JJ Watt touchdown catch gets ‘Turn Down for Watt’ remix (Video)

JJ Watt can do it all for the Houston Texans.

The Texans defensive end lined up on offense for Houston on Sunday and caught a 1-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter to make it 7-0 Houston over Oakland. It was Watt’s first career offensive touchdown.

JJ Watt touchdown catchWatt played some tight end in college, but this was his first time doing it in the NFL.

According to ESPN’s Tania Ganguli, the Texans’ coaches, who worked with Mike Vrabel in New England (Vrabel caught 10 touchdowns for the Pats), had been working on this play at practice during the week. They broke it out in the game and it paid off. And thankfully for us, our buddy World of Isaac on Twitter gave it the “Turn Down for What” treatment it deserves.

JJ Watt googled ‘what do rich people buy?’ after signing new contract

JJ-Watt-Delivered-PizzasJJ Watt proved he is an absolute freak of nature in the Houston Texans’ win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday. The 25-year-old Pro Bowler recorded a sack, a fumble recover, a blocked extra point, a pass defensed and two tackles for losses. It was the type of day that made Watt a very rich man a week ago, even though he isn’t sure what to do with the $51.8 million guaranteed the Texans gave him.

Watt told Fox’s Laura Okmin on Sunday that he googled, “What do rich people buy?” after signing his six-year extension.

“I googled, ‘What do rich people buy,’ because I don’t feel like a rich person,” Watt said with a smile. “I don’t try to act like a rich person, so I don’t know what they buy. I really didn’t like the stuff I saw, so I think I’m going to just stick with my humble lifestyle and keep working out.”

Yes JJ, please do that. We don’t want you to change anything you’re doing, and I’m sure the Texans don’t either. It’s hard to believe Watt is only 25, because he has been arguably the most dominant player in the NFL for a few years now. He’s truly a rare talent.

Video via The Big Lead

JJ Watt is nasty at hockey (Video)

JJ-Watt-hockeyHouston Texans defensive end JJ Watt is a massive human being. He is 6-foot-5 and weighs just south of 300 pounds. You wouldn’t know that by putting a hockey stick in his hands.

Watt posted a video on Twitter Tuesday afternoon of him showing off his hockey skills in case Patrick Kane and Team USA decide they need any help at the Winter Olympics.

“Justin in case @PKane88 calls from Sochi,” Watt wrote.

Does a 289-pound guy really need to be that good at hockey to be effective on the ice? As long as he can skate, who’s going to step in the way of him? I say we send him to Russia.

JJ Watt: This season sucked, it won’t happen again

JJ Watt

J.J. Watt has a message for Houston Texans fans … and the rest of the NFL:

I sure would hope that the Texans don’t let that happen again. You can’t to much worse than losing 14 games in a row to end a season. But it’s good to know how strongly Watt feels about things.

The good news for Houston is that they’ll have the top pick in the draft and the chance to select a good quarterback to take the spot of Matt Schaub/Case Keenum. Johnny Manziel, anyone?

JJ Watt salutes Bum Phillips after sack with tip of cap

JJ Watt Bum Phillips

JJ Watt gave a special salute to the late Bum Phillips after getting a sack against the Kansas City Chiefs in the fourth quarter on Sunday. Watt brought down Alex Smith on first down and batted down a pass on the drive. After the sack, Watt did a “tip of the cap” gesture as a tribute to Phillips.

The CBS announcers explained that Watt told them in a pre-game meeting that he would be “tipping my cowboy hat” to Phillips if he got a sack.

Phillips died on Friday at the age of 90. The former Houston Oilers coach famously wore a cowboy hat on the sidelines when he coached, except for indoor games in domes because his mother told him it was impolite to wear a hat indoors. Bum’s son, Wade, is the defensive coordinator for the Texans.

JJ Watt with blood streaming down his face

JJ Watt blood

Could anything make JJ Watt look more hard? Watt came off the field toward the end of the third quarter of Houston’s game against Seattle with blood streaming down his face and into his mouth. A cut on the bridge of his nose was responsible for the bloody scene. It was reported after the game that Watt required six stitches to close the cut.

When asked after the game about the cut on his nose, Watt gave a badass answer.

“I hit people for a living.”

Were you actually expecting him to explain how it happened?

Below is another look at his face all bloody:

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Titans center Rob Turner rips JJ Watt for calling him a dirty player

JJ-Watt-Delivered-PizzasTennessee Titans center Rob Turner was flagged for a peel-back block on JJ Watt during his team’s overtime loss to the Houston Texans last weekend. He was also fined for the play, which has been deemed illegal this year thanks to a rule change. Although it’s a brand new rule, Watt called the play “absolutely” dirty after the game. Turner took exception to that.

“I’ve been taught to cut on screen (plays) ever since I was a kid,” Turner said, via Jim Wyatt of The Tennesseean. “It was a rule change this year and it was something I didn’t think about, I just reacted.

“I am a hard-nosed guy and that gets misconstrued sometimes. I know J.J. was saying all sorts of stuff to the media down there about him (telling me he has) a family to feed and stuff like that, but all that wasn’t true and he’s full of it for saying it. That was a lie about him talking to me.”

Watt told reporters he doesn’t want to have his knee blown out and that the so-called cheap shot was “clearly blatant.” Turner said he tried to apologize on the field but that Watt wouldn’t give him the time of day.

“Whether you call it an apology or whether you call it a professional courtesy, I was trying to say, ‘Hey I wasn’t going after you like that, and you can see that on film,’” Turner explained. “And it bothered me he made a big stink about it. For the record, he wouldn’t even look at me, and I don’t have a problem if you put that in print. In fact, I’d encourage you to put that in print and he’s full of it by saying that.”

Bad blood brewing? Before the Titans and Texans faced off, Tennessee offensive lineman Chance Warmack said Watt was “just another guy” and that he wasn’t going to give him more credit than he deserves. As a collective unit, it seems like the Titans O-line is not a fan of the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

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