Charles Barkley, Shaq have their ‘shirtoff’ competition (Video)

After several weeks of hype, TNT’s “Inside the NBA” finally held their “shirtoff” competition between Shaq and Charles Barkley to show Chuck’s progress on Weight Watchers. It’s weird that so many people were drawn to see what these two knuckleheads would look like topless, but that’s what happened.

Barkley appeared to be in decent shape, but he was blown away by Shaq who was in really good shape. Honestly, Shaq looked better for the shirtoff competition than he did at any point in his playing career. It’s actually kind of sad.

The best part about the shirtoff — you know, if there is a good thing about these doofuses going shirtless — was Shaq having six-pack abs painted on his stomach. That, I have to say, was pretty damn funny.

Below is a side-by-side look at each man:

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Shaq brags about his 780 SAT score, 22 on ACT after winning trivia game (Video)

Shaq is a genius, and he has the test scores to prove it. The Big Aristotle, as he sometimes likes to call himself, won a Presidents Day trivia game on Inside the NBA Monday (hopefully not by cheating this time). Along the way Dr. O’Neal bragged about the three colleges he’s attended (or been associated with). After he won, he boasted about his college test scores which included a 780 on the SAT and 22 on the ACT. Given his pathetic math skills, I wouldn’t be surprised if all his points came on the English portion. Sorry Shaq, but I’m not so sure those scores are something to brag about.

Inside the NBA spoofs LeBron’s Decision, makes it about him going bald (Video)

All this talk about Carlos Boozer’s horrific hairdo Sunday reminds me that we never posted the hilarious video of Inside the NBA spoofing LeBron’s Decision.

LeBron’s hairline is a favorite topic for the guys on TNT. Two weeks ago it was Charles Barkley and Shaq mocking LeBron’s hairline. Last Thursday, Ernie Johnson turned LeBron’s “Decision” into one about him making the choice to officially go bald. It was fantastic work by TNT as always. Good thing LeBron is a good sport about matters.