect of winning the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, which would mean another potential star whose jersey could be added to the collection.

Pictures of Thomas Trinkle’s Colts clothing

If Indianapolis has another brutal season next year and Trinkle is still wearing nothing but Colts gear, he should be considered for the Colts Hall of Fame.

via Fark, pictures courtesy of Thomas Trinkle

Colts Fans Already Have Andrew Luck Jerseys (Picture)

Some Colts fans are so invested in the “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes, they already have Andrew Luck jerseys made:

The Colts are still looking good in their Suck for Luck campaign. They got beat down 27-10 by the Titans Sunday while St. Louis got its first win. Now that the Rams have Steven Jackson healthy and Brandon Lloyd on the roster, they look like they could start winning some games.

As for the other winless team, the Dolphins had a lead on the Giants before blowing it. They’re finding ways to lose games, but they’re looking more competitive than the Colts.

These fans may get their wish, but that likely will cause plenty of problems with Peyton Manning and the transition may be difficult. Plus, if you believe what at least one player says, Luck may not even be worth it.

Pic via Clay Travis, Sports by Brooks Live